Male member interview "The value of Mr. S's dating club" ④

It's difficult to allocate time, so I use a timer.

If it's really S-sama, even a dating type A woman can meet with peace of mind. A has a lot of innocent children, so on the contrary, he may have a romantic temperament.

Mr. S: You're just saying that, right? A doesn't get an offer, so it's better to choose B.

Absolutely not!I will explain the demand properly, but I will not guide you.

Mr. S: But I forgot if it was B or C, but there was a girl who was told by Universe Club.

Women sometimes say that as an excuse.・It's like a disclaimer.

Mr. S: Is that so?

I get a lot of feedback from men, but it's often the case that women don't know how to refuse.Rather, if the woman is hesitating and it seems impossible to refuse, it is better to start with the type that is less likely to be hesitant.

Mr. S: It's up to the matching, so after that it's a basic bargaining.

In that sense, I am thoroughly entertained.

When I happened to have a business meeting the other day, there was a guy who looked like a couple from Universe, and it was kind of pushy, and I felt like I shouldn't do that (laughs).

In the frame of two hours, if you eat and talk, it will go by in the blink of an eye.

When it comes to love, the more questions you have, the more time it will take.

You are really thinking about many things.It's a technique!

Mr. S: No, it's because I don't have a face (laughs).
If you have a good face, you don't have to do that, right?

home!Girls are not that easy!

Mr. S:Really?If you're someone like Mokomichi, you'll be happy just by eating, and then you'll be cool just by going (laughs).

That's Mr. S's inner feeling, and I think it's OK if it's Mokomichi, but I'm not a gentleman like Mr. S!If you feel like that, you will get lost.

Mr. S: Well, girls cost money, don't they?

If you really need money, that may be the case, but if you are a type C relationship, I will refuse it.

Mr. S:eh! ?really?But that's also possible because women can's difficult.
But men usually succeed, right?

About 6%...or maybe 6%!There are 2 to 3% of people, and there are men who have joined and have no success.

Mr. S: Well, it's someone who has no experience in love.

Well, there are people who are late.But I think Mr. S has a great success rate even in the Universe Club.

Mr. S: Hmmm, what's so funny?

Conversation skills, responsiveness, and after all, it's all about caring for the other person!

Mr. S: It's hard not to be self-satisfied.

There is a possibility that it will become a nuisance, and I just think it's okay to do what you can do behind the scenes, and leave what you can see as normal.

I make judgments on the spot so that there is no misunderstanding, such as the position of the seat.Isn't that normal for a social worker?

Well, there are some girls who say, "I'm the one who's paying, so please satisfy me." In such cases, things may not go well.

"Thank you for today" I shook hands and then

When are transportation expenses and allowances given?

Mr. S: You paid for transportation after the meal, didn't you?

However, I'm sorry, but I didn't put it in an envelope, I just gave it to you.It doesn't have a deep meaning at all, but I've thought about various bags to put it in, and I'm going to give it to you as it is.

I shook hands saying "Thank you for today" and handed over the money as it was at that time.

It might be smarter than that.Even if the girl puts it in the envelope, I tell her to check the contents during the interview.I don't doubt the man, but if it's not in there, it's a problem, so I ask him to say "I'm sorry" and ask him to confirm.
So, it may be good to see or touch it to understand Mr. S's method.


Mr. S:I agree.I try to fold it so that people around me can't see it.During the day, I often do it that way, but at night, I try to hand it over before I get on the taxi.

Of course, I will give you the taxi fare separately.

So, even if I go on a date after dinner, I try to hand it over after everything is over.

Do you ask women about the conditions when dating?

Mr. S: I hear you.
Find out what style you would like to have.Of course, I'll tell you what I want later, and I'm confirming what you want by asking if it's a romantic relationship or if it's a straightforward relationship.

I listen to it and try to decide whether to go out with you.

After all, I would like to date a woman who wants to give more than that, and I don't think I can have a relationship if I give a condition even though I haven't done such an act.

Of course, I don't ask straight, "How much do you want?"The man will ask you what type of relationship you want to have.
In that flow, it's mostly a dirty joke. (smile)

That's why I asked what would be ideal.

Mr. S is good at listening.

Whether the relationship type is C or D, I don't think it's 100%

Mr. S: On the contrary, I don't know what is smooth.
What is the basic flow?How are other men doing?

I often ask, "Do you have time after this?"

Mr. S:I see.If I go on a date after dinner, I will ask, but if it ends with dinner, I won't ask.

During meals, it's not guided questioning, but when I talk about various things, I feel it and think about it.

I don't think it's a good idea to ask a very nervous woman out on a date after dinner, so I try to proceed while observing the atmosphere.

If I ask, if I can go on a date after dinner, I ask, "Are you free after this? What are your thoughts on the conditions?"

Whether the relationship type is C or D, I don't think it's 100%, and I don't think there's a woman who intends to do that from the beginning, so I try to decide whether to proceed after talking to her.

What do you think should be done as a woman?

In my personal opinion, I would be relieved if I could receive transportation expenses first, but it may depend on the man I meet.
I think it's okay to be in a relationship where you can feel safe.


Mr. S:is that so.So basically men give transportation expenses first?

It may be a lot because the club told the male members to give the transportation expenses first.

Mr. S:picture!It's a rule! ?

The rules changed along the way.Some people forgot to give transportation expenses.

Mr. S:picture?So basically men give transportation expenses first?

home.Since the rules changed in the middle of the meal, I think there are some male members who will be handed it after the meal.Absolutely not.

Mr. S: But that might make men wither.
It may be good for women because they won't lose anything, but if they give it to them first, I think there will be more patterns for women to relax and talk.
If you give your travel expenses to the destination, eat in an unmotivated state, and then say, "I'm going home," I think you'll be wasting your date time and money.

However, I haven't told women that they can get it first, so of course I think it's fine as before.

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