Miss Pilot

In order to avoid identification, there are people who will be models, but about halfIt's a cushion.

In 2012, I was at Soap in Naha.

Before learning mistress play,I used to go to prostitutes sometimes.

Three men went to Naha to play, freeIt was Tsuji's soap.

Shino-chan (21) came out

Tiny blonde gal with tattoosUp to.

Even though her breasts are young, they are saggy and wrinkled, and she is slenderTerrible figure.

"This is a mistake. I was supposed to nominate."

I was thinking of going home properly after having them do the flow work.

When I tried to talk to him, he spoke clearly, and the guidance was refreshing.good person.

There is something intelligent about what you say.

Very satisfiedI also went to Thorpe by appointment.

After a short period of time, I went again by appointment, so Shino-chan liked it more and more.I had a great time.

The more I look at her, the more she looks like Ami from E-girls.

It's time to go home,

"I'll come to Naha again. I definitely want to see you again."

and I say,

“I’m quitting here soon.I was accepted as a CA, and it was a bridge until then. ”

He says.

No wonder he's smart.

The exam for CA is not easy because the rate is high.

whatHe said it was XNUMXx magnification.

It's a pity, but I love to travelSo, while saying that we might meet on the plane someday, I prayed for good luck and said goodbye.It was.

A year and a half later.

I was on a Jetstar flight bound for Sapporo.

Jetstar isIf you pay an additional fee for seat assignment, you can get a drink worth 400 yen.

A fat cabin attendant came to ask for a drink.

It was five minutes after I got the tea and water.

That CAHe gave me another wet towel.

yes?Something is written on the paper with the wet towel.

"Do you remember? It's Shino. Nice to meet you again. Have a nice trip."

Whoa, it's that girl.

I didn't know you were fat.

But that timeThe good face hasn't changed.

Even her hair is dark and refreshing bob hair.

I was thinking about going to see my mistress in Sapporo, so I waved my hand.I got off the plane with a big smile.

The next week, when I got on the plane on the way home, Anoshino-chan came again.Working efficiently.

stop calling meI bought some souvenir goods.

Every time we pass each other,Gives me a happy smile.

Because it was a seat by the window unlike going,I couldn't speak to anything other than the purchase.

Make up your mind, when you get off the plane, ¥ 5,00 with the garbage you wanted to throw awayI gave him a cash voucher worth 0, gave him my contact information, and got off.

That night, I received an email from Shino-chan.

Then I got a callHere we come.

“You’ve become a splendid cabin attendant.ok ”

"I'm happy that I can meet you even by chance.I'm so embarrassed that I've gained so much weight in Torres. ”

I'm 160cm and about 65kg.

Since the first time we met, I gained 15kgThere is.

It seems that he has become a bulimic eater and is vomiting.

Sometimes working XNUMX hours a day and not even getting a monthly salary of XNUMX yen seems to be painful.

After consulting with her several times, she naturally became a mistress who I met occasionally.It was.

We traveled together to Miyakojima in Okinawa, and we certainly eat a lot.

ContactWhat's more, I've been eating snacks all the time and throwing up every time I go to the bathroom.There is.

But I started taking medicine and it seems to be getting better.

I wonder if the weight is coming down a little too.

By helping meHe also says that his anxiety has eased considerably.

We have a flight schedule and are busy with work, so we meet about once a month.One day after the relationship lasted for more than a year, she suddenly called meIt was.

“I want to quit CA and become a pilot.regrettable.I want to become a pilot and look back. ”

Is it possible for a pilot to have such an idea?

she isAre you XNUMX years old?

After that, I traveled to a place called Asarigawa Onsen in Otaru.I've been solving a thick aviation reference book for a long time, and the writing islike a mountain

I heard a lot of her old stories that night.

Until middle school, he was always number one in sports and studies, and was popular in high school as a prep school student.thing.

My parents' house was very poor, and I wanted to get a job rather than go to university, soThinking it was time to play before I took the exam, I went to Naha to play by myself when I was in my third year of high school.what i've been to

This didn't work.

I got caught by a local man in Naha and got pregnant.

I wanted to have a baby no matter what, so I got married in Naha at the age of XNUMX and gave birth at the age of XNUMX.

In addition to being unable to work, the man was hospitalized for domestic violence.Escaped to Soap.

Above her eyes is a scar from that time.

If I had met him sooner, I would have accused him..

He recommends filing a lawsuit before the statute of limitations expires, but he says he wants to forget about it.

In desperation, I got a tattoo, got divorced right away, and stayed like that.At the age of XNUMX, while working at Soap, I challenged the CA exam by self-study.

I heard for the first time that you have children.

Didn't know your body type?I was toldI don't know what to do (laughs)

Look at the picture of the daughter who was entrusted to her parentsI was allowed to

She was five years old and looked just like her.

After a few months, I want to go to a pilot school in Hokkaido., I was told that I want you to lend me 700 million yen.

I'm a high school graduate, so there is no age limit.It seems that there are only private schools.

I'm not an easy person either, soI researched the school to some extent, and made an informal loan, thinking that it would be nice to have a dream.I lent it with the intention of giving 700 million yen.

Five years later.

I have dinner with her about once a year when I go to Hokkaido.

There is no physical relationship.

There is a repayment of 70 yen every month without fail, and it is already XNUMX0 yen is now in sight.

She quit her job as a CA and worked for five years at a health clinic in Sapporo.However, he continued to attend pilot school.

In August 2019, she finally passed the commercial pilot exam after five years.Won.

for me tooIt was the best news of 2019.

Remaining 100 yenI'll be able to return it in no time at all.

one time,

"I don't have to return the balance to celebrate passing"

I said,

"No, I've returned so far, so please let me return it to the end.when.It takes a little more ground work to get to the co-pilot, but as expectedI can afford XNUMX yen a month, so I'm fine. ”

Five years ago, I was half in doubt about what she said,

"I raised my daughter while making her feel lonely. I even made her transfer schools..I'm a mother who is full of failures, but I'm a cool mother,Be a mother that your daughter can be proud of. ”

On August 2019, XNUMX, I heard the good news and thought.

are you the best in the worldI'm XNUMX years old.

On the day of the first flight approaching, I definitely want to rideI'm thinking of Seattle.

I'm no longer in a place where I can casually hand over paperBut you

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