Renai Vaccine Episode XNUMX Pure

I wrote a story about a woman here, but decided to replace it.
The reason is some criticisms written in the comments section.
The following line came to Mac from a woman.
"I was really happy that Mr. Mack's wonderful writing seemed to make me look good. Therefore, when I read other critical comments, my heart hurts."
A column article has to be written in a certain amount of detail in order to prove that it is not a lie, but it seems that doing so can hurt the person who wrote it later.
Of course, before submission, I send the manuscript to the woman herself and ask her to check it.
So it makes sense, but that's not the point.
I don't date women to write columns.For Mac, relationships with women are more important.
I don't want to take risks.
I've been stingy with various things, so I think I'll end "Love Vaccine" this time.Thank you to everyone who supported me m(_
I'm sorry, but the comment section is now closed.In addition, it is unpleasant if a strange comment is written.
Mac, who is the most changeable, may be posting another article before his tongue is dry.
I'm sorry at that time.Please accept my apologies and withdraw.

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