Mr. A re-reading Mariko Hayashi's Flower Hunting

1. "Flower Hunting"

Flower Hunting is a lover novel by Mariko Hayashi serialized in Weekly Shincho in 1999.

As of 2018, used books are sold for 1 yen at online bookstores.

The main character is 29-year-old Maiko, a professional mistress who lives in the recession after the collapse of the bubble economy.

The characteristic of this novel is the lack of depiction of the main character's emotions.

Although there is something like the main character's impression about the exchange of money, it is difficult to read the big movement of emotions.

In other words, she behaves theoretically and professionally.

Rather, the subject of emotional movement is mainly the man (the one who surrounds the lover).

Furthermore, the occupation and home environment of the man who surrounds her are described in detail, but there is almost no such information about Maiko.

I think that the mentality of a professional mistress who has a high affinity with her mistress is skillfully depicted.

Mr. A read this book and longed for a mistress life.

However, I was a little worried about what would happen to Maiko when she got older.


The stage is mainly in Tokyo, but as of 2018, there are many existing restaurants, etc., which is interesting.

As far as Mr. A knows, it is as follows.

・Garden Hills
・Imperial Hotel
・ Sabatini?
・white lily?Two leaves?
・Meguro Emperor?
・Hilton Sea Hawk?
・Do Lil Tokyo?
・La boheme (platinum)
・Court d'or?
・Current Roppongi Hills area
・Hotel New Otani
・Park Hyatt Tokyo?
・ Chez Matsuo?

3. Quotations from novels ~ How to treat men

In order to convey the atmosphere of the novel, I will extract a line (verse) that left an impression on me after reading it for the first time in a while.

"Mostly so with men. They interpret women as silent. Of course, it's a good thing. So a beautiful woman should never be talkative."
→ Maybe.

"Maiko doesn't say anything more, because she knows from experience that when a man is in the midst of his emotions, it's best not to argue unnecessarily."
→ Exactly.

“Kamiya was open about Maiko, not because of his inherent sloppiness, but because of the sloppiness typical of rich men with no background.”
→ I think that kind of man is also an ant.I adore

“A man and a woman who go round the golf course together is like telling people that they are lovers. Sports clubs are the same.
→ A golf date is a longing.Please practice.

"Most men are supposed to jump at this smile and the blunt words, 'If there is a connection'. "
→ I don't want to get on that hand.

“The more powerful men love these ignorant and naive questions of women.”
→ I don't have much power, but when I am asked innocent questions, I feel like talking about what I know.

``Maiko belongs to the world of the underworld, so to speak, and her wives go to formal events.
→ A full-time mistress may be like that.However, it seems that there are more side jobs or part-time mistresses in the club.

"--I'm being judged--that's not a bad feeling at all. I was confident that I wouldn't disappoint the man, no matter where I looked."
→ Mr. A also wanted to be born a woman and experience such a first-class mistress.

"Look, I kicked my leg up on purpose in a bad manner. I was wearing a long dress, but I should have been able to see clearly below my knees."
→ I want to try this too. Even if Mr. A does it, it will only be thought that he has developed some strange disease, so he will not do it.

"You see, Kita and Maiko are completely happy. If a man behaves in the usual way, Maiko will be much easier to deal with."
→ Do you mean that it is kinder to be ordinary and not to be strange?

"No matter how much money or power they have, they all speak mundane words and beg for themselves. There are some variations, but they all say the same thing. Go to sleep."

I will stop because there is no end, but I think that it can still be used as a collection of techniques.It's an old book, but it's pretty interesting, so if you're interested, please read it.

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