I will tell you the occupation ratio of female members.

Thank you very much for always watching.
This is Toritani from the Universe Club Kyoto branch.

What is the percentage of women by occupation?

One of the most common questions asked by men during interviews is the percentage of women's occupations.
So this time, I would like to explain the percentage of women who register for the club.

1st place college student

Most of them are university students.
Of course, there are many female college students registered at other branches, as well as the locality of Kyoto.
I think it's because there are a lot of people in this age group who are definitely in trouble the most.
Some people live with the heavy burden of scholarships, while others just want to have fun.

However, there are surprisingly many people who like older people and who want to hear stories from men they met through dating clubs.
There are many people like that, and although there are certainly some people who think of him as a mistress, I feel that there are many who think of him only for meals.

And among college students, there are people who firmly think of them as mistresses, so I think it's interesting to find such people.

2nd place nurse

Among many occupations that are considered in a rough framework, I think that the nurse is the most clearly defined occupation.
The reason why this is the most common is that there are many people who do not have encounters.
There are people who are looking for a meeting outside because it is a busy job that competes for the number one and the second among occupations.
At the same time, because it is a medical-related job, the tuition is quite high, so the scholarship is also high, and some people are tired of being pressured just by repaying it.
Those who have both of these feelings are welcome to join.

However, some nurses refuse to go on dates with men who are doctors, so please understand in advance.

3rd place OL

I think that most of the people at Universe Club are office workers.
When it comes to OL, there are really a lot of things.
office workers and sales people
receptionists and secretaries
Accounting and HR back office people
Since there are such things as this, it is difficult to separate them, so this time, I have summarized them in the form of OL.
Since it is not a single occupation, the ranking has been lowered.

Since they are experienced members of society, I have the impression that there are many people who are able to respond and answer well.
Of course, if you are a person who has tasted both sweet and sour, I feel that many people will join after understanding the club called a dating club.
However, since they are amateur women, there are many people who think that from the first time...

4th beauty related

People in the beauty industry are also welcome to join us.
As well as people who work in apparel, manicurists and estheticians are also welcome.
The reason why there are many such people is that many people want to be independent as individuals, so there are people who inevitably increase.
Also, the beauty-related people are very good at listening and talking.
In that sense, I think there are many people who can date the most.
There are many women in our recommended occupations in that sense because we can listen to you and talk firmly even during a meal date.

However, there are people who take pride in their own beauty because they work in the beauty industry, so there is a possibility that consideration for women will be necessary.

5th place related to customs and entertainment

Surprisingly few are related to customs.
I sometimes ask people who say that they work while working as an office worker, but I almost never hear that they are doing this full-time job.
In that sense, there are many people who are quite rare.
There are some people who are doing dating clubs as an extension of their sense of customs and entertainment, so I think there are many people who can be considerate.
However, there are many parts that are taken as work, so depending on the person, there are many things that differ from their tastes.
If there are people who like it, I think it would be a good idea to try it, but there are many people who find it difficult, so be careful.

6th Model/Actress

Needless to say, it's a star job!
To be honest, I think that it will be a small group in the Universe Club.
Of course, there are people who are enrolled, and there are also famous people.
However, the number of people is still smaller than that of clubs that specialize in models and actresses.
However, for those people, you need to have the courage to take the first step because you will be charged a high setting fee.
The people you meet there are people you would never meet in a normal life.
If you have been recommended, I think it's good to think about it.

Extra edition

And as an extra, there are times when people who have quit their jobs and are on leave, part-time workers, and even unemployed people sometimes join.
Many of these people are easy to match their time, so I can recommend it for men who have time constraints.

A Final Word

How about talking about the registration ratio of female members?
I would appreciate it if you could have a little less doubts.

Thank you in advance.


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