why i'm a dad

How are all the men who are dads?Do you enjoy spending time with women each week?Do you keep a smile between you and the woman?I make women smile every week.

Really, every week I savor happiness.

The more people who feel the same as me, the happier I feel.

I'm sure that the older you get, the less empathy you feel with those around you.

Maybe age isn't the only issue.

However, as we grow older, it becomes clear that we have less opportunities to meet new people, so the scenery that we can see becomes lower and narrower.

Besides, the stimulus part disappears day by day.

The next step is to take no risks and walk only in safe zones.

Am I out of new adventures?

For that reason, the act of listening to people, including young people, has stopped itself, and sympathy has naturally become weaker.I think.

This is the same for others, and I myself think that it is the same for people of a similar age group.

That's why signing up with a dating club where you can meet young women is so important to me.

I'm the only tool that allows me to have relationships with young women.

Well, then why are you all dads?

I think there are various reasons.

That's probably why many men want to seduce young women.

The real reason why I am now a dad is because of the connection with the young woman I wrote above.

For me, contact with young women is really important.

In short, I think it's much more beneficial than watching newspapers or watching TV at home.

Television and newspapers can certainly convey immeasurable information as media, and most people will grow up knowing that.

However, for me personally, honestly, there is a part of me that is like, "What am I going to do by telling such an old man about economic news?"

If I were a company employee or a generation that is actively working hard, I would have to keep in mind a certain amount of media news, including conversations with people around me.

The reason is that if you have a dinner with people around you, you won't be able to have a conversation, and if you don't know, you will feel embarrassed.

In a sense, it can be said that it is common sense or part of manners for working people to keep things in mind, including news in newspapers.

This is especially true for securities firms and what we now call IT. (I wonder if it's a little harder work)

Even now, I think that many people in occupations where stock prices fluctuate are aware of social trends and media news to some extent.

However, as for me, I am of an age where I can live happily without knowing such things. (I think it's good to have only the minimum knowledge.)

And it's much better for me to have a conversation with a young woman than to learn information while watching TV alone.


For me, this is probably the difference between the internet and the field. (Especially young women tend to pay more attention to details than young men.)

The power of young women is just amazing.

Especially when it comes to our age.

In particular, when it comes to young and energetic women, just by being with them on the spot, you can say that they become lively or energized. should I? (An action that can be done without thinking about troublesome things)

I feel like I get that kind of power from women.

Honestly, even if you only know the situation in the world, you won't get power.

In addition, recently, the media has been filled with negative information about the Japanese economy from the topic of Corona, and I feel that we, the people themselves, have not been able to obtain information that will energize us.

Unlike the old days, TV programs are all about compilation.

So you can't enjoy variety.

Back in our days, it was normal to see naked women.

Now that would be unthinkable.

It's more meaningful to go out and hang out with young women than to watch or learn about programs that can't be positive. (Isn't it even more so in the past when I was busy?)

That's exactly why I'm a dad.

In the old days, it was different.

In the past, I wanted to persuade young women, and I wanted to have sex. (At first, I even registered for a dating club for that purpose.)

If you can easily meet and play with beautiful girls, there is nothing more convenient than that.

I was thinking about it, and I was playing with restrictions to the extent that it didn't affect my private life that much.

Because I didn't like being addicted to it.

However, I learned about the dating club after I was a certain age in the first place, so the period I registered for the dating club was short as it was just for fun.

I wonder what it is, at the dating club, the more you contract with a woman and know the depth, the more you see the woman who works as a daddy and the way you play.

The other woman notices that this is a SEX-only mindset, so the relationship becomes very dry.

However, while walking around various dating clubs, I got to know various women and signed contracts, and my way of thinking changed greatly.

What does it mean to be a dad?I thought about various things, met various women in it, and reached the present.

Helping women's lives as a dad.

This is a feeling that I never thought before.

Now, I try to think about the living environment of contracted women together with them, and if they need help, I try to help as much as I can.

However, if there is no return to some extent, I will get tired of it.

So, I thought, let's get young power and energy from women.

That's what I thought. (At my age, I don't even have that much libido anymore.)

Once I changed my mind, I could feel the joy of becoming a dad from the bottom of my heart.

When I meet a woman for the first time, and when I meet after that, it's not for the purpose of having sex, so I'm not wary of strange things.

That's why the woman I'm talking to talks to me honestly, and I don't think there's a wall between me and the woman that I used to have.

Because it's not just a SEX relationship, you can play with various contents, and the time zone is daytime, so the capacity has expanded.

That's probably why the contract period with each woman got longer.

Of course, in order to regain youth, it would be nice to have a dad whose purpose is sex.

However, the reason why I am now a dad is not.

If you are currently a dad, how about using the dating club from a different perspective?You'll have double the fun.

Needless to say, I have had more opportunities to talk with young women since I started using the dating club, but thanks to that, I have also become able to enjoy listening to young men's stories.

It's proof that the range of enjoyment has increased.

I am forever grateful to the Dating Club.

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