Until I met the universe

I want to meet a compatible woman.

I think everyone thinks so.

I talked a little bit during the club's first interview, but in the fall of XNUMX, when I started my first company.

When I first started thinking that I was different from other people.I was trying to ride the IT bubble.

At the beginning of the year, the company started to turn around, and I began to be excited and immersed in the feeling that I was running the economy.

Fukuoka, Osaka, Nagoya, Sapporo, and Tokyo.

I played around the town at various nights and met various women.

He boasts about himself every time, and everyone around him says, "That's amazing!"

Honestly, I played like crazy.

I'm addicted to cabaret clubs and girls' bars, and I can't help but enjoy talking about everything about my life.

I have never nominated the same person.

Seek freshness for the first time and replace.

The customs are the same.

I never named the same person.

replacement replacement.

There was also a triple header in one day (one person from the night before to morning, one person on the lunch date, and one person that night)

But the world was even crazier.

Two years later, in XNUMX, I misunderstood that I was “ridden” by the IT bubble.

Of course, there is no such thing as corporate strength in a newcomer company.

For me at the time, I got an irrecoverable blow KO.
(I couldn't pay the lifeline, so I used a cassette stove and candles at night with the 500 yen refund of Su*ca. On top of that, I was in a rent arrears paradise. Naturally, I was abandoned by my two mistresses.)

However, only personal connections remained.

It was three years ago that I started from scratch and created the current company again.

From then until mid-September of last year.

"So, what's the most important thing to play?"

Mid-October last year.

When I went out to eat with a senior corporate director, I was suddenly told.

"(I)-chan~! If you don't play, you'll die? That's the end of it. No one will come to you."

(Huh? Come to think of it, I'm not playing.)

I didn't have time to play in the first place, and I didn't have the money to afford it.

I thought, ``I don't want to be just an office worker,'' and ``I don't want to lead a boring life.

For starters, I re-registered the dating site I used to do.

However, during the exchange, I asked, "Is this child okay?"

I forgot to say, but I don't want to take you to a love hotel from long ago.

If you're going to bring him in, go to the right place!It's also in decent shape.

With a certain amount of gratitude.

For that reason, I don't forget to take a venereal disease test once a month and maintain my body.

I think women should be able to benefit from that.

You should receive it instead.

If it's cute, all the better.

If you have a good personality, even more so.

More than that, I myself feel that spending a night with a nice woman in a cheap love hotel bed is disrespectful to women.

Also, if you are looking for healing but lack hospitality, please don't stay here.

Because I'm busy, I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks, "I want to make healing time the best moment."

Should be. (not confident)

Seeking a woman for the price.

No matter how good your personality is, if your face isn't good enough, the evaluation of the person walking next to you will drop.

And vice versa.

I spoke with Mr. T, a member of our club staff, at a counseling service the other day.

When I go on a date, I often take her to a delicious restaurant I know.

If the quality of women (overall) is low, other customers will say, "Oh, that girl can come here!"

This kind of thing has been repeated many times in the past, but isn't it one of the reasons why famous restaurants in Tokyo become obsolete and become popular restaurants?
(You can't take a woman to a store that has become a popular store.)

Well, through trial and error, I searched for women and used other dating clubs before joining Universe.

But this is also a mistake.
(I can't say it too loudly, but the service quality is too bad. And they seem to interview women, but the filter is too low.)

and was introduced

Our Universe Club

After all, I am still a newcomer who has only registered for a short time (and I am not old enough to be a daddy, so I wonder if I can get the support of women)

But I want to meet a woman who is really compatible with me.

A long-term compatible woman who has already graduated from a short-term relationship.

As I wrote in my profile, there is a reason for "recruiting up to XNUMX people".

Since I am basically busy with work, I inevitably use this club less frequently.

For that reason, I want to make my days off (I call them escape days) the best days.

If there is only one woman and the schedule does not match, the fun will be halved.

For that reason, I am looking for another person (maybe two people) who can have a long-term relationship.

why are you so busywell asked

I was taught by my seniors that "people don't do good things when they have free time."

I don't have any other reason, and I think that's exactly what it is.
(I really don't do human-like things)

I said, "Is there a woman who would say it's okay to feel like this?"

Staff T-san "I'll look for it!"

This is how the counseling ended the other day.

I have only offered one person so far, but Universe has been entertaining me in many ways.

In the future, I will continue to enhance my "play".

Akishi Ikeda

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