"Allowance for face-to-face meeting" problem XNUMX

This isn't about dating clubs or dating clubs like the Universe Club, it's about the recently popular "Dad activity matching app” is the story.

Currently, dad activity in the matching app (below,App/Papa ​​activity), there is a heated debate every day about whether or not there is an allowance for meeting.For those of you who are reading this column and are users of dating clubs or dating clubs, or would-be users, I apologize for the shabby story, but let me explain.


Positioning of face-to-face meetings in apps and dad activities

At dating clubs and dating clubs, both men and women are properly screened when joining, and after passing the screening, various rules and manners are explained.And the staff will mediate the meeting, and information such as hopes for each other's relationship will be exchanged in advance.It's a very safe space.


The first date fee is also set from the beginning.If you meet in such a proper environment, when you meet a woman whose face you only know from photos, you will pay for the car (at least XNUMX yen, depending on the rank of the other party) in addition to the actual expenses such as meals. I have no hesitation.The women are carefully selected, and the women who appear are almost never different from their photos or profiles, and if there are any problems, the management side will follow up after them.


HoweverDaddy live matching app encounters are not like this.

It is like a "business negotiation in the international market of a developing country" where men and women of unknown identities gather.There is almost no screening of app registrants, and even identity verification is lax.previous article (Papa-katsu and Valentine's Day)so"Papa life is chaos”, but this is mainly the story of app dad activity.


The stance of the management side of the dad live matching app is "just provide a place to meet”, and after matching, “Please interact with each other as you like” with a face of indifference.Therefore, men and women with different goals and experiences communicate with each other after matching and decide whether to meet or not, when to meet, where and how to meet.


Therefore, unlike the first date in a dating club or dating club, the “face-to-face meeting” in apps and dad activities is different from the first date in the dating club and dating club.Show the actual product, not just the pamphlet”.In other words, the interview element is stronger than the first date at the dating club/dating club.


Relationship between supply and demand balance and face-to-face allowance

For the face-to-face meeting in the app / dad activity,Supply and demand balanceThe problem is added.


This is the same for dating clubs and dating clubs, but papa katsu matching apps are also an overwhelming buyer's market, and the number of sellers (female) far exceeds the number of buyers (male).Combining my feelings and various information, the ratio would be about XNUMX males to XNUMX females.


While the pamphlets were crammed with ``Please buy'' and ``Please buy'' pamphlets, the meeting with the meaning of ``I don't know if the pictures and explanations in the pamphlet are true, so please show me the actual product.'' There is also a case of yen), but it is understandable that people would feel uncomfortable paying the allowance.


Therefore, in the app Papa-katsu "I don't pay for meeting because it's not papa katsuThere are a certain number of men who say "It's not Papa-katsu" is, in the previous example, the reasoning that I was just shown the actual product and there was no contract (dating).


By the way, at first I thought it was natural and gave allowances even at face-to-face meetings, but I repeatedly encountered women whose photos and profiles were completely different, and I received many offers from women saying "I want to meet and meet face-to-face." There were many, and among them, I encountered women who seemed to be aiming to meet many men and earn allowances (because the restraint time was short).It's ridiculous to pay face-to-faceI'm starting to think.


By the way, the first date at a dating club or date club usually starts with a lounge or a meal, but in apps and papa activities, it often takes an hour at a cafe.Some even take 30 minutes at Starbucks.


Consciousness of facial expressions on the female side

Despite this situation,There is considerable opposition from women to the idea of ​​"no allowance for face-to-face meetings."The overwhelming majority of people say, "I'm wasting my time, so there's no way I'm not getting paid."


In fact, I once asked, "Is it okay to have a face-to-face meeting without an allowance?"

When I do that, I get responses such as, "This is the first time I've met someone like that," or "I don't think that's possible."Despite the overwhelming buyer's market, many women seem to think that ``meeting is a father activity, and it is natural to receive an allowance.''


Many women say, "I can't meet at all" or "I haven't met anyone since I registered."


Of course, there are a certain number of women who say, ``It's bad to get paid just for a face-to-face meeting,'' or ``It's a short face-to-face meeting, so you don't have to do it the first time.''Many of the reasons are "because it's an interview for each other" and "because otherwise we won't be able to meet."


In the app/papa activities, first of all, men who try to challenge "meeting without allowance" or "not meet unless otherwise" are at the actual level, but I think about XNUMX% of the total.Like me, there are men who say, ``It's becoming silly to give them halfway through,'' and there are men who want to meet women from the beginning.


At the meeting place of the dad matchmaking app, such a man and a woman who say "I can't do without an allowance" are fighting day and night.


There is a reason why I wrote this article.

The other day,Over the presence or absence of allowances at the time of face-to-face meeting,A big controversy involving men and women was held on the bulletin board of a certain dad activity matching applicationNoda.This is because Yume-san (22 years old), who has been writing on the bulletin board for a long time, "Is there no allowance for face-to-face meetings?"・It was triggered by a post by a university student).Finally, she posted her long-form opinion on the bulletin board and asked for her opinion.


The cause of the great controversyI will introduce her post in the next "Part XNUMX".


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