Fuu's Papa Katsu * GOLD's Real Episode 6 Encounter and Farewell ~ Impact of platinum ~ Change of mind


I'm Fuu.

Fuu looks like a normal middle-aged man.

I've never been popular, and I've lived as a love weakling.

It's been a year since I joined.

I am a club addict.

I look at your profile on the Universal Club site almost every day.

A year ago, I never imagined I would have such fun days.

In the case of Fuu, the main battlefield is the GOLD class C type.

Encounter and farewell

The first offer was a series of cancellations, but I met Mr. N who looked like Deep Kyon and agreed to the room for about 3 months.

Unfortunately, we lost contact due to natural extinction.

Did you have a real boyfriend in your imagination?I think.

However, Fuu was OK for the first time, and Mr. N gave me confidence.

The compatibility of the body was perfect and it was a wonderful daughter.

Thank you very much.

Fuu with a business trip has launched an offer to the provinces.

The local girl, maybe Fuu just happened, was kind and thoughtful, seemed to be having fun, responded quickly to contact, and got the pseudo-romance I was looking for.

However, even if you can have a continuous girl, can you meet a better girl?

Fuu is so greedy~

I always check my profile.

Kimon student

I wanted to do something about Kimon's students, so I made two offers to support my daughter who was in trouble by offering scholarships from her profile on the advice of Mr. Mac.

One was canceled 1 minutes later on the day.

Based on my experience with cancellations in the past, I asked the club to confirm that it was a week, three days, and the day before, but it was still canceled on the day.

It is said that he became ill on the train.

I ended up in a restaurant with a private room for the course, so I had to eat the course by myself.

Since it was a restaurant that I often use for entertainment, I was allowed to pay for one person's meal, but I was alone in a private room⤵

It was a bitter meal.

Tokyo Branch, the students are not going well again, and they are still in the dark.

Fuu, who tries to escort smartly, pre-books both meals and rooms, so there is nothing more painful than canceling on the day.

For students, it would be better to meet in the hotel lobby without a reservation and decide on meals and rooms after meeting.

I don't like it because the quality and cospa are going down.

The second is a local student.

Fuu is the youngest 18-year-old in history.

I'm too young to talk to her sometimes, but I'm glad she's a good-natured girl.

I will continue to have a relationship with a wonderful daughter.

As always, Fuu has a good relationship with the region.

I finally got to meet the student's good daughter.

Maybe (laughs) I don't look naive like an ex-boyfriend, but the 18-year-old body is the best, and it feels like my body's DNA is awakening and electricity running.

impact of platinum

The daughter I exchanged contact information with at the event I participated in, which I told you about in episode 5, was in the platinum class.

It was the first platinum experience for Fuu, who has only ever offered GOLD.

It may be a coincidence, but it was a shock

Because it is a platinum class, the face is beautiful and the style is the default, but the personality is also Fuu. rice field.

It's not that expensive, so it's good at a normal place

Even if the room doesn't have to be this nice, it's okay if you say it's nice to meet you, even if it's a psychological technique

"Let's fall in love~~~!"

change of heart

Continuing girls were stable and found in Tokyo, and I was able to meet a good student's long-awaited daughter.

I'm busy with dates every week.

Repeat stable rotation without worrying about cancellation on the day

That or that

all very nice girls

make me fall in love

nice style

The face is also cute, beautiful, I like it

That's that

But when it's stable, it's not enough

Which child should I offer

where to eat

may be canceled

What kind of child is your personality

don't be nervous

can you speak well

Can I get a room OK?

Can you escort smartly?

Is it because the excitement is gone?

I couldn't meet a continuation girl who convinced me, and when I repeatedly made offers to find a better girl, I got excited and it was fun

Fuu Decita realizes that he is asking for something outrageous.

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