Shingo's Pleasant Process ⑦-Let's teach uncool women why they're uncool and how to release them-

In this series "Pleasure Process", I will write the know-how of sex that increases the satisfaction of the partner.Based on this series,I sincerely hope that the adult life of daddy and daddy girls will be better.

This series is structured so that reading it over and over will help you improve your sex, so please read through the entire series.


Shingo's pleasure process ① People who are good at SEX don't do 〇〇〇〇! ?


Female Orgasm and Male Appearance

 I think everyone is exchanging pillows with various opponents.
 Some people like to be in long-term relationships with a few women, while others want to switch over and only look for "new" women.
 Daddy activities, customs, matching apps, dating cafes... If you have met many women using various meeting places, you should have met many "women who are not cool".

 That woman did orgasm, but yesterday's woman didn't orgasm.
 However, if you look at SNS and other sources, there are opinions from women who are engaged in papa activities and customs, saying, "There is no way to cum with customers (or dads)" in the first place.It is a premise that it is just a part of the opinion written on SNS, but there is a scientific basis for this.


 Women are more likely to orgasm the closer the ovulation day is to the "handsome" man they are partnering with..Probabilistically, the more women who have had sex with men who look the way they like, the less squishy they are.Such "experienced women" are not cool, so it is better to make daily efforts to improve your appearance.


 So to speak"Sex Polishing Starts with Appearance Polishing"It is no exaggeration to say thatWith that in mind, I would like to write an article about improving appearance like the last time.

Learn from the fashion of Yutti who married Gradle
[Tips to make everyone look good]


However, as mentioned above, a man's appearance alone does not determine whether or not he is good.This article is an article that focuses on how to solve it on the assumption that there is a cause on her side.

As for specific solutions, it would be a huge amount to write all of them, so there is only one solution, but please understand.


Women who are not good at sex

Well, there are many problems with women who are not good at sex.
 Among the people I met, there were women who said, "I don't want to orgasm because I don't feel like orgasm. My current uncool body is the best." Most of the comments will be negative.

There are many women who are uncool

 What kind of scene do you remember when you have sex with a "bad woman"?

・I don't feel it at all, the so-called tuna type.

・It looks like it feels good, but it's "the type that just feels good all the time" without any pretense.

・A frigid type that doesn't feel at all even when using relatively "easy-to-live tools" such as "electric massage machines".

・The type that will stop saying "I can't do it" when it seems like it's going to come.


 There should be no doubt that there are various types of uncool women.


 The two most common complaints of uncool women are “I’m not cool in the first place” and “I’ve never had an orgasm”.

 There are many people who have the misconception that "women aren't cool in the first place", but there aren't many "women who have never orgasmed, including having sex with one person".Yet, it is said that one in three people are not good at having sex with someone.

 It is also said that the younger the woman, the less cool she is.


Let's take a quick look at the data on women's "Ikenai".


Let's look at women's "bad problems" in numbers

There are surprisingly few people who have never had an orgasm, including "single sex".

In fact, 95% of people have actually orgasmed.

It can be read that it depends on the number of trials to some extent because it drops to 28% when narrowed down to those under 88 years old.


Next, if you look at the story that "it is not good in the first place", it is as follows.

This one has a precondition of "sex with a partner".

64% of heterosexual women are good at it.In other words, the remaining 36% are uncool, which means that 3 in 1 women are uncool at all.


There is no way to make any woman cum

 For people like me who like to delve deeply into sex with theory and scientific evidence, the translated book "Science of Orgasm" is revered like a bible.The book contains a variety of data and evidence, from brain waves, sensitivities by erogenous zones, brain orgasm to Kimesek, but it shows a sad fact. (Hereafter, free translation)


"Even if you can extract data from various experiments, you can't generalize the method of obtaining orgasm based on it. It doesn't work.Here lies the difficulty of science of orgasm."


 In other words, you can derive trends from the data, but there's no way to make everyone go crazy.


 By the way, one in four women who say they have never had an orgasm have a convulsive reaction, which is said to be a physical feature of orgasm, so there are quite a few women who are unconsciously having an orgasm. It is shown.
 It's a simple calculation, but it's possible that one in four women who weren't made to orgasm were made to orgasm.


XNUMX reasons why it's not cool

 I showed various data, but let's lower the level of one-step thinking from here (generalize) and talk.

 Here are some reasons why women don't like it.

 Of course, it depends on your physical condition and mental state, so it is premised that there will be "waves" in the first place, but if you summarize it roughly, it will be like this.

① I'm scared of cum
② Poor blood flow
(XNUMX) The stimulation of solo sex is strong
④It is a bad body

⑤ I don't know how to live

Let's briefly discuss each.


① I'm scared of cum

 This applies to people who have a fear or shame about cumming and can't concentrate.Orgasm is a "trance state" that requires the entire brain to be activated.

 If you have a fear of orgasm, your brain will not be able to focus on orgasm and you will not be in a trance state.

 Men also close their eyes and concentrate when masturbation is not going well, but women need more concentration.Women also go into a trance for orgasm, so they need to focus and relax.

 Therefore, if there is fear or shame about orgasm, unnecessary anxiety will rise up, and the brain will not go into a trance state as a whole, and you will not be able to orgasm.


② Poor blood flow

 Orgasm and blood flow are closely related.
 If sufficient blood flow is not supplied to the female genitalia, the part that feels pleasure will not "erect", so you will not be able to get pleasure. .

 Also, in order to orgasm, various muscles must move.
 Everyone must have experienced that when exercising on a winter day, the blood circulation in the body is poor and the muscles do not work well because the body is not loosened.
 Similarly, if the blood flow is poor and the blood flow is not sufficient, even if it feels good, the muscles will not grow and it will not work.


(XNUMX) The stimulation of solo sex is strong

 Surprisingly, there are many types of masturbation with strong stimulation such as leg pin masturbation with one person, using electric massage machines on a daily basis, and hitting the water flow of the shower.

 Many people do not like leg pins and masturbation for a long time because they remember how to use their muscles incorrectly.


④It is a bad body

 Structurally, there is a "body that is hard to orgasm", such as when the urethra and vagina are too far apart, it is difficult to orgasm.I can nod to say that such a body is not squid.

 However, some women seem to be able to reach orgasm despite lacking an erogenous zone on their female genitals, so it's not like ``if you have a body that's hard to orgasm, you're definitely not good''.


⑤ I don't know how to live

 There is a high possibility that women who move their hips a lot just before orgasm and run away or have small convulsions fall under this category.

 A general orgasm is an indispensable element of "brain in trance" and "muscle movement", but this applies to women who do not have this "muscle movement" wrong.

 It is necessary to learn how to move this muscle in one-person sex, but you have not mastered this way to orgasm, or you cannot modify how to move your muscles in one-person sex to how to move them in two-person sex. There are also people.


How to release people who are afraid of cum

There are countermeasures for each of the above “reasons why it is not cool”, but this time, I will introduce one of the countermeasures for “(XNUMX) people who are afraid of cum” and conclude.

* Please note that it is not a panacea.


Uncool people often lack confidence in their own bodies.

This is a ritual to build confidence.

*The lines sound fishy, ​​but please arrange them in your own way so that the intention is conveyed.
  The important thing is to communicate in a “serious tone” without being embarrassed.


① Make the room dim.

 Make sure you can barely see each other, not pitch black.

② Stand a woman in front of a mirror and stand behind her.

 It is better to stand without taking off the underwear at first, and then take it off later.

③ Compliment the beautiful parts of the woman's body while hugging from behind.

 Obvious lies have the opposite effect. Compliment whatever comes to mind, such as, "Your breasts are beautiful" or "Your skin is beautiful."

(XNUMX) Find out what parts of your body you don't like.

 "Where do you lack such confidence?"

⑤ As much as possible, reframe the woman's "disliked parts of her body" in a positive way.

Example) "Because I'm fat" → "I think I have a very feminine curved body"

  "Because she doesn't have breasts" → "She's very cute and has a very pretty shape, I like her"

  "Because of her broad shoulders" → "Maybe she thinks so because she has a small face and a delicate body. I didn't notice her."

⑥ Once you've gained confidence in this way, hug and kiss each other in front of the mirror.

 Show them a mirror and say, "I look in the mirror and I'm so excited to see you doing this with a very attractive person."



That's all for now.If you have any questions, please leave a comment.

Also, if you ask questions about this article in the form of RTs with comments on twitter, we may be able to respond in future articles, so please feel free to ask questions via RTs.


"Sex Polishing Starts with Appearance Polishing"It is no exaggeration to say thatRead this if you want to improve your appearance!

Learn from the fashion of Yutti who married Gradle
[Tips to make everyone look good]

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