Young women and brain activation


Ladies and gentlemen, have you ever thought, "I'm worried about forgetting things lately"?


I've been forgetful for the past few years in the same way, haven't I?I'm curious.

For example, the moment you get in the car to go to the gym, you might think, "Oh! I forgot my key card!!!"

And I noticed it after a few hours at home.

When do you meet people?If you don't write down the schedule, you'll forget it cleanly. (In severe cases, the next day will be remembered.)

Am I Alzheimer's?And the level I don't want to doubt myself.

If I had lived my old age alone without thinking about anything, wouldn't I have become quite senile?I think

At this point, I'm aware that it's a pretty terrible level, so it goes without saying that it would be even worse if I didn't have contact with people.

I often talk about such things when drinking with people of my age.

Then, I wasted sympathy from the people around me with a similar feeling.

However, it was the usual women's circumstances that became a topic there.

Are you still playing?There are always hot topics.

However, what I would like to talk about here this time is a surprisingly serious story.

Doesn't being with young women make you think more?For example, what are you doing?When can we meet next time?Such.

Then, this leads to the activation of the brain and prevents blurring?I thought to myself.

Of course, this is just my opinion and has no scientific basis.

Therefore, no papers have been published in academic societies.

However, when I look around me, men who are clearly fathers look younger than those who are living their old age without doing anything, and they seem to catch up in conversation faster.

Of course, I also have many things to say to me.

"Mr. XNUMX, you're young," or "Do you have such an idea? You turn around so fast."

I remember being told that often when I was young.

However, after I turned 50, I stopped saying that.

Personally, I didn't think much about it until I started letting people run my company.

The act of thinking and acting on your own decreases with age.

I am somewhat aware of that.

When I was young, I couldn't earn money unless I thought about and created something more than other people and produced results.

So, I have a memory that really made full use of my brain.

However, as I get older, I naturally entrust more things to others, and even my body stops moving before my head.

As for my body, I also care about my health, so I go to the training gym 3-4 times a week.

However, the brain cannot be trained unless it is stimulated and thought.

Last week when I was around such a story.

So, everyone agreed that becoming a father to a young woman might have some effect on the rejuvenation of the brain.The part.

Certainly, there are many worries from the first time I use the dating club. (not in a bad way)

For example, is the woman who will be introduced next time beautiful?What kind of personality are you?And so on, the more I think about it, the more I worry about it.

Then what can I do?How to get young women to like you?There is myself who is actually trying to take action.

The brain and the body are connected, so if adrenaline is released, the body will move accordingly.

I usually do things that I don't do to women who work as dads.

What happens as a result?

I'm starting to look for various topics in my daily life.

The reason is to create topics for talking with young women.

We are not young

That's why there is nothing to talk about if you spend it normally in your daily life.

I'm sure if you're an older man, you'll understand.

Conversation with people of the same generation only comes up with topics such as golf and grandchildren.

However, when it comes to people playing with young women, there are many topics that come up on the spot.

For example, this girl has a very good body compatibility, or if you use this place for a date, you will have a good impression. (In the first place, we don't usually talk about sex at our age.)

Later, when the brain is activated, nature and smiles will increase.

At our age, we don't laugh so much in our daily lives.

Rather than that, it would be better to say that the daily loneliness that comes with age comes first.

However, since I became a dad, I have completely said goodbye to my daily life.

Anyway, I started laughing in my daily life.

I think the reason why I can feel myself laughing so hard is because my brain is being stimulated a lot.

At our age, if you live a normal life, you won't have any opportunities to interact with young women.

It seems that Papa Katsu is called Sugar Daddy overseas.

I asked my friends abroad. (He is a Caucasian friend of mine who was a close friend of the same foreign-owned business owner when I was the manager, and he takes care of young women in the same way.)

After all, when I listen to people who are what we call dads in Japan, they are young, from their appearance to their way of thinking.

An image that I enjoy every day.

In the summer, he seems to take young women on cruises on the beach, and have BBQs outside while listening to hip hop music.

Besides, there is no blur at all.

He looks like I'm young.

Somehow, I felt that we were mutually stimulating each other by taking care of the women who were working as dads.

In order to cure the senility, the elderly use the dating club and interact with young women.

I think this is also an ant from a different point of view.

Of course, as it costs money, it may be limited to selected men.

In fact, in the sense that there is a possibility that this kind of blur can be cured, I feel that it is possible to convey an interesting way of media.

Everyone should know.

I've said this many times, but men who are dads are young, from the way they think, to the way they act, to the way they look.

I felt that this causal relationship should be communicated more through the media and investigated.

It has been proven that our brains are more activated when we talk to young people than when we talk to people of our generation.

Otherwise, all men who are dads, myself included, would not be able to stay so young.

Strangely, isn't it much more reliable than believing the information on the net?I think.

If you think your brain is dull lately.

How about becoming a dad once?Really, your brain will be activated as much as you can realize yourself.

And you are likely to be less forgetful.

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