Real record: How I came to work at a dating club

When I was in my 20s, I think I was excited about meeting new people.

Drinking parties after work, clubs on the weekends, and friends of friends joining us after the last train.

A regular who happened to be next to me at the bar I stopped by for the first time.


Starting with nice to meet you, and having a conversation that fits the occasion,

How about another drink?Exchange contacts with the same light tension.


After that, if you meet the passing line (standard) in yourself,

Do you go straight to the other person's house or go to the hotel?

Or, in the name of teasing play, will you spend the new week exchanging social greetings on parade for the next weekend's reunion?


I have almost no experience with so-called dating.

In the first place, dating sites back then didn't claim to be as safe as they are today.


However, in terms of my love history so far, I have an average experience,

Regardless of whether I have a boyfriend or not, I have had a friend.

It's a story that can only be written here

Even if I had a boyfriend, I still had a sex friend, and there were people who passed by just for a so-called one night.


(I'm not going to raise ethics on the agenda here, so I'll write about my past without hiding it.)


In my 20s, that was fine.

People passing by one after another,

Like the changing of the seasons, like the rain coming and going, and the strong wind sweeping away something.


I also passed by someone else.

I only know the common name, I only know the number of the one-time mobile phone.

I even wondered what it means to know that. .If there is a need, once the relationship is over, it will never come again. . .


I didn't care for it that way.


Among them, there was one encounter that I will never forget.

That was the summer of my 27th year.

It was the usual weekend night.


I remember that Ginza was strangely crowded that day as I went to the second and third bars after drinking with my college friends.

I was turned down by many establishments saying they were full, but the clerk at the shop I finally got into was urged me to a space in the back that seemed to have been forced to create a standing bar just for this weekend.

Because it's hot, if you drink alcohol continuously with beer, the toilet is the limit.

For the time being, I want to use the toilet instead of raw.


There was a previous customer waiting for the restroom.

You can only see his back, but he's tall and slender, wearing a dark navy striped suit that looks like a professional.


The person was on the phone with someone.

The watch he wears has the word Rolex on it.

After a while, the man turned around and saw his eyes.

I felt in an instant,"What is this person, it might be a bit of a type"A woman's intuition.


Man: “I’ve been waiting for you for a while, but the person in front of you hasn’t come out yet.


Me: “Oh, that’s right. What should I do?


Man: "I'm in trouble. I wonder if it will come out soon...

Are you home from work today?With friends? (Are you coming?)


During the mere waiting time, the conversation progressed at an unexpectedly good tempo.

The alcohol has started to circulate moderately, so I feel good.

Shortly after, a man with staggered legs came out of the toilet.


At that time, the man said, "Would you like to exchange contact information?"

I've been waiting for you with a smile in my heart.

Of course, without hesitation, we exchanged numbers on the spot.


On that day, we parted ways and met again the following weekend after work.

They had a physical relationship very naturally.

There are people who don't feel anything even if they have sex, but this person was a good match, and he felt like he wanted to meet again.


When I asked him about something a little personal, he was a 44-year-old executive at a famous movie distribution company.

It is said that he is married and has children.

I told him that I have a boyfriend who has been dating for a long time.


"Well, you're cute, so you have a boyfriend."

"Since you're so wonderful, it's understandable that you're already married and have a wife."


We laughed and complimented each other.


Are you not having sex with your wife?Do you often do things like adultery?


During sex, while getting excited about the other person, I asked questions that rose up inside me.

I realized that never listening to that was the behavior of an adult, and I felt like I was drunk on myself playing a good child.


Because of our mutual situation, we only meet on weekend nights and never stay overnight.


At some point, on the way home after the last train,

A man started giving me 2 yen for taxi fare.


When I told him that it was too much for the taxi fare,

"No, no, it's only natural to give this much."

really good?I accepted it.


Before I knew it, half a year had passed while protecting each other's privacy.


After the sex was over as usual, I cut it out from the man like this.

"Have you ever heard of a date club?"

I didn't hear anything at all, so I immediately asked.

Apparently, the man had joined a dating club and dated many women in their 20s.

He also taught me about the dating club system with great interest.


Me: “What a wonderful world. Are you still active?”


Then the man

"I am quitting for now.

Actually, there is a child who I really like.

I thought we couldn't get along because we were serious about each other, so we kept our distance.

Even so, it was a few years ago.


Maybe 〇〇chan (my name)

You might want to sign up for a date club!

Pretty fun! ”


Even though he is a little jealous of the invisible woman he has become serious about, such a wonderful person has joined. .I remember how he felt he had an interesting world.


Dating clubs seem to be a place where you can find someone who can meet your needs without interfering with each other's private lives while maintaining a comfortable distance.


What makes it different from just dating

Because a man who can afford it and a woman who understands the rules of adulthood meet,

It is said that the story is quick and it is difficult to get into trouble.

Actually, the man told me about the dating club, and after a few years, I started working as a staff at the dating club.


It's a great story, but it's really true.


After that, I naturally stopped seeing him, but I still have good memories of him.


Adults don't always want serious love.

Adults aren't always looking for someone new.

Even if you don't know why, spending time with someone who is attractive to you is something special that is difficult to explain.


They both know that the relationship is not permanent, so they don't get too deep into it.

Don't read too much into each other's words.

Even without checking the rules, tacit understanding draws the line.


I am not proud of anyone.

That being the case, it's a relationship that can't be cleaned up with just a friend.


Did you meet at the same company?

Did you live next door and exchanged words?


That day, that time

I met him in a crowded city, and he was a special person who connected me to the dating club.


Although it was for a limited time, I drank in the town of Ginza just recently when the corona started to settle down.

It's been a while since I landed in town, and I remember.


I'm sure you won't pass by men.

But I'm sure they'll live happily ever after.

Right now, I have the happiness that I can imagine on my own.


Today is the story of the start when I met a dating club. . .

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