About Japan Hole-filling Stick Association ②

until the wound in my heart heals

*Last last time,This is a continuation from when Aya-chan broke up with me at a love hotel.

With a serious heartbreak shock after a long time

(This will last me for the rest of my life.)

I sighed and looked up at the sky.

This scar will never go away.

Immediately after that, I seriously thought so, but humans are getting stronger and stronger (insensitive? ).

About three days have passed, and when I suddenly see the wounds in my heart, the wounds are quite closed (laughs).

yes. .

Aya is also a precious female friend who can talk about anything.

Can we go back to being normal friends without having sex?

After a while, send the following content on line.

"I'm really sorry for bothering you before.I finally felt better,I want to go back to being normal friends if possible.I will never do anything in the future. ”

As a result, it took some time,I was able to go back to being a normal friend like before.

She later reconciled with her ex-boyfriend.

However, if you go drinking as usual, you will end up complaining about the boyfriend.

Because I reflected from my previous experience that I would never misunderstand,Shouldn't we break up?I can't say it, and I turn around,I had no choice but to simply hear it. .

Re-admission to the Japan Hole-Filling Stick Association

After a while, she broke up with the boyfriend again.

The days when she goes out drinking with her rough. .

But I won't get it wrong anymore.

I don't like being tired,I don't want to ruin my relationship with her again.

Even though we understand each other, somehow we miss each other.

But nothing.

Such days continued for a while.

Then one day, out of the blue, the following line came from Aya-chan.

"I want to etch.."

For the time being, with an honest feeling

"I want too."

and replied.

But I will never make the same mistake again.

(This has been tried again.)

(Whether or not this time we can devote ourselves to "hole-filling sticks".)

(I wonder if I can rejoin the Japan Hole-filling Stick Association..)

Etch can be done after a long time!

I should have simply been happy, but I gripped the steering wheel with a grim expression with wrinkled brows in such a grim state of mind,He flew through the dark night road to pick her up.

…and then,We went back to seeing each other regularly and having sex.

I will never repeat the same mistake again.

For her, I'm just a ``filler'' for the absence of a boyfriend.It's just that.

The days of calmly devoting himself to the "hole-filling stick" continue.

although it acts

I'm just a "filler stick", alas.

I'm not serious.

Even if they pester me, I will never live again.

"I love you♡"

"If I were your child, I might be able to get along and get along well♡'

No matter what kind of sweet words they say, I won't misunderstand them anymore.

Because it's just a "hole-filling stick" (laughs)

This relationship continued for some time.

Although it is just a delusional matter, I was finally able to rejoin the "Japan Hole-filling Stick Association".

I felt.

However, among the members, as the lowest seat (laughs)

But again, the end is approaching.

"There's a man who looks good now."

"We're going on another date next week, and if he confesses, we might go out together."

"Somehow, this might be the last time I have sex with you."

Is this a shake that catches my attention?

What do you think? .

prologue like epilogue

From her on line a week later,It is reported that she has become acquainted with the man.

As expected, it's going to be hard to meet.

About a month later,After a long time, we decided to go out for a drink while also reporting on each other's current situation.

When I listen to the story, the boyfriend is uninteresting but calm, boring but calm.

With a man like that.

“From now on, I will never cheat!”

to her who says

"Of course! Cheating is no good (laughs)"

while backtracking

(Ah, it looks like there won't be a turn for the "fill-in-the-hole" anymore?)

(Well, of course.)

I felt.

However, when I went to karaoke, sheIt's strangely sticking to me.

And somehow, there is leeway in that behavior.

(No no no..)

(Sex? Not immediately after having a boyfriend.)

(It's no good if something goes wrong,It's safe to wrap up early and disband. )

And to disband early.

I'm on the escalator heading to the station.

She often used it when the two of them headed to a love hotel,Go to the taxi stand at the station rotary.

"Good job~"

While saying that, I will start walking in another direction.

When I turn around and see her...


The mouth that was faintly illuminated by the lighting of the rotary,It looks like you are grinning for some reason.

That grin is like

"what.If I had a boyfriend, I wouldn't have the courage to ask for sex.You're mean. "

and as if he was mocking me.

Already after I got on the escalator.

Gradually climb up towards the station.

(No, no, you said, "I won't cheat anymore!", right?)

(Wouldn't it be better if I just invited him like I used to, without pretending to be a gentleman?)

it's too late,The escalator mechanically carries me at a constant speed.

(Oh, maybe this isn't the end of the relationship,Were you expecting the beginning of a new relationship? )

…it looks like the movie title is finally showing up.

There was a lot of development, but it was just a long time~It was like a prologue.

It was a night when I remembered such an illusion.

About my activity stance at the Japan Hole-filling Stick Association

The hole-filling sticks also have various activity stances.

In addition, Various shapes are required for the sticks according to the hole filling that women want.

Of course, each hole-filling rod has its strengths and weaknesses.

There are rods that can be used for filling niche holes,That's not my specialty at the moment.

For such requests, I will leave it to other sticks.

My specialty is more "safe" sex.

When a woman comes home and is soaking in the bath

(…Today's sex wasn't bad.)

It is sex that you can think of.

Polite and gentle, don't overdo it, take care of women's bodies,Sex full of such manners is a creed.

In the past, there was a time when I was working hard to get 100 points in sex.I have, but is there something wrong?came to think


"I will do my best to get about 70 points"

That stance has changed.

A long time ago Hitoshi MatsumotoIf you make a comedy movie in the United States, will it be accepted by Americans?There was a project with Denpa Shonen, but at that time

"If the level of laughter that Japanese people like is 100 points,Americans like laughter about 65 points. 65% of 100 pointsIf you make it with the power of , won't Americans laugh at it? ”

"But that's a high level and difficult."

That's what I was saying, but it's like that when I compare it with style (laughs)

At first, explore with 70 points,After that, you can gradually raise the score according to the woman every time you repeat it.I wonder how it will be.

This is my current stance, but when I hear from various seniors,

"Do S type"
"De M type"
"tool use"

…Etc., etc

It seems that there is still an unknown world for me.

In the future, so that we can respond to any filling requests,I still need experience and study.

If you are wondering what type of senior male members are in the club,It's time (laughs)


Thank you for sharing the content with some delusions.It was.

What I learned from this experience is that it is very difficult to capture the feelings of women.

That's it.

It's like a law that is being amended without knowing it.

Even if I act according to the law I've heard,The law has since been amended to become illegal.

I feel that way sometimes.

What I say may change from time to time,If it is a word that tests the opponent,I don't know what the truth is anymore.

"Capturing the feelings of this moment, not words on the surface"

As a woman, I feel like that's the only correct answer.

However, it is quite difficult to grasp it.It seems almost impossible.

Women's psychology still needs to be studied. .

Also, if Aya has any regrets, it's erotic.

Her spread legs cowgirl position that makes you feel like you are being eaten by a tarantula.

I will still taste it from time to time. .

I was thinking, but when I went drinking at the end of the year,It is reported that the boyfriend proposes and gets married.

I'm going to say hello to both parents on this new year's holiday.

By the way, I just received a marriage report from another daughter a week ago, so "Everyone, don't leave the nest." I felt strangely refreshed.

We will meet again in the new year,It would be best if there is nothing to develop in the future.

While thinking that if I can support her peaceful future,If something happens, prepare to fill in the holes (useless hair removal, etc.),Do you want a perfect system?

In addition, whether the activity stance as a "fill-in-the-hole" is ingrained,From the girl I met in Universe the other day

“Are you a business trip host?”

They said.

There is no way I can be bald like this. (smile)

It's just that the ′′ hole filling stick ′′ is exhausted.

Thank you for reading until the end!

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