How to have a long-term relationship with a woman who is a wonderful father Vol.3


It is better not to praise too much more than necessary.

When you become a father and sign a contract with a young woman, just the daily interactions become fun.

I think this joy is a sense of fulfillment that only men who have actually become fathers can experience.

Now, while signing a contract with such a young woman and communicating with her, have you ever felt anxious and wondered, ``How long will I be able to contract with this girl?'' In particular, the more I like it, the more I imagine the end of the future.

Since I have been a father for a long time, I sometimes think of such things as foresight, or in a bad way.

The more you become a young woman, the more you worry about things like, ``Will we get into a fight somewhere?'', ``Will she leave me soon?'', ``Will she soon get tired of being a father?'' "Such.

This may seem obvious, but each woman has different reasons for being a father.

For this reason, some children are only working as dads for a short period of time, while others are doing it for a long period of time.

Some children think of being a father as their main business, while others have other jobs as their main business and have contracted with us men to make effective use of their free time.

When I asked the young women I met, their reasons varied widely.

I don't think I, as a father, can stop a woman from quitting her job as a father.

That's because it's not a man's choice. (Just my own theory)

However, as long as you are under contract, you will be able to get along well with women, and it will be possible for them to think well of you.

Of course, it would be great if this led to a long-term contract with the woman.

However, in my experience, if you get along well with women, it's less likely that it will feel like a short-term contract. (I think this is because there are many benefits for women once they start working as fathers.)

However, it is rare for a contract to be canceled due to a collision with a woman somewhere. (It is unclear whether the woman continues to be a father elsewhere after her contract with me is terminated.)

That's right.

To some extent, isn't it important for women who are working as fathers to feel ``comfortable'' with us as fathers? That's what I think to myself. (Just from looking at the women I've met.)

When it comes to long-term contracts (future) with young women, that's the first step. (Especially if you want to stay with a beautiful woman who is a dad and doesn't have a future in mind.)

Therefore, I would like to introduce ``my own way of dealing with it'' so that women who are working as fathers can honestly feel that ``I can be natural'' and ``I feel comfortable.''

First of all, don't you who are now fathers praise the women you have a contract with too much on a daily basis? Actually, I praised it quite a bit at first.

For some men, the woman they have a contract with is wonderful and they always say, ``She's cute'' and ``She's beautiful.'' (I also have experience)

The act of praising women is not in itself a bad thing.

However, are all of these words true from the men's side? That part is quite important.

Of course, I think there are many men who have a habit of complimenting women on a daily basis.

However, surprisingly many of them say things like ``I have to praise women who are active fathers'' and ``I have to find some way to praise them.'' They feel a little forced, and they are not able to convey their words to women. Isn't there a surprising number of people who do? I guess that's the kind of thing that people who don't praise women every day do when they're dads.

Frankly speaking, it's better to quit.

Most women realize that men are not speaking their true feelings. (Some women may look down on men.)

This is especially true for women who have been fathers for a long time.

I've said it many times before, but praising women is a good thing, and it can also increase their motivation on the spot.

However, through fatherhood, women are in a position of dependence on men.

Even though the man she wants to rely on doesn't even think about it that much, she asks, ``How would you feel if he compliments you forcibly?'' From the woman's point of view, ``Don't you think it's tiring?'' The situation is ``unnatural.'' I think that's what you feel.

In fact, many women who are fathers have beautiful children.

For this reason, there are some things that men tend to forget.

The point is that most women who become fathers are praised by men.


Never forget this.

``Being used to being praised = It's easy to understand whether the other person is sincerely praising you.'' This is the part that is linked.

What would happen if a child who is accustomed to being praised was given a ``lip service'' by a ``man she wants to rely on'' on the spot while working as a father? She may start to feel cold, thinking, ``I didn't want such frivolous words from my father in the first place.''

From my experience, I'll say it again and again.

It is important for women to be able to be ``natural'' and feel ``how comfortable are they?'' while spending time with a man who is now a father. (I think there are many men who want this in their time with the women they have contracts with.)

I believe that the result of this will be to extend and shorten the length of contracts with women. (It's important for her to make this daddy want to rely on her forever.)

Therefore, in my opinion, it is better to refrain from forcing yourself to compliment a woman or telling a woman about things you don't expect.

In fact, since I switched from giving unnecessary compliments to ``expressing my feelings verbally only when I really feel the same way,'' my time with women has become much more natural, and women sometimes feel that when I give them compliments from the bottom of my heart. , I felt that he was much happier than when I was praising him carelessly.

Of course, when I actually asked the women who had contracts with me, they said, ``I'd be happier if he complimented me honestly,'' and ``It would make my time with my dad more private, and I'd be tired.'' No,” he said.

I think each man who is a father has his own way of treating women.

However, if you have recently felt that ``even if you make a contract with a woman, there are barriers,'' or ``the woman is trying so hard to make you feel tired,'' it is because of the man's ``remarks toward women.'' There may be a problem, so please try the method I'm talking about once.

The situation may change unexpectedly.

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