Dad life begins

■What is Papa-katsu?

A few years ago, when I jumped into a company girls' party, I remember seeing several girls in front of me giggling.

Me: "What happened?"

Female employee: "The room next door looks like a couple who are working as a daddy! (laughs)"

Me: "Huh? What is that?"

Female employee: "Young girls get their meals from their uncles and get paid for their part-time jobs! Didn't you know that?"

Me: "(Perhaps something like compensated dating that was popular in the past???)"

Me: "Hey, there's a part-time job like that. Shall I listen to you? (bitter smile)"


In the next room, I heard a student-like girl and a man in his late XNUMXs talking.However, I also understood the atmosphere that the girl didn't seem to be having fun because it was all about men bragging.

Besides, I also heard the content of the story that it was not a relationship with a friend or a boss or a subordinate at the company, but a comrade who met for the first time, so I wonder if this is what they are paying for? ?It was a strange first impression.


Me: "It's definitely not a conversation between acquaintances."

Female employee: "Isn't that right? I couldn't help but laugh when I heard the content."

Me: "Seriously, why do you have a part-time job like this?"

Female employee: "It seems that people who don't have the opportunity to talk or eat with young girls are paying for it!"

Me: "Is that so? There is such a world. (bitter smile)"


Coincidentally, I have many opportunities to eat and talk with female employees in their 20s like this at work, so I wondered if it was a part-time job like this. I was surprised that (Papa Katsu) exists.


Encounter with Awahime

A few years later.He went out to a soapland in Yoshiwara for the first time in a while.

Even though I should have stopped, I decided to go to the first shop even though I thought that I would be deceived by Panemaji again.

Then! !I was guided to a bubble princess in her twenties who liked the real thing rather than the panemaji.

Ugh! !With that smile on my face, I started coming to see this bubble princess, and before I knew it, four months had passed. (smile)

Once upon a time, from this bubble princess

Awahime: "Does the fact that you come here a lot mean that you're richer than the average person?"

Me: "No way! You may have a little money, but how much do you feel you're getting paid?"

Awahime: "Is it 60? I'd be happy if I could get 20 out of those. (laughs)"


Even though I thought she was quite a straight child,

Me: "Even if you suddenly say that you want 20. Will you do something special?"

Awahime: "Isn't that right? Would you like to try being a daddy? (laughs)"


Oh!I never thought that the story of dad life would come out here ... (sweat)


Me: "How much is the market price for Papa-katsu? If you eat rice together, you pay, right?"

Awahime: "I don't know how long it will take. There are many daddy activities apps, so why don't you look it up? I think the girl will contact you as soon as you register."

Me: "Eh? That's right? Well, I'll look into it... (bitter smile)"


So, it was the first challenge to the dad activity app. (smile)


■ My first dad activity app

After doing some research on the internet, I downloaded the Papa Katsu app.

(I can't remember which app I used...)


Then I get a call from a real girl!

Moreover, if you look at the profile pictures, they are all cute!

And I decided to try to make an appointment with a child like a model.

I exchanged and presented XNUMX yen in relation to adults.

Isn't this the same as dating? ?Is this expensive while thinking?Is it cheap?Without knowing anything, I decided to meet him.


Arrive at JR Gotanda station on time and send an arrival email!

I immediately got a reply that the child had arrived first and stopped by the restroom for a while.

Then wait XNUMX minutes...

The child in the photo on my profile was doubled in size and shortened to about three-fourths of the height.

And in the end, XNUMX yen was taken, and the child went home quickly without any so-called adult relationship.


Impressions of the first dad live app

 The modus operandi is exactly the same as the compensated dating!

 Profile is also a lie! (Although it was written as a non-smoker, I was smoking as hard as I could!)

 Only money is forcibly taken and it ends!


With this, I don't know the market price for dad life!While thinking that, I decided to start over.


■Attack carefully from the Papa Katsu app!

This time I decided to attack girls myself.

If I get a strange impression while exchanging messages, I'll stop quickly, and I'll see if I can find a way to meet only girls who have a good impression.


as a result

・19-year-old vocational school student: Starts with XNUMX yen from meals, unable to pay tuition due to family circumstances

           In the future, there is also an adult relationship with XNUMX yen

・ Housewife in her 20s ... I want a sex friend and want to continue an adult relationship for XNUMX yen

・Nurse in her 20s ... I want a sex friend and want to continue an adult relationship for XNUMX yen

          The amount is a little higher because he is confident in his technique

・ 35-year-old hostesses … XNUMX yen for meals only


I started interacting with

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