Date record #88 Daily activities @ Marunouchi Mosquito Itchiko 2nd time 2/2

  Hello. It's paparazzi. It was just a daytime date, but we got too excited and it ended up being long, so we split it into two. It's just a short trip to Tokyo on my way back from a business trip to Nagoya. . . In any case, this is the final chapter. We would be happy if you could use it as a reference for your activities!

the opponent this time

Your opponent's SPEC

  • Name: Mosquito Itiko (pseudonym)
  • Class: Platinum (later changed to Gold)
  • Relationship type: B
  • Occupation: Office worker
  • Age: Early 20s

what was the date

 I was disappointed when I entered the restaurant and found that I had been seated at a table, but I felt like everything was blown away by her smile. It's only been about two weeks since the last time, but since the last time was really just a meal, I felt like we were both in a "I want to get to know this person a little bit more" mode.

 Since she is type B, we had not met before, so there was no embarrassment. In fact, she even felt like she was enjoying the reunion, although it wasn't that long ago.

 Her personality is bright and positive. Her studies abroad probably have something to do with it. She is a hard worker who worked hard to study languages. I myself have studied abroad and put in a lot of effort, so there is no doubt that this type of person with overseas experience and a strong desire to improve will be a good match for my personality. Therefore, the conversation progressed smoothly. Having said that, it's lunch at the counter. Last time, it was during the day, so I don't know what she looks like at night, but the date progresses, at best a healthy one, at a worst, an uninteresting one. Don't they both mean good things? . .

By the end of the meal

 The handicap of having lunch and a table seat was covered by the lively conversation, but the problem came after that. His response was only half-hearted, but he had already negotiated his allowance last time, and he said he had the "motivation" to do so, so I encouraged myself, thinking that he would be fine.

 The restaurant is open during the day, and there are table seats so there is distance between each other. Because the store was crowded, I was reluctant to ask questions inside the store. Therefore, after going outside

 “You went to the hair salon in the evening today, right?”

 "That's right"

 “So, do you have time until then?”

 "Yeah, it's okay! ♥️"

 Good. It's a success. That's what I mean. I thought it was a 50/50 split, so I'm glad I jumped off the stage in Shimizu. Moreover, when I said "It's okay," she suddenly felt like she was letting out a woman. She realized once again that that was the intention she had come to today.

 My movements from there were fast. I caught a taxi in an instant, got in, drove the car towards Ginza, and the next moment I completed my day-use reservation on the reservation site I mentioned earlier. (Actually, it took a little more time...)

 I'm glad I checked the room before we met. She realized the importance of preparation. It seems to be okay to get rid of mosquito itch.


 We entered a hotel room in Ginza. It's a cute, European-style interior, but it's a good value for money hotel. If you're used to traveling on business, you'll probably find this helpful.

 As soon as we entered the room, we started talking. She must have been prepared for it too. She was quite proactive. After a deep kiss, they make out for a while, then take a shower and get into the real action. Things are going well so far.

 However, I had a tinge of anxiety. He had just met Natsuko last night. It's only been about half a day since then, so I wonder if they're running out of ammunition. Maybe it's just me, but men are quite sensitive and can react sensitively to the slightest adverse wind. She had a fine F-cup bust and a plump body. However, I don't really understand this either, but the sex appeal is somehow not so good. Also, the slight smell was a headwind, and my energy and stamina were quickly waning. No matter what I do, I can't seem to get anything going, so I want to change my mood and replenish my physical strength.

 "A little break"

 However, it is rare for a person to successfully recover after taking a break. Yes, you shouldn't take a break. This might just be me though. . .

 And my bad premonition came true, and my energy never recovered. However, during that time, she devoted herself to doing whatever she could to revive my spirits. I especially felt that her technique with the mouth was quite impressive. In the end, the launch did not come to fruition, but I had a feeling that we would be able to have a good relationship in the future.

Reflection of this time

  • Be careful of the remaining amount of bullets when doing daily activities.
  • After all, it's no good if you take a break
  • Maybe this is where you can find a devoted woman.

This store

 This hotel is recommended. Since it's a hotel, it really depends on the day, but overall I think the cost performance is good. Best of all, the interior is finished in a cute European style that is popular with girls, so it doesn't look obscene. However, the accommodation fees are not relatively high. Therefore, it can be said that the cost performance is generally high compared to the satisfaction level.

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