Dating club linguistics "It's sad to die" Part XNUMX

About the linguistics of the dating club

My late father was a book lover.Perhaps because he was proficient in languages ​​(English, French, Spanish), he collected dictionaries from all over the world.

Even now, there are piles of dictionaries in my parents' study, and some of them I don't even know what language they are in.To make matters worse, Joe didn't inherit any of his father's language skills, so he's left untapped and dusty.

According to my father, a good dictionary is determined by the quality and quantity of examples.The Oxford English Dictionary, which is said to be the world's best dictionary, consists of 20 main volumes and 3 supplementary volumes, with nearly 250 million examples.

According to my father, the high evaluation of this dictionary is due to the quality and quantity of examples. My father says that the phrase "250 million" doesn't make sense at all, but that the abundance of examples helps us to understand the meaning of the word and its historical transition.

Well, it's generally not practical.Even so, it's still hard to understand what my father's purpose for collecting was.Because he was not a researcher, but an ordinary office worker who ended his life.

By the way, the title of this time is "The linguistics of the dating club".I would like to take up the words and phrases that Joe came up with through his activities at the dating club and reproduce the specific scenes.


Date with Sakura

For Joe, I would like to spell it out as an example of the word.The first phrase to pick up is "to die for".
I will suggest Joe's activity, but what will happen?Characters are of course

It's "Sakura-chan".

I'm going on a date with my favorite Sakura-chan smoothly (?).

Sakura-chan's easy-going side will please any store, so you don't have to worry about that.

I'm also grateful that we have similar tastes in food.I always choose alcohol to match my meal, but I've come to realize that I like white wine the most.

As for the amount of alcohol, I can't compete from Hana, so I saved a lot and started drinking.
Sakura-chan too, take care of Joe

"Don't drink anymore, Joe."


Sometimes the glass is snatched away. A man who is over 50 years old is being beaten by a little girl, but Sakura is twice as cute as usual, so it can't be helped.It was Joe, who had long given up, who was resisting at that point.


Generation gap

On the other hand, I feel that I feel a generation gap that I didn't feel at first, and it's getting bigger in proportion to the number and quality of meeting.He has a lot of topics to talk about, and his brain is quick, so he shows interest in the topics that Joe shows, and he responds properly.

After all, at the age of 24, his hobby is visiting temples, so there is no shortage of questions from Joe.

I don't feel a gap in this respect, but Sakura is still a modern 24-year-old.

There should be no generation gap.
At first, the tone was mixed with honorifics, but now it's almost tame, and the taste that appears in every word is a 24-year-old girl.Joe has one daughter, but he's about the same age, so he feels like he's talking to her.

No, my daughter is a little more polite, isn't she?It might be possible to say that the distance between the two became closer, but Joe felt a little uncomfortable.

Well, I haven't written the most important thing yet.Of course, I'm talking about "over there".

Joe was beginning to think that it was always fun to see Sakura-chan, so it didn't matter even if "over there" wasn't there.

It tends to be bad.


walking the road to hell

In the first place, Joe's male function becomes difficult to function when he drinks.
I know the method of doping, and sometimes I actually try it, but it doesn't show much effect if alcohol is in it, probably because of my constitution.

Sakura-chan as a pattern when dating Sakura-chan

Date → more drinking → more lively conversation → more drinking → malfunction

This vicious circle?It's a repetition ofThere are probably several ways to break this negative spiral, but Joe's method was "sleepover".
If you're staying overnight, you'll have time, so you can expect your function to recover once the drunkenness cools down.

In case of emergency, there is also a hand called "Morning Nanchara" (really?).

So, in a hurry, Zen sent Sakura-chan a line saying, "Can you stay for XX days?"

Then I got an "ok" stamp.

Book a hotel as soon as possible, of course.The hotel I booked is the hotel where I first met Sakura.Ranked up even more than last time.Of course, the price has also increased, and in the city where Joe lives, it's the rent of a high-rise apartment in front of the station.

Normally Joe wouldn't do this, but it's the first night with Sakura anyway.I didn't hesitate.Joe, who is usually rather tight-lipped, must be walking down the road to hell because he behaves like this.


kiss me joe

On that day, we met at a Japanese restaurant in Ningyocho.Until recently, I had a one-room apartment in this area for business trips, so Ningyocho is one of Tokyo's most familiar neighborhoods.

The Japanese restaurant doesn't have a high threshold, but it's a small store, so if you don't know it, you won't be able to enter.Sakura-chan doesn't have many opportunities to come to Ningyocho, so she seemed to like the atmosphere of the town.She originally chose this store because Sakura-chan loves hideaway shops.Still, I'm happy if she's happy.

This Japanese restaurant specializes in fish and serves excellent sashimi.Both of them love delicious sashimi, so they drink more than usual.

Starting with sparkling wine, dab a bottle of white wine and switch to sake.At first glance, it's the same "negative spiral" as usual, but today, after all, it's a sleepover.Joe piled up his cup without hesitation.

As Joe, the first house was enough, but Sakura

"I want to drink at the bar again"

So we went to Joe's favorite bar.There is a counter on the first floor, but there are also private rooms on the second floor.
Naturally, I will take a seat on the second floor.Take a bottle of red wine and pour it into a glass for a toast.
At first, we were sitting facing each other, but Sakura-chan said, "Can I go over there?" So we sat side by side.
A droop fell on Joe's shoulder and I was in a good mood.Then Sakura whispered in her ear.

"Joe, kiss me."

Take the initiative and be toyed with by a little girl

was called out for the first time.That alone makes my heart pound.Joe, are you in middle school?
And put a tsukkomi on yourself.However, even though it was a private room, it was still inside the store, so Joe lightly kissed Sakura on the cheek.

Then Sakura got angry

"That's no good."

While saying that, she blocked Joe's mouth.The two tongues are entwined.
It was the first sensual kiss in a long time.But what about a picture of a 50-year-old uncle taking the initiative and being toyed with by a 24-year-old girl?

At least it wouldn't look pretty.Joe couldn't concentrate on the kiss.Why?In order to find out why, he searched for words to express his current feelings.

turn your head.And one phrase came to my mind with a certain scene.


"It's painful to die for"

Sorry for the old movie, but the 1992 French movie "Tailor's Love" released in Japan is one of Joe's favorites.

Tailor's love

To summarize the synopsis, Yuichi, the main character Eel (who works as a tailor), who was hated by everyone because of his bad relations with others, enjoyed peeping into the beautiful young woman Alice, who lived in the opposite room.

On the other hand, while knowing his feelings, she approached Eel for a certain purpose and toyed with him.

Decided?In the end, Eel realizes that Alice has no interest in him at all, and that she is approached and used only for a certain purpose.A dejected Eel.But he mutters to her:

"You'll laugh, but I don't hold a grudge against you. I'm just sad to death. But I don't care, you gave me joy."

After leaving the bar, we took a taxi to our booked hotel.Two fingers intertwined in the car.Sakura leaning on Joe's shoulder.he smells sweetHer hair touches her cheek.The feeling is sensual.But Joe's heart was sinking somewhere.just like eel.

“Sakura-chan, you gave me joy.

Joe muttered in his heart.


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