Professional student edition: Overnight date

■ Synopsis up to the last time

We had promised to have an adult relationship, so I was waiting for the right time, and the day finally came!

Before going to the hotel, there was an unexpected incident where I suddenly said, ``I want a dress!'' But the price range was low, so I also bought short boots and headed to the hotel!

What a child.It's her first time with someone other than her boyfriend.

But we ended our adult relationship safely, and next time we promised to have a sleepover date.


■To Hakkeijima

I was able to easily arrange an overnight date with a vocational student, and the day arrived.

Coincidentally, this day coincided with the delivery date for my car, so I decided to go straight to the meeting place with her to pick her up after the delivery.


I met up with her at the meeting point and headed to Hakkeijima, my first destination.

We talked about various things along the way, but he said he wasn't really interested in cars.

It seems that the only time I drive is in a relative's aunt's light car.

I was in the passenger seat for the first time on the delivery day, but I was somewhat disappointed. . .

Well, I'm 19 years old, so I can't help it!That's what I thought when I arrived at Hakkeijima!


At Hakkeijima, I had planned a schedule in advance that would focus on dolphins, which my girlfriend loves.

First, let's feed the dolphins and take a commemorative photo!

Waiting for our turn in the slightly cold weather while mixing with couples and families.

As the sun began to set, it was our turn.


I was given a Tupperware and tongs filled with bait, and it was my first time feeding!

It seemed like she was happy too.

As we did so, it became completely dark and we were guided by the staff to take a commemorative photo with the dolphins! (Pasha!)

Coincidentally, both of them were wearing rider jackets, so the photographer's sister complimented them, saying, "The two of you are coordinating perfectly!"

However, what kind of relationship did this older sister think we had?I'm a little concerned. .bitter smile


Me: “The dolphin show is about to start, shall we go?”

Professional student: "It's about that time! Let's go!"


When I entered the venue for the dolphin show and was sitting on a chair waiting for the show to begin, my girlfriend was sitting next to me organizing photos on her iPhone.


Professional student: "I can't organize it any more. I can't even take a video...I'm crying."

Me: "You were sorting out your photos the other day, and it must be tough. Do you have any plans to buy new ones?"

Professional student: "My mother bought this for me. I couldn't buy it myself..."


It's true that iPhones are expensive. .Maybe that can't be helped?

In that case, maybe I should buy an iPhone as a Christmas present?

But before that, I need to take a look!


After the dolphin show was over, she was looking at souvenirs when she noticed a pair of sunglasses.


Professional student: "What do you think about this? Does it suit you?"

eh! ?really! ?

Me: “You look great!!”

Professional student: "Really? I don't usually do that..."

Me: "I see. I was thinking of buying it for you..."


It was really cute and it really suited me!

I thought it would be great if we could go to the beach together next summer.


■Sleepover! !

Check in at a hotel in Yokohama on the way back!

I happened to have a free accommodation coupon for this hotel, so I used it.

There seemed to be few guests, so I was given an upgrade, which turned out to be a very nice room.


Me: “It’s getting late, shall we take a bath now?”

Professional student: "Excuse me! Actually, I'm on my period today!"



Does that mean you can't go on a sleepover date? ?

However, I'm not that cruel, so I decided to give up on any adult relationships tonight. .tears


Professional student: "But we can't take a bath together, but you can join us before we get into the bath!"

Me: “Well, since I’m in first, you can come in later, and I’ll get out first before you get in the bathtub!”

Professional student: "Okay! I'll do that!"


So I took a shower first and was soaking in the bathtub when she came in.

I saw her naked again in bright light, and she was so thin again!

I thought that if there was a little more flesh, the proportions would be better, but I couldn't help but notice the threads on her tampon. .bitter smile


■A little surprise!

Last time, I found out which clothing brand she liked, so I actually did some research after that.

Since it was the change of season, there was a sale on the online shopping site, so I looked at a few clothes and bought them, thinking that this kind of clothes might look good on my child.

And today.Since this was my first sleepover, I had planned to give him the clothes I bought online in a gift box as a thank you.

I used the time when she came out of the bath to finish preparing and waiting for her.


Me: “Actually, I have something I want to give you today.”

Professional student: “What?”

Me: “This! To commemorate our first sleepover!”

Professional student: "Can I open it?"

Me: “Of course!”


She was surprised when she opened the large gift box!


Professional student: "What's wrong with this?"

Me: “The other day, I found out what brand I like, so I picked it up, but is it okay if I try it on?”

Professional student: “Thank you!!”


Fortunately, the size was fine, and she looked really cute in these clothes!


■After the first sleepover date. .

I wasn't able to have an adult relationship, but I was able to give him a surprise, and I had fun at Hakkeijima, so I'll leave it at that for now!


Even though I was immersed in such a sense of satisfaction, I still had no idea what would happen with her in the future. . .



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