Dating Club Struggle Recorded in Shiritori 2

Blank → dizzy (= feeling dizzy)

Unexpectedly, Mr. Mac will participate in "Shiritori" and write a column with the title "Blank".
(I haven't read Mack's manuscript at this time)

Even so, Mr. Mac is still flying.

It's a compliment, of course.

At first, Joe had prepared a manuscript under the theme of "Black," but he will rewrite it.

I'm going to spell it with ′′ Ku ′′ in response to Mr. Mac.

It's been less than two years since I joined the Universe Club.

For better or worse (although there are many bad ones), I've been "dizzy" many times.

One of the few good meanings of "Kurakura" is definitely my current favorite Miss Dynamite (I'm sorry, Princess Nana).

When she took off her bathrobe in front of Joe and revealed her seductive body wrapped in see-through lingerie for the first time, exaggeratedly speaking (Joe is exaggerating even if it's not), it was sexual. After waking up, I was so dizzy that I could say it was the first.

Mr. Mac, who has a lot of experience, will probably have various tricks after this (before this?), but Joe's sexual experience is poor, so I don't know what to do.

so be honest

"It's great, ◯◯◯. But I really don't know what to do next."


It's not something an old man in his mid-50s should say, but I really don't know, so I can't help it.

Then Miss Dynamite smiles thinly and says, "I'm in trouble, isn't it?"

Then he pushes Joe down and sits down on Joe himself to perform a splendid Grandig.

In this way, the first bed-in with the dazzling and sensual Miss Dynamite, although short (bitter smile), ended successfully, and the relationship continues.

Sex with her is always fun, but the first bed-in was impressive, and even now when I think about it, I feel dizzy.

In Joe's case, this kind of "dizziness" in a good sense is exceptional, but there is probably a not bad "dizziness" that is different from the general male members.
A prime example of this is Sakura.

A little while ago, I got a line from her for the first time in a while.

After a nonchalant update, it ends with the words, "I'm going to get married."

The moment I read it, memories of Sakura-chan revived one after another as images, and then the images of Joe at that time were vividly remembered.

of course? I feel dizzy, but I don't feel bad.

Even if it sounds silly, is it close to the state of mind of a father who gives his daughter away as a wife?

And don't forget Princess Nana.

To be honest, I've been "dizzy" by Princess Nana, but the number one "dizzy" was when I gave the princess a reasonable amount of money and suddenly disappeared from front of Joe.

Generally speaking, you would feel dizzy and want to say, "I was deceived! Give me back my money!" was stronger.

I'm kind of overwhelmed, but it can't be helped because I was dizzy when we met again, went on a trip to Okinawa while dizzy, and decided to stand up while being dizzy.

hmm?You really can't help it, Joe! !

This is my first time writing this, but for a short period of time, Joe has registered with "Sugar Daddy".

Because I didn't understand the system well and submitted an income proof by mistake (if I did this, I would be a top member), I was in a state of disrespect for money (bitter smile).

Besides, I left after a short period of time because I was exhausted (I still met a few people), but I didn't like using the bulletin board just before the tournament.

As many of you know, "Sugar Daddy" has a bulletin board that mainly asks for a partner for tonight in addition to the general registered women's browsing corner.

I should not have taken advantage of it when my schedule suddenly became available.

There was a message from a fairly famous AV actress, and Joe was a fan of her, and it said, "I'm looking for a partner for dinner tonight." .

The reply came quickly and we agreed to meet.

We met at a certain hotel in Ginza and had dinner at a nearby Italian restaurant.

She was much more neat and tidy than she looked in the video, and enjoyed the food, the wine, and most of all, the conversation.

I was going to break up as it was, but he said, "I want to be with you in the room."

I thought it would be bad for a man to refuse an invitation from a woman, so I showed her to her room.As expected of her, Joe knew that her purpose was Yukichi, so she intended to be a one-night-lover.

The problem is how much should I give her, but in order to avoid trouble, I handed her double the usual amount.

Then the smile I used to have disappeared

"This isn't enough. At least XX more."

is requested.

I thought it was too expensive, but Joe convinced me with the memory of the night and handed over the amount she requested.

Still, her mood doesn't improve.

"Mr. 〇〇 was double this"

and list the names of celebrities.

and finally

"I'm going home"

and left the room.

of course?Yukichi is still in her bag.

Joe was dizzy and sighed at the sudden development.

The registration fee for "Sugar Daddy" is cheaper than Universe, and there are quite a few black and platinum women in Universe, so there was a time when I thought it was a good deal, but in the case of Joe, it ended up being expensive. rice field.

But if this is enough for the tuition fee, let's say it's okay, it's not good!

Business contact

to Mac.

Next time it will be Mr. Mack's turn if we go in order with "ra", but please let Joe write it next time as well.

Next time will be "Laos".

If you can continue, please say "Yes".

Sorry for being selfish.

I will give you the manuscript of "Laos" as soon as possible.

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