Date Story #63 What was the second time with a B-type girl? @Nagoya Yako 2nd time

 Hello.Paparazzi. It seems that I didn't report the ending of the B-type women's series in Nagoya.It's been a while, but I'll report back.

the opponent this time

Your opponent's SPEC

  • Name: Yako (pseudonym)
  • Class: Platinum
  • Relationship type: B
  • Occupation: Office worker
  • Age: Early 20s

first impression

  • Appearance: Is it a little lower than the site?It might just be a pity for her because her expectations were too high.She was also about half a year older than when she was filmed, so she may have changed a little.A little thicker than the photo
  • Personality: Gentle but familiar.She seems to enjoy conversation.

History of dating

 I thought my last date was a huge success.Yako, the other party, was a type B relationship, so there was nothing from the first time, but as a result of being aware of the details such as the progress of the date, choosing a restaurant, and conversation, she became satisfied with herself.She didn't seem to have a bad impression of her, and we became good friends on LINE.Although we are far apart, we can meet at least once a month no matter where we are in Japan.So I set the second time on the day after a little over a month from the last time.

 "I'm looking forward to it!"

 I was getting a positive line.The meeting was set at 19:XNUMX because she finished work late.Even after that, LINE with her greeted her day while leaving some aloofness.

what was the date

 She came a little late that day.It's not a big deal compared to the last big delay, so it's acceptable here. It's been a month, but the days have gotten longer, so even at 1:19 it's still before the sun sets outside.Last time it was night to night so she didn't notice, but she got the impression that her skin was coming around the corner quite a bit.I don't know if it's because she's busy, but in short, I got the impression that her appearance was worse than last time.

 However, her personality is bright.Seeing that she showed up with a big smile, we can say that the last date was a success after all.

 "How have you been?"

 Start with a status report as usual.Her work seemed to be as busy as ever, and the date developed around her work talk.The conversation was quite lively.However, I forgot one thing.That's it.I left the souvenir in the hotel room.

 "I'm sorry!"

 "Sorry. But don't worry about it."

 It never occurred to me that this casual exchange would lead to something after this.The meal date ended with some excitement.However, the store was empty, so I decided that it would be difficult to invite in this small store.I decided to win after leaving the store.

By the end of the meal

 Finish the checkout and leave the store.As for the positional relationship from this store, you will definitely go to Nagoya Station.My hotel is also directly connected to Nagoya Station, so it's the same direction.So far so good.and while walking

 “Do you have time after this?”

 "Eh. Tomorrow is early, isn't it?"

 What does it mean?Last time, I should have hinted that I would invite you next time, but apparently it didn't get through at all.However, I also came all the way to Nagoya.I can't easily withdraw.

 "Anyway, it's a street. You said you like the night view, right? The night view from your room is also pretty, so go check it out."

 “It really wasn’t on purpose, but there are souvenirs in the room, and I took the trouble to buy them, so please bring them home.”

 Forgetting the souvenir was not 100% intentional.I really forgot, but apparently the souvenir worked. . .

 "Then let's go for a little while."

 and came to the room.It's a big guts pose in my heart.But she's past 21:XNUMX already.She talked a little too much.I certainly don't have much time.Suppressing our impatience, we bought drinks at the convenience store and entered the room.

 When I entered the room, the first thing I did was start negotiating the price.But even here there is an anomaly

 "Does it have to be today? I'm still mentally prepared..."

 What are you saying?smile

 Aren't you mentally prepared when you register for the club?For better or worse, she was at the mercy of her innocence.and

 "If that happens, I'd like an allowance of 8. My name is Yako. But it's too expensive..."

 I don't know why, and it's certainly expensive.It is true that there is a tendency for requests to be lower in rural areas than in Tokyo.Of course, popular girls tend to be expensive even in rural areas, but even so, for girls of the same level, rural areas tend to be cheaper.The impression of my skin has deteriorated, and I think my expression "It's expensive" has appeared.

 "Okay. I'll think about it." 

Why isn't it today?We did not agree on this point and decided to postpone the conclusion.As we proceeded with the conversation for a while, an atmosphere appeared that we could go.Conversation stopped.I move closer to her.I don't pretend to hate it.Can go.So I tried kissing him.No problem.I started flirting as it was and started touching her E cup.No problem.I was able to continue for a while, so I wonder if this can continue after this?I think

 "Do you want to take a shower?"

 To say

 "Not today"

 That's what I'm talking about.I've tried the same thing over and over again, but it still doesn't work.So I decided to let her go halfway through.If you've made it this far, you won't have any problems next time.It was a mistake to overstate it.

Later talk

 After that, I was exchanging LINE with her normally, but suddenly the frequency of contact became worse.Since then she has exchanged messages several times, but one time she

"Thank you for your hard work! I'm sorry, my mom found out.

really sorry,,,,"

 mama?What does it mean?She suddenly received a declaration that she could not meet.

She was a mysterious woman until the end, but the relationship ended.Her regret is that if she had accepted 8 comfortably at that time, she might have been able to continue.Wasn't it possible to motivate her to do so instead of forcing her to say no today?In that part, she reflected on her inadequacy.It became the B type series with many reflection points.

Reflection of this time

  • Ichigo ichie
  • Even if you think it's expensive, you'll have less regrets if you try it once
  • Sudden loss of contact is a dangerous sign

This store

 A bar within walking distance from Nagoya Station.Rather than a meal, the role of a set-up for the after party is suitable.Or if the gathering is late, it would be better to have a light meal and then use it.

 There are no special dishes, but the atmosphere is good and there is no loss.Also, since it is a little far from Nagoya Station in a good way, it is not bad in terms of flow in the sense that you can invite you to your room while returning to Nagoya Station.

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