Thoughts on Sashihara producer Nonno Satake (22)'s dating club coverage

The other day, the Bunshun cannon exploded against Mr. Satake.

Introductory 15 hopes and 10 are very vivid contents.A photo of him and the customer at the meeting place is also posted, and Janome thinks that the excuse of "I was just eating in my room!"

It is an incident that pure fans and the public were stunned only by active idols.
It goes without saying that the credibility of the story is heightened by the amount of money attached, and it goes without saying that there is a mix of curiosity and anticipation (lol) that other idols are doing the same thing. stomach.

So, in the first place, is this case itself a rarity in the world?
As far as Janome knows, the popularity of talents and idols who are active as dads is a daily occurrence.

Although this case has been widely reported because Mr. Sashihara's words are on it, Mr. Satake has about 56,000 Twitter followers and about 26,000 Instagram followers, so his popularity as an idol is "so-so". I think.

In addition, before this incident was discovered, she announced her graduation from the idol unit =LOVE (equal love) she belongs to, and her shelf life as an idol is on the decline.

This case has attracted a lot of attention because it spread more quickly than expected due to a leak from the inside, but if it was a story after graduation, it would have been picked up a little differently.

I'm going to brag from here, but let me enumerate some facts.Janome has more than 20 followers on Twitter, more than 10 Instagram followers, active terrestrial idols belonging to Japan's largest production, and currently posting G-cup gravure G-cup girls are in the single digits of Ameblo. It was also a top ranker for some time (at that time, Twitter and Instagram were not mainstream, and blogs became a popular barometer.)

Among the other children who were indebted were the selected members of national idols (all 5 episodes of national idols posted) and the popular No. 1 to 3 of the office where Otoha originally belonged. It appeared almost every week on the covers and mid-prints of weekly magazines.

Also, although I am not indebted to Janome, TY with big breasts who was semi-regular in Ronhar, and slime milk KM that was dried by taking apart the dating route of celebrities, also flowed into the market. I also saw it.

Among the girls that Janome was indebted to, the most expensive was 50 hopes and 30 referrals. If you reverse the NPV (price present value) and convert the past price into the present value, the introduction 20 hope 15 is a good place.

What has changed in recent years?This is due to the emergence of dating sites such as papa-katsu, and the expansion of referral destinations for talent scouts.I sometimes see underground idols on the dating app Paters and the dating site Sugar Daddy, but a long time ago, they were handled by scouts with about 8 requests for introductions.However, at present, the price has dropped to about 8 with 5 referrals, or because the middle margin is thin, the scouts themselves do not handle it, and as a result, they are doing their own daddy activities on the dating site.

In other words, playing with idols and gravure is no longer a hobby for the rich.

Finally, I would like to express my opinion of Janome about this one house.

This is the result of insider scouts and multiple customers working together to leak internal information, and we believe that it is not a good thing for those who want to hang out with idols and gravure idols.

This is because the "favorable" situation in which many idols, gravure, race queens, and CAs are flowing into the papa market due to the bad public sentiment, including the impact of Corona, has become more cautious and reluctant to do so. This means that there is a risk of stepping on

It is good that the overall image of dad activities is improved, but it is not desirable at all that some agents (scouts) and customers go out of control and a dangerous image like this one comes to the fore.

Some of the scouts (agents) not only do silly publicity acts chasing short-term profits like this time, but also persuade women to join a dating club with unfounded conditions that deviate from the market as "a high-priced project of 10 or more". There are many people who send them.

From the point of view of Janome, who stands on the side of male customers and members, the behavior of scouts who pursue nominal profits has the potential to cause the Papa Katsu Market itself to malfunction. think.

*This information is as of 2021:3 on March 10, 09.

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