[Three points for success in the dating club Part XNUMX]

Thank you for reading this column.I am an adventure merchant.

It's been a few months since I started the dating club.I met quite a few women.

Here, I would like to share some tips on how to make a successful relationship in a dating club.

What kind of conversation will you have? , What kind of shop will you choose? , how are you dressed? Of course, the details such as , are also important, and many other writers have posted these, so please refer to them.

I would like to write about the basics for the success of the activities of the dating club.

1. First update

First of all, I would like to give you an update on the current situation.

By class,

Black class 11 people
Platinum class 4 people

By type,

B type 3 people
C type 11 people
E type 1 person

I met a woman from

My activities in the dating club have been smooth sailing so far.I am very satisfied.

However, when I meet various people, I also experience such things.

“After meeting once, we felt like we had a mutual feeling, so we promised to meet again.
During the period up to the second time, there was a lovey-dovey line exchange almost every day, and the second time was also very fun.
It was close to her birthday, so I bought her a present.
I thought that I would be able to have a long-term relationship like a lover, but after the second date, I stopped contacting the woman.
I was a little shocked that he just wanted a present.
By the way, neither kissed nor held hands. . . ”

hey.Isn't there a lot of men who have had this kind of experience?

Including this, it's like a dating club.

The feeling of excitement and the feeling of “I was beaten” are unique to the dating club.

So I am very satisfied with this kind of shock. (Not de M! (laughs))

Also, regarding the so-called post-meal relationship, this is unquestionably very satisfying, and the rate of developing a post-meal relationship with a type C woman on the first date is a whopping XNUMX%!

11 out of 11 people have been in such a relationship.

Regarding the second and subsequent dates, there was one case where I was too excited on the second date and did not connect until the third time.

There were 2 cases where I could not connect the second time because I was far away.

Other than that, basically I get calls from women saying, "When do you want to meet next time?"

As expected, it is difficult to continue to meet with all of them, so there are many cases where they disappear naturally, but I am currently meeting 6 women on a continuous basis, and I am going to have a local music live together. Going to see the club, enjoying a drive on the beach, and spending a fulfilling club life.

Well, I can't help but show off my bragging.

This is the end of the factual report.

XNUMX keys to success in dating clubs

I would like to raise three points as points for success in the dating club.

That is,

(XNUMX) Do not mistake the definition of “success”
(XNUMX) Dealing with "tension"
(XNUMX) The spirit of “for the sake of others” and “my fault”

It is three.

(XNUMX) Do not mistake the definition of “success”

This is probably the first and most important point.

Not only in the dating club, but also in the work scene, if you make a mistake in what you consider "success" in the first place, you will not be satisfied with the results.

Define success correctly and experience it as early as possible.

For that reason, you have to have a solid thought and direct yourself.

For example, in the case of a setting with a dating type D or C woman, you naturally think about things after meals.

However, I would like you to stop treating "having an adult relationship after a meal" as "this date success".

Next time, I would like to write about what should be regarded as success in the second part.

(XNUMX) Dealing with "tension"

This is also the best part of dating club activities, and it's a tough part.

I, too, get really nervous the first time we meet.I would like to talk about how to face this tension and build a fun date time.

Many of you are probably trying your best not to get nervous.

I think that idea is wrong in the first place.

Tension is a "should".

Please look forward to the sequel.

(XNUMX) The spirit of “for the sake of others” and “my fault”

When you do something, you have to think "for the other person".

Is it really "for the sake of the other person" that you suddenly have a surprise event when you meet for the first time?

I understand that you want to connect with your favorite woman every day, but is it "for the other person" that you line every day?

You will have to take a breath and think.

Also, if something happens, I want to think that it is my fault.

As I wrote above, "If you can't contact me immediately after buying a gift..."

I would like to think of it as "my fault", such as "I wasn't attractive" or "I went too far because I liked the woman".

If the other person is late for the meeting time, I would like to think, "It may have been difficult to find the location. It might be better to send an easy-to-understand map through the person in charge of the club."

Of course that and

"Even though it's clearly deceived, you give money like hoi hoi and hot water"
"Even though you're obviously being treated rudely, pretend not to see it and keep the relationship for the time being."

That means that the dimensions are different.

If I think, "Oh, isn't that strange?"

XNUMX.Have room in your heart, money in your wallet

As many of you know, "comfort" and "money in your wallet" are essential for success in the dating club.

Don't ever think of "taking a moto" economically.

Don't think, "I'm going to get a high-value woman at a low cost."

It's not a question of morality,

With that kind of thinking, you probably won't be "successful" in a dating club.

I hope to have a more in-depth story in the second part.

Thank you for reading.

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