Fuu's Papa Katsu☆I was able to make use of the 16 real episodes of GOLD!


I'm Fuu.I am a club addict.

I look at the profile on the Universe Club site almost every day.

Unpopular, ordinary uncle Fuu never imagined that such a fun day would come two years ago.

In the case of Fuu, the main battlefield is the GOLD class C type.

Almost, my head is filled with erotic.It was almost 70% "erotic" even in the brain maker.Nostalgic maker in my brain ~ (laughs)

weak in love

Until I joined this Universe Club, the number of Fuu's experience was within the range of one hand.

Before I joined Univa, I didn't feel like I was making the most of girls with my H-tech.

Occasionally, even if she gets lustful and goes naturally, she can't take advantage of the girl on her own.

You can't reproduce what you can do next.

Clumsy, and when you were younger, were you glaringly focused on making yourself feel good?
In the first place, the number of experienced people and the number of times are few, so the method and way of thinking about how to make it work was wrong.

foreplay → to wet
Piston → For myself to go

watch too much porn
What makes a man feel good is that a woman feels good to some extent, and the rest is experience.
I thought that girls who like H would feel it if it was intense.
It was a misunderstanding bastard.

join the club

Even at Fuu like this, I have been able to associate with many PJs.
The leeway of the heart and the desire to be glaringly comfortable with age is fading.

It's been two years since I joined UNIVA, and I've been able to meet many PJs.

She is beautiful, has a great personality and is full of her feelings.but
Somehow, I felt bored with the routine from the meal to the flow of H.

At first, I was excited that I could hold such a young cute girl.
For the first year after joining the club, I felt like I was regaining my youth when I was not popular.
Gradually, I got a little tired of it because it was too natural to get it.Luxurious rut.
There was also a time when the offer was reduced.

I'm selfish, and recently I've become unable to be satisfied unless the other person feels it.

There are many young girls, so there are many girls who have little experience with tuna and have little reaction.

The difficult thing is that the reason I first entered UNIVA,
not customs
not water
With a young girl who doesn't get along
I want to date like love even if it's fake!

So choose by offer
It is rare for a normal daughter who chooses to continue to feel so much from the beginning.

I want to make you feel it gradually
And "I want to live!" became the new goal of Fuu's club.

study to make the most of

I have a new goal, and my motivation for club activities has returned.
We live in a convenient world, and information is readily available on the Internet.
H-technique channels on youtube, especially female youtubers are useful.The channel is a mess.
Former AV actress, person with the title of nurse
Some amateurs are earning channel registrations with a hybrid of H-tech and exposure.

I write down the parts that I lack, write down the points, create my manual, and look back before H ^ _ ^

First of all, we will understand the difference in the pleasantness of H between men and women in the first place.

For example,

Excerpt from My Manual)

· At the moment of meeting, foreplay already from the meal
Cleanliness, nails, fingers to shoes
· Trust is the most important thing to go
How can we build trust?
・Girls should be relaxed both physically and emotionally
Foreplay is gentle and takes time
Don't forget where you feel and how much force you feel
Keep the same rhythm as much as possible
・How to touch and lick
·Place the piston in a good place and press it.
image.short stroke


I repeated trial & error.

In various ways, there are quite a few differences between what feels good for a man and what feels good for a girl.
For example, for pistons, I feel great friction with long strokes.
If you want to make a girl look good, you need to hit the right spot and make short strokes with the same rhythm.
If you think about it, there are too many male productions in male AV.
I've never seen an AV for girls, so I want to see it.I think I'm going to study a lot.

Finally the moment

A girl in her early twenties who I've never met is in my arms
"I can't go anymore"
too cute expression
Ah~~ Impressed! !
Let a daughter who has never been there take advantage of it
It's the best moment.
For the first time, I was able to taste “Ikaseru”.
Since it is going outside, the piston after that is also the best.

That said, I'm still outside.
I still don't have enough training.
Next, Fuu's path of training continues with the aim of getting inside.

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