A date with a type B and a wonderful encounter with Mr. A

1. Dating a Type B

Type B is "after the second time".

In love, the most exciting moments are the first date, first kiss, and first sex.

Among them, Mr. A is most excited about the first date.

Time to meet for the first time, relax with alcohol, and explore each other.

Since there is previous information from the club about manners and humanity, it is rare to make a big mistake.

For women, it's like a part of their work, so they listen to our trivial stories "properly".

For those who don't have many opportunities to be heard "properly" in private, it's very healing.

At cabaret clubs and brothels, women who meet this need are nominated.A woman who listens to you without raising any suspicions is popular.

2. I feel happy when I get the OK from the B type

After the first date, Mr. A always asks the relationship type B person as follows.

“We will disband today, but will there be anything after this next time?”

"If yes, how much would you like ○○?"

So far, I've never been turned down.

In terms of requests, there are roughly two patterns: one that says "I'll leave it to you" and the other that gives a specific number.

I don't think either of these are correct.

Mr. A often feels that the specific numbers are high.

It is also the flip side of Mr. A's low priority for "after this".

To be honest, the moment Mr. A elicits this answer "OK" from the woman, he gets more pleasure than actual sex.

And after that it doesn't matter a little (which I think is probably uncommon).

Even if it is a lie, it gives confidence as a man that he is "accepted".

In general, the most exciting time in love is right before sex.

In actual sex, gaps in the common sense of tastes and hobbies become clear, and because it is a naked relationship, the true nature can be seen at a moment's notice.

It's fine if it's not bad, but sometimes it's not.

Also, the other party is not a so-called professional woman in the sex industry, so of course it is good manners to treat her as an amateur woman in sex, which is good or bad.

For Mr. A, the experience of pseudo-romance that has the potential to lead to pseudo-sexuality, and not the sex itself, but the process that brings out the sex OK may be what he wants from the club.

On a side note, regardless of whether or not they have sex, they are borrowing a woman's precious time, so I think it's necessary to be considerate.

3. Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

According to Abham Maslow (US), human needs are organized like a pyramid, and after lower-level needs are satisfied, higher-order needs are desired.

Starting from the bottom layer,

・Physiological needs
・Safety desire
・Social needs (desire to belong)
・Need for dignity (need for approval)
・Self-actualization needs


Male members who join clubs are generally considered to have their social needs met.

In clubs, in addition to physiological needs (have sex, eat), safety needs (do not take risks), dignity needs (have someone listen to you, let them know who you are, then say OK after this). In addition, it is possible to satisfy Mr. A's request at home, but it is not satisfied).

In that case, the existence of the club can satisfy relatively low-order needs and help self-actualization, and eventually self-transcendence.

4. Great love

Mr. A went on several dates in several patterns through the club.

I had a wonderful date experience.

I was able to meet a woman who could not appear within Mr. A's social action radius with just one offer.

Without the club, I wouldn't have been able to eat with her, talk to her, and get to know her.

When it comes to this kind of partner, whether or not you have sex is only one factor.Sex is not the goal.

You can contact her at any time by sending an e-mail.

With that alone, Mr. A is currently in a very satisfied state.The moyamoya that was before joining seems to be hiding for now.

My (pseudo) love affair with her has just begun.However, in the future, love may become love, affection, and may change into deep affection.

As long as clubs exist, there will always be a path open to great, low-risk love.

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