Life is spelled out in touching history, and it has become mental (XNUMX)

Story so far

The girl I was involved with at the time was pregnant, had an abortion, and was suddenly cut off from contact, which led me to suffer from mental illness for the first time in my life.

I apologize for the inconvenience, but I would appreciate it if you could refer to the previous article.

This time, I will introduce the story after that.

M-chan was XNUMX years old at the time, and was the reason she formed the Miyabi☆彡 team.

Z-chan was XNUMX years old at the time, a very serious ex-university student, cuter than an idol, and a super honor student with the best reception and attack.

Y-chan was XNUMX years old at the time and was a nursing student.

C-chan was XNUMX years old at the time, unemployed, a typical menhera type, with black hair, wearing a Lolita-style dress, and carrying a small rucksack.
As for Ecchi, I judged her to be quite unskilled and inexperienced for working at a shop.

The main character continues to be this c-chan.

venereal disease and treatment

If the story of c-chan's pregnancy due to rape is true (at least the pregnancy itself is true (laughs))

It means that the quality of Miyabi's team's clean room was greatly threatened.

Considering the schedule, I had a relationship with c-chan even after c-chan's pregnancy.It's raw too.

The person who got c-chan pregnant is someone who would rape her, so I don't know what kind of disease she has.

C-chan herself had undergone a minimum venereal disease test at the hospital for pregnancy, so it was supposed to be negative for basic diseases. Please tell Z-chan, who was related to me, about the situation and ask for an examination.

Z-chan is also a child who ransom from the sex industry, but she is the exact opposite of c-chan and is a very stubborn child. And, Z-chan has proved his innocence in haste.

On the other hand, Miyabi☆彡 was diagnosed with mycoplasma infection and ureaplasma infection after failing all the tests.
I have been on antibiotics for XNUMX weeks (laughs).

C-chan spent the money that Miyabi had given her in advance for the cost of all the tests, and spent it for other purposes (laughs). I gave her the same antibiotics as Miyabi☆彡 and told her to take them.

I checked the dosage in front of me several times, but it is unknown whether c-chan took it properly for two weeks.

As for Miyabi's route of infection, c-chan was the main source of infection, but until the beginning of XNUMX, when the cabinet formed a team that was oriented towards clean rooms, quite a few of them went to sex clubs, and even after the team was formed. There was also m-chan who had already graduated from , and even after the team was formed, she went to a sex club, so the exact route of infection is still unknown.

Z-chan cut off our physical relationship (laughs) until I was completely cured and re-examined to prove my innocence.

It took almost a month for me to be completely cured and re-examined, and since it coincided with the period when I became mentally ill, if my physical relationship with z-chan had continued during this period, I may not have become mentally ill. (smile)

Each road

m-chan, who was the impetus for forming the team of Masai☆彡, graduated from the team early.

Miyabi☆彡's team was born from her relationship with m-chan.

At first, m-chan said that she wanted to graduate from sex industry and live as a day job.

In the end, I wanted to have plastic surgery, I wanted to have fun, and I wanted to be extravagant. (smile).

Both z-chan and c-chan are children who have taken over from the sex industry.

If you work hard, you will earn as much as you work hard.

In fact, z-chan also went through several periods of mental instability in his relationship with Mai☆彡, and at that time there was talk of returning to the sex industry, but in the end he did not.

On the other hand, c-chan was a child who kept saying that he never wanted to go back.

If you keep saying that, you'll know that Mai☆彡 will take good care of c-chan (laughs).

After the abortion, I eventually got in touch with C-chan, and we met and talked several times.

Of course, there was no sex.

C-chan had been unemployed for more than half a year since she signed the contract with Miyabi, and her relationship with Miyabi was her only source of income. Also, it's always someone else's affairs.

Still, he says he doesn't want to go back to the customs.

C-chan, who once lost contact with her, became a direct cause of her mental illness.

Should I continue to protect this child, or should I prioritize the mental and physical health of Mai☆彡?


About a month and a half after c-chan's abortion, I finally got the chance to have sex with c-chan again (laughs).

Since Miyabi☆彡 is mentally ill, it is completely impossible for her to accept it.

In fact, when I try to meet c-chan, I get mental symptoms.

After that, how will Masai☆彡's unworthy son decide?

When I actually met c-chan, it was unexpectedly easy and I was able to have sex with him, and on the contrary, I was confused (laughs).

Of course, if you think about a lot of things, you won't be able to do it, so the trick is to close your eyes (laughs).

However, even if you can do it once, whether you can continue after that is another matter.

In the end, I was able to do it many times (laughs).

With this as a trigger, the relationship with c-chan will continue (laughs).

And with c-chan, there are many more shocking results after this (laughs).

I will talk about the rest of the story with c-chan next time.

It is unintentionally becoming a big work, and I apologize for the burden on those who see it.


As long as these activities continue, sexually transmitted diseases are a familiar and serious problem.

In particular, mycoplasma and ureaplasma infections are still rarely tested, but it seems that there are many infected people when they are tested.

In fact, there may be diseases that haven't been discovered yet, so I don't think it will be perfect if we test this, but we would like to continue our efforts to create a safe situation as much as possible.

The poorer the child, the cuter he is said to be.

C-chan is literally the epitome of that.

When faced with a risk like c-chan's, how to hedge the risk and whether it can be done is one of the important issues in continuing activities.

This activity is not just beautiful.

Everyone has different expectations for this activity.

Even so, would it mean that each of you should set the ideal form of your activities and solve each problem one by one so as to approach that setting within the range that does not deviate from the human path?

I apologize for the late greeting, but I would like to once again pray that this year will be a good year for everyone.

By Miyabi☆彡

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