People who work as dads at language schools (learning from mistakes)

This is a column that shares information about effective father activities at overseas language schools.Until the last time, I introduced a successful example of an uncle who is accustomed to the world.But true learning is in failure.For posterity's sake, I will tell you my unfortunate experience and reflect on what I should have done.


《Stage Background》

The stage is the traditional French language school CLA in the ancient capital of Besançon, and the season is summer.

Some children were looking for a “summer experience,” but many of them were unexpectedly serious about choosing a language school as their vacation destination.So even if I was put in one of the students in the grouping, I was able to get along with the company dispatched working people with respect in their own way.


"Transcendence Beauty is a Tea Friend"

In the second week of classes, you will go out with a certain partner.For some reason, I was regularly having tea with a beautiful German college girl who looked like Diane Kruger.Classes are separate, afternoon electives are separate, me spending time in the outdoor pool under the sun and Diane who lives for partying in the middle of the night. only had in common.The timing of getting out of the pool and taking a break coincided with the time adjustment before the party.

Diane always dressed smartly for the night, and the reason why I was having tea with her was that she was annoyed by people calling out to me when I was alone.Even though I knew that, the opportunity to walk around with such a beautiful woman was precious, so I always went out with her.


《Unmarked girl》

Time has passed, and the last week of the first term has arrived in the blink of an eye.Only people who are serious about learning languages ​​can take the course throughout the first and second semesters (July and August).Therefore, at the end of the semester, ❝What are you going to do next?

I was a regular student, but I was planning a short trip to a certain place after taking a break at the beginning of the second semester.When I talked about it in the last elective class just before departure, I was surprised when a girl who was completely unmarked said ❝I wanted to go too!❞.

Come to think of it, I remember a while ago when a student asked me where I would go if I had money❞, and I answered that I was going to a certain place.I didn't hear about it, but I didn't think he really wanted to go. . .


《I misjudged the target》

The no-mark girl is also a German college student, about 160 cm tall, with dark hair, large droopy eyes, and a round face overall, which seems to be out of the Anglo-Saxon stereotype.She's cute when you look at her again.She had overlooked her because she had a transcendental beauty nearby, but she would definitely catch her eye if this girl came to Japan alone.

No matter how beautiful Diane is, my position is Sunday's crossword.When you're done killing time, just roll it up and throw it in the trash can.It is decided that the girl who stays with you is good.I should have baited you with airline tickets and resort hotels right after we talked about travel in class.


《Cause of failure》

There are two things to reflect on.One is that the twilight cafe spent with a transcendent beauty was so comfortable that I was so excited that I couldn't see my surroundings.Now that I think about it, the fact that I was able to get along with everyone without distinction, whether it was Texas or Abu Dhabi, who was an advanced daddy activity introduced in the previous article, may not be philanthropic or anything, but just looking for the best target.

Another thing is that I thought that the no-mark girls were always with their friends and there was no chance to break in.However, he just happened to come to the language school with him, and after the first semester ended, he would soon leave, so from the beginning he planned to act separately.Had I known earlier, I would have taken action. . .


《Daddy life to learn from failure》

What I learned from my failures is that you should never settle for routine.Just as summer language school is a momentary event, dad life is also a momentary activity until middle-aged and elderly people step into old age.To make the most of our limited time, we must avoid routine traps.

In the Universe questionnaire, the percentage of "the number of women who are dating in Papa Katsu is one" was the highest, but is this one of the results of comparing multiple?The first woman I happened to meet was safe, so it's possible that I'm wasting my time by just following the routine. increase.


And, rather than appearance, choose based on sensitivity (including the bed).Especially when it comes to traveling together, a woman who doesn't have the same sensibilities would be exhausting.

There is no way to check your sensibility online, and you have to meet as many women as possible in person.Because there is only a limited amount of time in one's life when one can enjoy being a dad, one thing I learned from my failures is repeated trial and error until I'm satisfied.

This is the end of "People who work as dads at language schools".Thank you very much for reading to the end.

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