Can I Follow You Home?

*This column contains some fakes to avoid identifying individuals.


On a street in a certain Minato Ward.The store closes early in Manbou.

I said, “It’s cold.

She said, "Hey, what should we do?"

I said, "Is it okay if I follow you home?"


"Is it okay if I follow you home? 』

It's a complete amateur gachi variety of a certain station who asks people who missed the last train to pay for the taxi fare, "Is it okay if I follow you home?"

Everyone has a seemingly ordinary but unusual life drama.It is a program that touches on the real life of such wonderful people in the city.


Have you ever seen it?


If you have never seen a daddy girl, please take a look.Some God times, because I cry too.

Daddy active girls often say in the question box.


Old man, old man's story is boring.

There is nothing to gain from the old man, other than the allowance.


No no.Daddy active girls who think so.

First of all, "Is it okay to go home?" I want you to see.

An old man who drank heavily and got drunk at a cheap izakaya.There is no sense of anticipation, but when I go to the house, a deep story comes out.

By inviting them into my house, I tell them things that I usually don't tell people.The door of your heart will open.


In other words, daddy girls.The old man and old man in front of you say things like "I love you, I love you♡",Actually the door of my heart isn't open to youI don't know.That's why there are no deep conversations.It's boring to talk because I can only hear superficial talk.That's why I can't get attached to it, and I can't learn anything.

vice versa,Appearance and affection alone are enough to get on a certain level of foundation.If you want more than that, you need a human relationship.The quickest and most popular method.that isTo confide in "only you" a story that cannot be told to anyone.Or to expose your inner self to "only you".

Recently, I feel that shallow relationships, which are few in both, are prevalent in dating clubs.


Always keep your distance.Dodge the opponent's punches.Accurately hit only this punch and aim for a full round decision victory.


Are we Floyd Mayweather? (smile)


Do you know Mayweather's training menu when he was active?

No, no, we're both amateurs.A mud match that gets booed by the audience watching. From the XNUMXrd round, both of them run out of physical strength.That kind of muddy mud match is fine.Cheers are born in the battle between amateurs,A battle like The Outsider who swings punches with bare emotionI think so.

Nothing is more boring than an elegant battle between amateurs.If Nobuaki Tsunoda was the referee, he would be killed after the match (laughs).


However, I will wait and see at first against the girls who are active as daddy.How do you turn it around in shallow conversation, how do you make it exciting?Never talk in depth.Do so in the beginning.

And what daddy active girls want is a perfect equivalent exchange system for "service content such as adult dating x time" and "allowance".

It's standard and normal in the daddy area, but it's not just the "allowance" that should be withdrawn in the equivalent exchange.It's better to bring out the "deep story" as wellI think.Otherwise there is nothing left to learn.

Never go to Papa's house.Invite daddy to your house.I'm not saying that.

I think it would be nice to have a little more “deep talk” with each other.Because it's a relationship that won't spoil in the first place, and someday the relationship will be cut off.

That's why I think it's okay to say things to each other that you can't say to others.

We crossed paths at the dating club, so let's turn that moment into a deep relationship.


However, it is also true that the "deep story" doesn't come out unless you go home.

Well, in this column I actually experienced"Is it okay if I follow you home? ’ episodeIntroducing Do.


Somewhere in Tokyo, a man who goes drinking every day

I am a so-called migrant worker.I change jobs every few years.There are no original friends or acquaintances at the transfer destination.That means more opportunities to go out drinking with people in the company.

However, I rarely like people, be they men or women, so I don't have anyone I want to go drinking with (laughs).

He was the one who moved at that time.He is one year younger than me.


I roughly divide people in the company into two types.Is it the bureaucratic and cunning "noble", or the determined "nobushi" who is willing to take some risks and risks in order to survive (laughs)?

He is completely a "Nobushi" type.I'm also a nobushi, but now he's keeping the feeling of a court servant, so his presence was fresh.

We are of the same type, so we get along.There will also be more opportunities to go out for drinks.He's been my favorite type for a long time.I think he will be a valuable junior to me.

Eventually, I was pulled by him, and the way of working returned to the original "Nobushi".This is good stimulation.


But he.Does he say "hurry to life" or "hurry to death"?He works hard and goes drinking every day.He stays sober and never goes home.And sometimes the amount of eating and drinking is out of the ordinary.

he is singleHe is my favorite junior, so I chose the number one from my stock of cute junior girls and went out of my way to introduce him to him.But he has no interest in women.He doesn't even have the slightest desire to have a girlfriend. I'm in my twenties and still young, so why not?

I'm young and I'm divisive.It's too early to split.why.


In the midst of this, the influence of the Omicron stock made it all the better.The shops are closing early, and it has become a situation where you can't go out drinking after work.

After work, I get a call from him as usual.

He said, “Senior, what are you doing today?”

Me: “You don’t have a shop, do you?

He said, "I have a pot."

Me: "Seriously? Are you using it?"

He said, "I don't use it because I don't cook."

Me: “Then why is there a hot pot?” (laughs)

Me: "Then, I'll make a pot for you. I'll buy some and go home, so wait."

He said, "Are you sure? Thank you!"


On that day, it was my first time to drink at his house.I bought the ingredients for the kimchi hotpot and some alcohol and headed over to his house.

He said, "Usu! Thank you for your hard work!"

I said, "I live in a really nice place."

I'm also hungry, so I immediately borrow the kitchen and start cooking.I opened the drawer on my own and took out a kitchen knife and a cutting board, but what caught my eye was the


"Pink Cooking Scale"


what's this? (smile)


Me: “Oh, you don’t have a girlfriend, do you?

He: "No... well, it's the one my ex-girlfriend left behind."

If you look closely, in his house"Things my ex-girlfriend left behind"I notice that there are quite a appliances.He shouldn't be cooking at all, but for some reason the kitchen is full.And it is uncomfortable that there is a feminine feeling in the design and color.

whatever.Cooking is easy.

I feel like digging into it a bit, but let's eat and drink first.Make kimchi hot pot skillfully.And hand-made lemon sour is also served to him.


And is it the fifth cup of lemon sour?He was pretty drunk too.Now, let's delve into the episode with his ex-girlfriend.

Me: “Did your ex-girlfriend cook for you?”

Him: "Yes, well..."

I said, ``So, why do you keep her cooking scale that you will never use? (laughs)''

He said, “No, I might use it in the future (laughs).

Me: “What?!

He said, “No, it’s not.


He said, "Senior, please don't tell anyone."

I said, "What's wrong?"

He said, "I haven't told anyone..."


· · ·

He said, "I'm divorced."

I said, "Eh!?"

He said, "I'm divorced. Actually."


· · ·

He got married as soon as he became a member of society with the girl he dated when he was a student.The two of them lived a happy and friendly married life together, but after a while, a mysterious illness struck her.

I became worried and went to many hospitals for examinations, and found that she"muscular atrophy"It turns out.It is an incurable disease.

From there, she continues to receive treatment to suppress the progress of the disease, but she gradually weakens.She can no longer cook her favorite dishes.

On the other hand, he has a hard job and cannot take care of her well.As these frustrating days continue, she becomes weaker and weaker, and finally he can't take care of her, and she returns to her parents' house.

Although I am worried about her, I am still busy with work.Time is cruel and her condition is getting worse and worse.

After a while, a handwritten letter from her with her trembling hands arrives at my house.The contents are as follows.


"I think we should get a divorce.No more trouble in your life. 』


Guilt, responsibility, love.After a lot of emotions passed, the two people came to the conclusion that they were going to divorce.

After the divorce, he has had no contact with her.Although she is worried and worried, she cannot contact him because of her guilt.

I just know she's alive.

It was a life insurance policy that my husband and I purchased just in case when we got married.Disability pension is paid every year from there.When it comes time to pay, he checks to see if the pension has been paid this year.


Being paid means she's still alive.


It's the only way I can be sure she's alive.

After divorce, I can't go back to an empty house sober because I'm too lonely.It becomes a life of drinking and walking outside every day.And I'm going to sharpen myself more than ever and focus on my work.

It's lonely to cook and eat by yourself.That's why I don't cook.No chance to use cooking utensils.But for some reason, I can't throw away what she left behind because she loves cooking.

· · ·


As I stare at the pot after finishing the kimchi rice porridge, I feel an indescribable feeling.

He said, "I only said this to my senior, so please don't tell anyone."

I said, "I can't say that."

Me: "'s getting late, so I'll be going home soon. Good job. Go to bed early."

He said, “Thank you very much! Thank you for the kimchi hot pot!”

Close the door of his house and leave the mansion.Then, in the dark street, light a cigarette and inhale the smoke.


...Maybe the reason he can look forward and live for his own happiness is


"After She Died"


Maybe so.

Until then, he will continue to live a ruined life.


Eat as healthy as possible (laughs).

let him eat vegetablesI'll make you a pot.Let's make homemade lemon sour instead of canned liquor.


Excuse me while I'm near him.

I'll borrow your pot.


Resident in Minato Ward, Occupation Sexy Actress

The store closes early in Manbou.

If it is an encounter at a dating club, the place to go is's a hotel choice.Nothing else.

But in a way a man's dream.

It is to go to the house of the companion woman.To be invited to the private space of a dating woman.It can be said that it is the ultimate proof that she has forgiven her heart and trusted her.

On the other hand, home visits are a very high hurdle and difficult to say.


I'm currently only dating one woman.Only one sexy actress who was originally a fan.It was not through the dating club, but the relationship from the fans to this point.I spent some money.

Dating is not a dating club.Of course, I'm giving you an allowance, but I don't feel like a daddy.


In other words... "Can I follow you home?"


My ulterior motives, dreams, and delusions swell in vain.Go up to the fan woman's house.I have a dream

By the way, she recently moved house.Near a station in Minato Ward.She obviously earns more than I do (laughs).

She asked me to open a shop near her house where she moved to, and recently I've been on dates mostly near her house.

Of course, I never went home, and I never brought it up.

I decided to buy a moving celebration as a thank you for the last Gonzo.The order from her is a certain home appliance.It's a fairly heavy appliance.

send her home?No, she's an artist.She has also had scary experiences of being forced to move due to fanfare at her home.

I can't ask for your address.

So, I thought that I should bring the home appliances to her neighborhood, even though they are heavy, and hand them over on the street.

And the appliances I ordered have arrived.


I said, "Home appliances have arrived. I'll go to a suitable place to hand them over."

She said, “Thank you!



Eh, is it okay! ?

Are you going to take her home?I.


Suppress your upset mind and hit back the line first.

I said, "Understood!"

and find out.


"Uchi" means "home", right?

Search for "my house" on Google.

home.After all, it is a house.

If you type "uchi", "house" will appear as a kanji conversion candidate, and there is no mistake.




Getz!Getz and turn! !

Early in the new year, Dandy Sakano will descend into your brain.

Dandy Sakano is really tenacious.Appears sometimes.


Let's sort it out here.

Will she grant me the dream of Gonzo early in the new year, and will she also fulfill the dream of visiting my home next time? ?God? (laughs)

The other party is not just an amateur daddy girl.entertainer.I also have a TV.

On the other hand, I'm not a business person, I'm not handsome, I'm not rich, and I'm not single.Of course, she's not even a Johnny's idol.

A normal office worker who is married and has children.

Come to think of it, Johnny's idols and sexy actresses are sometimes on Fridays.What kind of connection is that?

Ordinary office workers who are married and have children line up with Johnny's? (laughs)


I decided to bring home appliances to her house before the date.She will send you her address.

Carry heavy household appliances and head to the address.Finally arrived.It's a very nice apartment.I don't feel like an artist.

Line her up.

I said, "I'm down."

She said, "Understood! Wait!"

she comes down

She said, “Thank you for bringing me here!”

She receives heavy home appliances from me.



And she tries to go back to the elevator.

No no no no wait wait wait wait wait


I hurriedly called out to her back.

I said, "It must be heavy! Shall I take it?"

She said, "No, it's fine."

The elevator door will close.


This is the result I expected.


"Delivery under the apartment"


Nanikore (laughs)


Not everything in life goes well.Bitter smile alone under the apartment.

But this is what I think.

With an opponent, the winning rate is XNUMX%.

If it is a game that can be decided by one person, it is possible to bring the winning rate as close to XNUMX% as possible depending on your efforts.However, I think that the winning rate is XNUMX% at best for games with opponents.

In other words, in order to pick up many winsIt is necessary to pick up XNUMX% of losses.It is synonymous with victory and a meaningful result.

"Loss" is a "flag" for me to win.

For the time being, I came to the bottom of the apartment.Let's just accept that for now.Opportunity for revenge next time.


She said, "Wait!"

She came downstairs.Now that she's collected herself, let's escort her again today.


【at a later date】

  (Now, what are we going to do with her?)

Even today, I'm making shabu-shabu and homemade lemon sour at my junior's house.

I let him take vegetables, but I feel like it's meaningless if I let him drink so many lemon sours (laughs)


no···"Handmade" lemon sour?


Speaking of which, she loves lemon sour.

Homemade lemon sour.Can I use this? (smile)

My lemon sour making skills are improving day by day.The basic ratio is XNUMX:XNUMX:XNUMX lemon juice:syrup:sake and stir with a muddler.And finished with lemon and carbonated water.Fine-tune this amount to suit your taste.

She loves alcohol and loves lemon sour.She also wants to make a bar counter in her new house.


... this.


Anything can be connected.Nothing is wasted in life.

I gave her a set for making lemon sour.and"Is it okay if I follow you home?"A strategy to make lemon sour at her house.


This is it!


We will carry out the operation immediately.


Yakiniku dinner this time. It is good that the last order is at XNUMX:XNUMX.leave the shop.

I said, “It’s cold.

She said, "Hey, what should we do?"

I said, "Is it okay if I follow you home?"

She said, "What is that? (laughs)"

I said, "I can make lemon sour with this lemon sour set."

She said, "Eh, is that okay? I want to drink!"




Successful operation.I was able to get my win rate back to XNUMX%.

Take the elevator to her room.


First step into the's for meA first step as valuable as a first step to the moonis.I will remember this scene until the day I die.


She said, "I'm in the middle of moving. Sorry about the mess."

surely.It's scattered all over the place.

I go to her kitchen to cut lemons, wash glasses, and prepare lemon sours.

And I make her the lemon sour that I practiced at my junior's house.


Me & her "Kanpai!"


She said, "Delicious!"

I said, “I guess (laughs).”

I will make another serving.

You know she's pretty drunk.

I said, "Anyway, it's a very stylish room."

She: “Yeah.

I said, "Weren't you fashionable before?"

She: “Yeah. It used to be like my parents’ house.

Me: “Why did you want to make it like your home?”

She said, "I wonder what it is. The restaurant also likes a calm and homely restaurant, so I guess that's what they were looking for. I'm lonely alone."

It's about time.Let's dig a little deeper into her girlfriend.


Me: “Why did you come out of your hometown and choose your current job?”

She said, “Well, there are various things.

I said, "That's great."Momentum"(laughs)"

She said, "Well, there are many things..."


· · ·

She was born locally.

Parents divorced and mother remarried.she has two sisters.She lives with her family in a small apartment.

My father is not my father now.We're not on bad terms, but there's a little distance between us.I'm only half blood related to my sisters, but they're cute and I love them.I take care of you.

Those sisters have a dream.But her family's finances are tight, and she doesn't have the funds to send her sisters to a school to make their dreams come true.


On the other hand, I don't really have any dreams.He has no job to do.




I want to earn it myself and make it come true.I want to prioritize the lives of my younger sisters who have dreams more than mine.


With that in mind, I applied for this job where I could earn money without academic ability or qualifications.

At first, I was too busy and it was hard, and the first year flew by.Work almost every day without a break.However, it is quite difficult to survive in this AV industry.Very few people can do this job for long.Because if you run out of genres, the number of offers for the "second round" will be greatly reduced.In the meantime, new rookies keep coming in, and the shooting offer is passed to the rookie's "first round".Therefore, both income and motivation drop and everyone quits. Very few people last longer than three years.such a tough industry.

After the “XNUMXst round” ended and my work decreased, I was betrayed by the person I relied on at work, and I broke up with my boyfriend at the time.In despair, he considered suicide.He became so desperate.At that time, I was hit by the office staff and caused a lot of trouble for those around me.

Recently, I've finally been able to look forward and work.I finally realized that I was supported by the fans.I feel like I've finally turned pro.


And my sister was able to enter the university she wanted to go to.Her younger sister is more independent and stronger than me, her older sister.She studies hard too.I'm working hard towards my dreams.

Until now, my private life was untidy, and I didn't realize that I was a professional at work, but from now on, I will do both my work and my private life properly.I put in my work positively, and I do housework and self-cooking properly.I want to be that independent person.That's why I changed my mind and moved.


· · ·


I want to prioritize the lives of my younger sisters who have dreams more than mine.


People who have a spirit of self-sacrifice tend to be used by others.Especially if you are a young woman.Perhaps she was too.Knowing that, she fell ill and despaired.

But I think what makes her great is not how she recovered from that, but how she recovered straight.I think she's grown up.

From the painful experience, he said that recently he has become more cautious with people than he used to be.


But she's taking me homeYou could say she's taking a lot of risks.

However, after listening to the story this time, I was not told that directly, but somehow I understood the reason.


That is,

"Because she has XNUMX% confidence in me."



Then why did I go up to the house?I used to

"If by any chance you have trouble with me, you can sue me from the office."

Say,I took a picture of my driver's license, employee ID card, and business card and sent it to her.It is.


I'm not rich enough to settle everything with money.When money is lacking, I will make up for it by cutting myself down and taking risks.

That's right.She gave me back "the amount I shaved" by scraping herselfIt is.So I brought it home.

In this case, I understand.


Third cup of lemon sour.By the way, she was a little tired and fell asleep because she had an event for her fans the day before.

I forcibly push her down when she is tired and stain the new futon in her new house with my sweat.There's no way she could do that for giving back her risk.

Let's go home today.


I said, "Don't go to bed early today."

She: “Yeah.

Even though I just raised my house in return for the risk, I said, "Thank you!"She tries to erase my faint sense of guilt.


Close the door of her house and leave the mansion.Then, in the dark street, light a cigarette and inhale the smoke.

· · ·

She doesn't like cooking.So she doesn't have many cooking utensils in the first place.

Eating out is fine, but next time I'll buy an earthenware pot and a stove, make a hot pot, and finish it off with rice porridge.Do you want to put the rice porridge left over for the next morning in a rice bowl, wrap it in plastic wrap, and put it in the refrigerator to go home?


Of course not.

Next time I'll buy a "pot" instead of a home appliance.



this time sheI just took care of you and brought you home.I should have known that

I'm about to go home (laughs)


Where and how are 'reason' and 'greed' connected?


Anyway, this case, his junior, and her.After hearing both stories, the distance between my heart has certainly become closer.

If she asks for help, I will do what I can, even if I can't afford to pay a lot of money.If you don't have enough money, think about what you can do.Also, I will work hard so that I can provide sufficient support when financial help is requested.


In other words, what I want to say to the girls who live with dads in this column is...


“Just by telling a little bit of a personal story, you can grab an old man’s heart with a jerk.In other words, it's easier than you think! that!


Please help me.

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