Is change of mind really real?

Thank you for reading my column.
I'm Ishii, writing a clattering column in the suddenly quiet office as the enthusiasm for YOSAKOI held in Sapporo has started to cool down.

What triggered the change of mind?


When it comes to the change of mind in the Universe Club, I think it's definitely the dating type.

What is dating type?

An index that shows how you can interact with men

For men, this is a very important item.

At the time of the interview, I will confirm important items and tell the woman.

Will there be any change of mind at this stage?

It is often said that a change of mind does not occur on site.

when will you wake up

・On the way home
・When you are watching TV
・Before going to bed and falling asleep
・The day before the date

I honestly don't know when this will change.

The changes that have just happened are very significant

I registered as a dating type C, but it changed to B before the date.

I really understand how women feel.

Conversely, relationship types may change from A to B.

Even though I registered with the intention of eating only, if the feeling matches, it means that it is OK to have an adult relationship at a later date.

Is it a change of heart, or does it mean something else?

It is the role of the coordinator to inform the male members of these changes in women's minds.

It is impossible to see through the true intentions 100%,I believe it can be prevented.

there was a change in thinking

Previously, there was a type change that made a leap from dating type B to D in Sapporo.

From the second time onwards, the super-aggressive type change is not trivial.

I checked with the woman immediately.

"I'm fine, please D."

It seems that the way of thinking has changed, and there are women who are very active.

A change of heart is inevitable.

There are many women at Universe Club who have changed their registered dating type.

The coordinator is aware of the type change, so please contact us before you shy away.

There may be a woman who fits you in the midst of various changes in your mind and thoughts.

Universe Club Sapporo Branch
Maya Ishii

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