Papa Live in Columbia, South America (Part XNUMX)

nice to meet you.My name is Berber, and I am writing a new column.Nice to meet you.

His daily life is as hard as French bread left unattended for a week.In my free time, I go abroad and enjoy the attractions that are unique to each region.The title of the column, Papa-Katsumodoki, is what I experienced in Medellín, Colombia, which is also known as the “Capital of Beauty”, shortly before the start of the corona crisis.

Some of the attractions have female protagonists, but I don't have anyone around me to share them with.Not being able to share funny stories with anyone is the same feeling as the barber who fixed Donkey Ear King's hairstyle.Then I wanted to dig a hole in the ground and scream, so I applied for a column writer for Universe.Aesop's "The King's Ears Have Donkey Ears" is based on a Turkish fable, so I chose Berber, the Turkish word for barber, as a pseudonym.

The main theme of the column is dad activities, but I can't convey the atmosphere unless I share the dubious charm of Medellín, which was the stage, so I'll start writing around here.The background explanation is a little long, but please forgive me for foreplay.

《Legendary Graffiti》

Back in the day, graffiti carved into the wall of a cheap hotel in Bangkok's Chinatown became a legend among backpackers.As the saying goes, "North America for money, South America for women, Asia for history, Africa for enduring, Europe for nothing."Of course, there's nothing wrong with Europe, and it's reasonable to interpret it as a boring destination for backpackers with no money or status.In addition, although it is a simple expression, it has depth, such as "Even young people living at the bottom of Asia who feel that life like a toilet cricket with a total of less than 1 yen a day is 'enjoyable', but traveling to Africa is hard enough to endure." There is something deep.

Well, it's South America.If you are looking for female beauty, there are many other destinations.If I had to pick just one from my personal experience, it would be the formative beauty of Ethiopian women.But beauty was only part of what the master of the graffiti wanted for her travels.Without money or status, instead of living for the rest of your life, South America could be established as a destination for women even under the limited conditions of Japanese general appearance and communication.

"XNUMX called the country of beautiful womenC”What is it?”

There are two points to being “Women’s South America”: “the beautiful women are friendly in their own way” and “there are opportunities to meet women who have little resistance to adult relationships”.Isn't this the same as the conditions of dad life when you switch your head?That's right, South America is suitable for dad life.Of course, it's not for everyone, so I'd be happy if you could feel a little bit of the atmosphere through the column.But before that, I would like to talk about why I chose Medellin from the vast Latin America.

Like the legendary graffiti, travelers in the 80s knew the XNUMXCs of Latin America (Costa Rica, Colombia, Chile) as the countries with the most beautiful women.In post-millennium America, San Jose (Costa Rica), Medellín (Colombia), and Caracas (Venezuela) were taken up from the same point of view as "Capitals of Beauty" in the humble travel community. And Costa Rica and Colombia, which are common across countries, seem to have considerable expectations.

I have visited Costa Rica several times, but it was my first time in Colombia, and I chose Medellín because of its accessibility from the main purpose of my trip, the scuba diving site.

《I found some interesting information》

Once the destination is decided, the next step is gathering information.There are not zero Japanese people who transmit the nightlife of Medellín, but they are all about boring okiya.If you are looking for an approach to meet women who are not professionals in the field, information gathering will inevitably be in English or Spanish.Thinking that there must be something equivalent to a dad activity app, I stumbled upon some interesting information when I was looking around mainly at blogs of American travelers.

The building is owned by an American, and local women (with matching conditions) will be treated to free drinks and snacks.The building also serves as a guest house, and men can enter and exit only those who are staying.And it seems that adult conversations are taking place every night between local women and tourists.

This information piqued my curiosity at first, which was quickly replaced by suspicion.Colombia has a high potential for dad activities, and if this story is true, negotiations with adults will likely proceed smoothly.But Medellin was once the center of one of the world's most feared drug cartels.Even though the situation has calmed down in modern times, I wonder if it's okay to stay at a dubious guest house based on uncertain information.

Well, I couldn't come to a good conclusion even though I was worried, so I decided to make an inquiry by e-mail and see how they responded. (Continued in Part XNUMX)

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