"Allowance for face-to-face meeting" problem XNUMX

Currently, in the dad activity (hereinafter referred to as app / dad activity) in the matching app, "Whether or not there is an allowance for face-to-face meetings' has become an issue, and fierce debates are raging day after day between men and women who are matched.

The previous"Part XNUMX""

・ Positioning of face-to-face meetings in apps and dad activities
 (Different from the first date at a dating club/date club)
・As a matter of fact, about XNUMX% of men think that there is no allowance for face-to-face meetings.
・ Awareness of face-to-face meetings on the female side

── and so on.

This time, the other day, it was actually done on the bulletin board of a certain dad live matching app,Big controversy over ``allowances for face-to-face meetings''I want to introduce


“Allowance for face-to-face meetings” triggered the big controversy

The big controversyYume (22 years old, college student)It was inspired by the following post.In addition, it is not a copy and paste, it is arranged a little.

"Hello. I've posted several times, but I can't accept that there is no allowance for the first meeting. From a man's point of view, giving an allowance to a woman who does not like me is a mistake. Sure, there are times when I wonder if my wallet hurts😢 But since I'm meeting you, I'm having a woman spend my time, and besides the time I'm meeting, I have time to move and get ready. If you compare it to a restaurant, the food is served from countless efforts such as material costs, transportation costs, store maintenance costs, etc. Not giving an allowance when meeting for the first time is I think it's the idea that you don't pay for the first time because it's a taste (that is, eating and drinking without money) I think it's a very sad thing to say that there is no allowance for that effort and time. What do you think?"


By the way, Yume doesn't have a photo of her face, so I don't know what she looks like.Judging from her profile and postings on message boards, she's just starting out as a dad, and she seems like a serious woman.

However, this post full of thrusts, then,It went up in flames.



Pros and cons of men and women

In response to this post, one man commented:many critical opinionswas.

"Men are also busy, but they use their time. How do you think about that? Isn't it even?"

"I don't understand the analogy of a restaurant. If I were to force myself to use the same analogy, I'd just see if the food was on the menu. Before deciding whether to eat or not. It's not a free meal."

“It’s a very self-centered way of thinking.

"Basically, it's a stance of meeting and doing it. That's why I can't meet anyone."

"I don't understand the point of not uploading a face photo and paying for a face-to-face meeting."

“In the case of restaurants, the meeting is to choose the restaurant. With so many women, the meeting is to choose a restaurant based on a tabelog or something, and to actually see the restaurant before making a reservation and using it. I'm not in."


On the other hand, from a woman, to herMany voices of support were received.There was a lot of criticism of the above man's opinion, and it became chaotic.

However, some said, "Personally, I don't think it's okay without the allowance because I'm not in a relationship," and "There are fewer women, so I can't help but meet them."


End of discussion and summary

After several days of heated debate, Yume posted the following:

"The article I posted the other day about the allowance for the first time received more than 80 responses. I learned a lot from those who affirmed it and those who denied it 😊 There are as many ways of thinking as there are people. Of course, I learned that how smart I can be as an adult when my ideas don't match is what I will need in my future life. Please 🙌 ✨”


It was a sentence that conveyed her personality, but the controversy was not settled.No consensus was found.

Ladies and gentlemen, what do you think about this "allowance for face-to-face meeting" problem?Well, in dating clubs and date clubs, such cases do not occur, so members may think that it is "small".The allowance for face-to-face meetings in the app Papa Katsu is about 1.5 to XNUMX yen.

Image photo of 1 yen bill

If it's a general feeling, even if it's an app dad activity, if you meet a woman, I think it's natural and smart to give the car fee.

However, in the case of apps and dad activities, unlike dating clubs and date clubs,

・The processing is too bad and it's almost a different person
・ Completely different person from the photo
・ Prostitutes mediated by traders (some are foreigners)

It is a world where such things may come.Of course, there are many decent and ordinary women, but it's understandable that if you're faced with such a lot of things, you won't feel like giving your allowance at a meeting.In addition, as mentioned above, the number of men is overwhelmingly small, and the fact that there is unlimited choice discourages giving allowances.


A man who wants to spend a certain amount of time and effort, and who wants to find a bargain that doesn't have to spend a lot of money, even though he feels bad about it, should use a matching app that uses dads.Certainly, there are many beautiful women and cute women.However, if you don't want to waste your time and effort, and don't want to feel bad about it, we recommend dating clubs and dating clubs.


In dating clubs and dating clubs, there are no women who are different from the photos, and there are absolutely no dealers.So you can comfortably pay for the car even on your first date.Also, although I didn't write about it this time, in many cases you don't have to deal with the "offense and defense over adults" at dating clubs and date clubs.


For those who have no experience with dad activities, or have no experience with dating clubs/date clubs, and who are wondering whether to use an app or a dating club/date club, I would like you to refer to this article.


*IllustrationMr. IrasutoyaThe work ofО-DAN's free material. The photo of the XNUMX yen billIllustrated AC's free material.

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