Love Vaccine Episode XNUMX Virgin Sakura-chan (Part XNUMX)

Mac came to an apartment near the company with Sakura-chan. 
I still have about XNUMX minutes before my appointment at work. 
The atmosphere is lively.If this happens, even one minute will be a shame.Let's stick with Sakura-chan as long as time allows. 
While holding Sakura in his arms, Mac had an idea.Sakura-chan, can you forgive me? 

Mac: “Sakura-chan, can I check your hymen?” 
Sakura-chan yes 

Simple OK 
I try to say something. 

Mack knows from the experience of graduating virgins that being a virgin doesn't necessarily bleed. 

The best way to check is to visually check the hymen. 
There are various forms, but if you get used to it, you will understand. 
If you search for "hymen" or "hymen", images will appear, so please take a look if you are interested. 

I've taken pictures before and after penetration, and there's also a video of the moment of loss taken by another girl who was present. 
It's not Mac from yesterday and today.I've experienced most of it. 
There's even a video in which she declares, "I'm about to graduate from virginity," while spreading her pussy. 
Who are you bragging about?I don't really understand. 

Mr. Mac: "Sakura-chan, can you lie down on the bed and spread your legs? Oh yeah, and spread your arms to the left and right. 

Mr. Mac growled. 

Sakura's pussy is the cutest and prettiest girl I've ever seen. 
Or rather, I can't even see the opening of the vagina, let alone the hymen. 

Mr. Mac: "May I touch you a little... I'll spread it out." 

Sakura-chan's hands and Mac-san's hands, a total of four hands, pull from all sides and spread them out.However, the ostium of the vagina is not found. 
Do you really have a vaginal opening? 

"Can you see Sakura-chan?" 
Mr. Mac "Yeah, it looks good. It's very cute over there. It's beautiful." 

Words don't lie. 

Mr. Mac: "Can I take a picture? I'll try not to include your face." 
Sakura-chan: “It’s fine. 

I took a picture with Mr. Mac's smartphone, and the time for my work appointment was approaching, so I left Sakura-chan and left the room for the time being. 
Mr. Mac, who meets with customers at the company and advances work arrangements. 
My head is full of Sakura's pussy. 

If I remember correctly, there are women with no vagina called Rokitanski Syndrome. 
Sakura-chan's cute little pussy, isn't that Rokitanski's syndrome? 
But then I wouldn't get my period.I'm already a college student, and if my period doesn't come, I should have seen a gynecologist and had a diagnosis. 

While thinking about such things, I finished work and headed to the apartment where Sakura-chan was waiting. 
Sakura-chan said she was lonely and immediately asked for a hug. 
I've gotten into the habit of being completely embraced.Good thing. 

Mr. Mac: “Sakura-chan, how about getting naked and hugging each other on the bed? I think we can stick together more tightly if we are naked. 
Sakura-chan yes 

obedient.I hope you will listen to me. 

I took off Sakura-chan's clothes and underwear, and Mac-san became completely naked and crawled into the bed. 
Hug each other tightly. 
The line of Sakura's back and buttocks touching both hands feels good. 
The erect penis is firmly against Sakura's lower abdomen. 

Mac: "Sakura-chan, shall we take a look at your penis?" 

Sakura-chan let go of the body you were clinging to, stood up, and stared at your penis with interest. 

Mr. Mack "When a man has sex alone, you rub like this. Try Sakura-chan too." 

I timidly touch my hand. 

Sakura-chan: Doesn't it hurt to be touched? 
Mr. Mack: "It's okay, women's pussies are mucous membranes, but men's pussies are skin, so it doesn't hurt even if you touch or rub them very strongly." 
Sakura-chan: "Yes." 
Mr. Mac: “Then, shall we try it with your mouth next time?” 

Sakura's first blowjob. 
For a virgin girl, I think it's better to let her see and touch her penis before inserting her and give her a blowjob. 
Once you get to know your penis, your fears should lessen. 
And when I think of giving a blowjob to a virgin girl, it's erotic and I get excited. 

Mr. Mac: "Then turn your butt towards my head this time and try straddling me. Oh yeah, Sakura's pussy is now in front of me." 

Sakura-chan's pussy is not only small and cute, but it doesn't smell at all. 
It looks very delicious. 

Pull your buttocks with both hands and try cunnilingus. 
Thick mucus clings to the tongue.With her tongue sticking out, I crawled her pussy and found a small but firm vaginal opening.oh here 

I stick my tongue out and put it in Sakura's vagina. 
Then, although the entrance was narrow and small, when I crossed it, I could see a solid expanse.I see, this narrowed place, this whole thing is the hymen. 
More like a wall of flesh than a membrane. 

The hymen that I always see is thin and white, and it feels like you can see the back of the vagina through it, but Sakura-chan's is a solid wall of flesh. 
This might be tough. 

However, it's all thanks to the universe club that I can cunnilingus such a clear virgin's vagina, which is also extremely cute.Thank you, President Kida and all the staff. 

Mr. Mack "Somehow, it makes me want to enter, when I'm doing this" 

In response to Mr. Mack's muttering in a low voice, Sakura-chan stopped giving a blowjob and turned to me.

Sakura-chan "Isn't it enough now?" 

I smiled and said OK. 
earlier than expected.It's still the second date. 

A little more, no, more, if possible, I want to continue this youth play forever, but on the other hand, of course, I want to insert it quickly and become one with Sakura-chan. 
Goodbye youth.Mac is leaving now. 
I'm getting embarrassed while writing.But that's how I really felt at the time. 

Mac-san laid Sakura-chan on her back and prepared her for a missionary position. 
with rubber 

Mr. Mac: “Sakura-chan, relax and take it easy. 

Gently press the glans. 

Sakura-chan "It hurts" 
Mr. Mac "Oh, it hurts? I'll pull it out a little." 

I wonder if it's impossible to penetrate that flesh wall with just one sex. 
Let's divide it into several times and proceed slowly. 

Mr. Mac: “Let’s finish here today. You did a great job.” 

Snuggle next to Sakura-chan, intertwine your tongue and give a deep kiss, 
Then, with one hand, I grope Sakura-chan's over there. 

Mac: “Sakura-chan, this is the clitoris. 
Sakura-chan "Hmm, I'm thrilled" 
Mr. Mac: "Well, next time I'll try putting my finger in." 
Sakura-chan yes 

Insert one middle finger.The entrance is narrow, but the spread inside is normal.Sorry for suspecting Rokitansky Syndrome.The appearance of the pussy was only pretty. 
Besides, it seems that the entrance is wider than when I cunnilingus, maybe it's the result of a little bit of poke with my penis, let's spread my fingers. 

Mac: "Doesn't it hurt?" 
Sakura-chan yes 

I have put my full trust in you.If this doesn't meet your expectations. 
I pressed my fingertips slightly above the portio.Most girls feel good when pushed here. 

Mac: "How's it going?" 
Sakura chan"··" 

I have no answer.It seems to react better than the clitoris.Is it a medium orgasm type? 

Mr. Mac: "It looks like you've loosened up a bit. Shall we try one more time?" 
Sakura-chan: “Yes, I also felt nothing when I put my finger in just now, so I was just wondering if I should try it again.” 

Mr. Mac returned to the normal position again. 

Mac, let's go 

Advance the glans that has been applied slowly. 
With a snap, I could clearly feel the sensation of something tearing apart. 

Sakura-chan: "It hurts!" 
Mr. Mac: "I'm in. I won't move it anymore, so it's okay. Let's stay still for a while. If you don't move it, it won't hurt, right?" 

graduation.Goodbye youth. 
It was only two days, but it was so fun and happy. 
Talk to Sakura-chan while inserting and staying still. 

Mac: When I saw Sakura's photo album, I thought she was really cute and beautiful. Men have different tastes, so I don't know if everyone thinks like me, but Sakura. Chan's smile pierced through me.I'm older than you, but as Sakura's first partner, I believe that when Sakura thinks back in the future, I'm sure she'll be a proud man.From Sakura in the future. If you have any troubles in your life, or if you want me to consult with you, please come and rely on me anytime.Even if this relationship ends, Sakura-chan will get a boyfriend or get married. Even if I do, it's a promise that will always be valid until I die.Sakura-chan, you're cute and beautiful, and I really like you.I love you.Even if Sakura-chan falls in love with another man, I'll always love Sakura-chan. That's why. Sakura-chan gave me something worth it." 

and kiss.A long, long kiss with tongues intertwined. 
After a while, when I pulled out my penis, blood flowed from Sakura-chan's over there.
Place a tissue underneath, open your legs and take a photo.I got a good picture.
An hour later, Mac took Sakura-chan to his favorite bar on the high floor. 
Customers are sparse due to Corona.In addition to Mr. Mack, there was a couple. 
The store clerk is only one of the familiar masters. 
Since the couple seats are lined up around the outside of the building, neither the other customers nor the master can be seen from Mr. Mac's seats. 
It's still early for the night view.However, the cityscape at dusk is also beautiful. 
Sakura-chan has graduated from being a virgin and is completely attached to Mac-san.She looks relieved. 

The master brought the drink. 

Mr. Mac: "Master, I have a favor to ask, can you take a picture of the two of us? Today is my daughter's important anniversary." 
Master: Of course. I will borrow your smartphone.Yes, cheese. 

After the master disappeared, Mac-san whispered to Sakura-chan. 

Ms. Mac: "This shop has a toilet at the end of the corner, but it's surrounded by glass and you can see the outside, and it's very open and beautiful. Will you wait for me? I'll be there in about three minutes." 

Sakura nodded and stood up. 
After a while, Mr. Mac also goes to the bathroom. 
The two sides of the toilet are glass, and you can see the city at dusk. 
Sakura-chan stood naked and waited as she was told. 

As soon as Mr. Mac entered, he hugged me. 
Give them a quick hug, a kiss, and a quick release. 

Mr. Mac: "I'll take a video. Stand there and go around." 

Commemorative photo taken with Sakura-chan just after graduating from virginity in the bar's toilet. 
With the city at dusk in the background, Sakura-chan is really beautiful. 
I hugged him again. 

Mr. Mac: "Okay, I'm done shooting, so I'll go back to my seat first." 

However, Sakura-chan, still hugging her tightly, won't leave Mac-san.

Sakura-chan "I want to be like this more..." 

I really wanted to write here. 
I've already brought many girls to this bar, and I've been filming them in the bathroom like this. 
However, none of my daughters told me that they wanted to hug each other more naked. 
Well, even if you live this long, there may still be fun things to do in life. 
That's what happened yesterday. 

The afterglow of Sakura-chan still remains in my heart. 

As for Sakura-chan, it seems she hastily sent a notice of recess to the Universe Club after she got home. 
Of course I didn't say I wanted it.completely voluntarily. 
It's probably because the purpose of registering for the Universe Club has come true. 

The day after tomorrow, I'm going on another date with Sakura-chan. 
If the torn hymen sticks together, it will hurt when you have sex again, so meet frequently for a while and insert it. 
It's like leaving a piercing in until it's covered with skin.

That was one reality of graduating from a virginity at a dating club.
Other than the name, it is a true story with no lies.
If more people read this and change their minds about graduating from virginity at a dating club, it would be Mac's long-cherished wish.
After all, if negative opinions were written on the internet about graduating from virginity at a dating club, my precious and precious girls who graduated from me would be sad. 
In particular, Sakura-chan's hymen was quite strong, so if she had sex with a man she wasn't used to, it would have been difficult for her to have sex just once.
I heard from a girl with a similar little pussy that it took her XNUMX times before she had her first copulation.
It was so painful that I couldn't have sex for years because of the trauma.
Halfway through, I jokingly wrote, "It's just a love story," but that was a joke.
This is an article I wrote in earnest. 
Dating clubs are one form of encounters, and we members are just men.As long as you don't miss a match, you can graduate happily.

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