G-cup gravure G-spot Episode 2

Guys, how do you do!Janome is a stray worldly desire that is unstoppable even in Corona!

There are many people who are staying indoors due to the declaration of a state of emergency, but they are likely to grow mold on their cocks, so they are in high spirits every day trying to blow away viruses and bacteria.

Candida is a type of fungus.Janome has had intercourse with candida-infected children many times, but has cleared them all.There was a child who was raw, but Janome's cock is invincible!It is also admired by those around it.The key is spirit!Everyone is not afraid if you do it with spirit (lol)
(It's dangerous...)

Everyone has candida, so it seems that the disease develops when the resistance is lowered, but Janome, who has bad daily behavior, has been suspected many times by the child of the partner who developed candida.But all innocent!There are some foolish kids who say they got airborne infections, but those are the ones who get baptized in real life, ah...

Well, Y Mi-chan, a busty otaku gravure idol who was introduced by President L for 20 yen.A platonic start is a condition, but I will accept that as a pretext and will set up her Janome.

Now, we will send you Episode 2, "Conditions for Exchange of Birthday Gifts".

Mr. P:
"Should I make it brighter?"

We are preparing for a date at a famous beauty salon in Omotesando.It's been more than 20 years since I was in charge, and Janome, who was an Ikaike university student at the time, and Mr. P, who was a crazy hairdresser, have now become disrespectful.

Mr. P is the No. 10 famous beauty salon with more than 1 stores in Tokyo, including Harajuku and Omotesando! !She is a charismatic beautician that no one in the beauty industry knows.

Mr. P:
"Eh, is it a date today? Then let's brighten it up, how about spring-like ash? ... Eh, you haven't done anything yet? It's not like Janome-san. Today is the third date? Let's do something!"

Mr. P will give you dating guidance in rapid succession.

Piron ♪ Oh, it's an email from Y Mi-chan.

Y beauty:
"Good morning! It's a little past 13:XNUMX, I'm sorry."

Mr. P deliberately peeps into my email.Don't look!

Mr. P:
“Are you meeting at the station? Don’t call me here.

Somehow I was told to call the store ... ....

Serpent eyes:
"Good morning, I'm getting my hair cut right now, so I think it'll be around 13:2. Can I go to the beauty salon instead of going to the ticket gate? There seems to be a cafe space. A shop called ○ in Omotesando, number AXNUMX. Get out..."

Y beauty:
“That beauty salon is one of the stores that our office has a contract with, so it’s a bit rough.

Serpent eyes:
“Mr. P, I have an acquaintance at this store, so it seems I can’t.

Mr. P:
"Unfortunately, my younger brother was also looking forward to it, but he saw it on TV but wanted to see it in person."

Yes, it has sold well.Well, if I talk too much, will this be rough?By the way, when my hair is clean and beautiful, I'm heading to Mac!

Where is Yami-chan...Oh, I'm reading a book in the corner seat.

Serpent eyes:
"Yumi-chan, wait..."

Yami smiles and goes to the bathroom...picture? ?

Piron ♪ Mail from Y Mi-chan.

Y beauty:
"Are the people with you from the beauty salon? Please go home."

Eh, are you with me...?

When I look behind me, Mr. P and the young people are smilingly waving their hands.
Hey, just because it's close, don't just follow me in your hairdresser's clothes!

Mr. P:
“Janome-san, young people say that the real thing is cuter. Good luck! See you next month.”

A charismatic hairdresser who saw the real thing returns to the store.Charisma don't go out during business!

So, it's time for lunch at a tonkatsu restaurant in Omotesando.The tonkatsu here is delicious for the price, and the interior of the shop is an old public bath, and it has a nice retro feel.

Y beauty:
"I'm pretty busy this month because it's my mother's memorial service."

Yomi lost her mother a few years ago, and since then her sister has become mentally unstable.Losing your mother at such a young age is a misfortune...But I usually don't show that kind of feeling at all, and I'm going to cry.

Y beauty:
“So, the next week is my birthday!

Serpent eyes:
"It's your birthday! I have to celebrate. I'll give you something!"

Y beauty:
"Wow, I'm so happy! What would you like?"

Serpent eyes:
"Oh, didn't you write on your blog that you wanted a large Eva figure?"

Yami-chan was a heavy blogger as an otaku idol back then.

Y beauty:
"Ah, that's a message for the fans. I wrote it as an otaku attribute. Sometimes there are people who really send it to me... Umm, I'd like to have an accessory that wouldn't be rude to meet someone higher up."

Serpent eyes:
"Accessories? Bracelets or necklaces?"

Y beauty:
“Hmm…I think what I want most right now is a watch. As gravure is a lot of swimsuit work, watches are put on the back burner. What I have now is a CASIO digital watch (laughs).”

Serpent eyes:
"And the clock..."

If it's domestic, well, it's about 5 to 6 yen.But if it's a brand, it's at least around 10 yen.Hmm, what should I do... Well, I'll just take a look.

Serpent eyes:
“Shall we go to the Ginza department store?

So to Ginza.Y Mi-chan is in a good mood in the taxi.Like Janome, they both like Dragon Quest, and they both sing the game's theme song.

Y beauty:
“This model is cute! It doesn’t look like SEIKO!

Window shopping at the clock section of Ginza Mitsukoshi.For the time being, I think I'll be satisfied with domestic products, so I'm relieved.

I'm tired of walking around department stores for three hours, so I'm going to have some tea.

Y beauty:
“I wonder if that Seiko is cute, but that one too…”

A review meeting at a coffee shop for more than an hour.All girls suddenly become energetic when it comes to shopping.

Serpent eyes:
"Hey, aren't you hungry? I've been walking for three hours, so I'm a little hungry."

Y beauty:
"Oh, I'm a little hungry too."

Serpent eyes:
"There's a restaurant over there where you can eat lightly, so let's go."

So, I decided to go home after having a light dinner.On the way home, walking around the Ginza area, there are luxury brand stores here and there.

Terrible!Let's go straight home.

Y beauty:

Yami stopped in front of CHANEL.

Y beauty:
"Isn't this cute?"

Pointing to CHANEL's J12...I know, it's popular with girls.But the price starts from 30 yen!

Serpent eyes:

Y beauty:
“It’s expensive, isn’t it… huh?”

This one is haha ​​(laughs).

Y Mi-chan muttered inside the taxi.

Y beauty:
“That model is cuter in black, isn’t it?”

Serpent eyes:
"That's right, but it's expensive, isn't it?"

Y beauty:
"One year anniversary huh..."

I couldn't help but lust when I saw her sighing profile...


Quick! I paid my face to Y Mi-chan.

Y beauty:
"Suddenly, and it's too long! (laughs)"

Serpent eyes:
"Oh, as expected? Sorry, sorry!"

Excited about the extremely soft lips!Kissing time of more than 5 seconds though I didn't put my tongue in.

Ah, but the atmosphere turned towards J12...
Hey, you must be into the color scheme!I'm really scared of performing arts!

Y beauty:
"Good night! See you!"

As if nothing had happened, Yami-chan disappeared into the apartment.

Huh!Stop lust again today...

Serpent eyes:
"Driver! Kabukicho, please!"

What did you think?
A little longer…….The next step is to make progress.

See you next time.It was stray worldly desires and snake eyes!

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