Date Story #6 The 5th person is Niigata

Business trip for the purpose of the first activity

"Niigata Beauty"

 From my experience, there is no doubt that Niigata is the home of beautiful women.I have met many people from Niigata, but the appearance rate of beautiful women is outstandingly high.From that experience, the 5th date was aimed at Niigata.

 Last time, I made a mistake for the first time, but this time I picked myself up and headed for Niigata, the land of Hokuriku.Moreover, this time, I purposely entered Niigata to do activities without work at all.I will keep track of what the results are.

the opponent this time

  • Name: Manakako (pseudonym)
  • Class: Gold
  • Relationship type: C
  • Number of dates: 1st
  • Occupation: Student
  • Age: Early 20s

History of dating

What did you come here (Niigata) for?

 It's all about meeting "Niigata beauties".

 I decided to go to Niigata, imagining that the club would go out of its way to open a branch, so I had high hopes for it.This time, I decided to go on a trip to meet Niigata beauties, even if it was just because I was on a business trip.

how did you find it?

 Like last time in Nagoya, I'm looking for a partner in Niigata, but I still can't find a good person at STANDARD.This time, just for this purpose, I will go all the way from Kanto to see you, so it doesn't mean that anyone can do it.Meanwhile, when I searched for the GOLD class, I found a Niigata beauty who I would like to meet.It was just the same timing as Nagoya, so the decision to upgrade was an instant.

Advance preparation

 Well, even though I made an offer, it was difficult to find a store in Niigata because I had no familiarity with the area.It's even doubtful whether it's open in the time of the corona misfortune.Therefore, I used Platinum Gourmet safely this time.See below for store details.

what was the date

 Niigata seems to be close to Kanto, but it is far away.I realized that even if I took the Shinkansen, it would take an unexpected amount of time.It's two hours from Tokyo, but it's quite difficult to pick up the Shinkansen from around Omiya.

 After all, I arrived at the last minute and had to go to the store before entering the hotel.Manakako entered the store first.She apologizes for making you wait, and the date begins with a conventional greeting. She said, "I didn't call because I entered the store first."That's fine, but it's all like that, and Manakako is a girl who is so cautious that it's hard to believe she's a C type, and she doesn't give out any information about herself.

 When I asked her name, she said, "That's a little..."

 It's true that there are many girls who don't tell their real names, but they clearly have a strong sense of caution.

 And now that I think about it, this was the remote cause of my failure, but the table seats were still far away.And because it was a private room, the silence stands out. . .The distance does not shrink.I tried to get the other person to talk about it, but the other person's response and my reaction weren't good enough, and in the end, the silence flowed in a private room, and it ended up being a boring date.

 For the first hour after the start, I was frustrated by this flow, which continued to fail even though I tried desperately to do my best.At this rate, there is absolutely nowhere to go.Thinking that if I was the other way around, I would definitely change. . .But what should I do?Time passed without finding a definitive solution.

Has it been an hour and a half since the start?The situation remains unchanged.If the seat is a counter, there is something to do, but the table seat is still far away.I've already given up halfway and decided to tell my story out of desperation.It's a self-talk that shouldn't be done as a theory, but I've already run out of things to ask Manakako, and to be honest, I'm not really interested in people, so I decided it was impossible to expand from the other person's story any more.However, I sometimes try to ignore the theory, and Manakako listened to me with interest.I realize that this kind of thing can happen.Our conversation gradually grew.As a result of her synergy, Manakako, who had been very cautious, gradually began to talk about herself.

 One of the stories that came out was that a friend of mine had been addicted to drugs, and that he was being questioned by the police.He listened casually at the time, and this later contributed to his failure.

I can't help it.We have to do our best there.I tried to relieve the tension somehow.

how it felt

 This time also has an atmosphere close to the last time.The other woman is a good girl, but I can't get enough of the conversation.Even if the topic is shaken, it does not become a catch ball, and only the content that does not return the ball or can not be returned again is returned.for example

"Nails are cute"

"I see. Thank you."

 It's like this.Everything is like this, so honestly it's boring.Since I had come all the way to Niigata, I decided to talk about myself in a half-desperate and defiant manner.Then I found her happily listening to me.Sometimes she even asks questions!

 As a theory of dealing with women, it is generally said that it is better not to talk about yourself too much.However, last time and this time, she was trying to listen to a good person, but if that didn't make the conversation lively, I wondered if she could take the initiative to speak up. she felt

By the end of the meal

  It was terrible in the beginning, but I did my best to make up for the loss in the final stage.The place was quite lively and I was able to open up to Manakako with a smile.I felt that her initial sense of caution had definitely faded, and above all, she had come all the way to Niigata.She should be invited no matter what the consequences.

 "Do you have time after this?"

 "Eh. But if it's just a little bit."

 What!Is this possible?A reply to expect.However, there is a gathering of the university, so it is really about 1 hour.In a hurry, she gets into a taxi to move to the hotel, but Manakako's steps are hesitant.Although she had a bad feeling, she managed to get in a taxi and go to the room.

 “First, we should talk about money, right?”

and when asked about the conditions

 "Actually, I didn't feel that way because of my friend's drug addiction. Actually, I received an offer this time, so I met with the feeling that it would be bad to refuse. And I plan to withdraw."

That's what I'm talking about. . .

 What does it mean?It took me a while to understand.Apparently she's the type who's not very good at refusing.Even though she now clearly says NO on this occasion. . .

 When I was told that, my excited mood was suddenly depressed.And the back of her who saw her off at her station became the last thing she saw.

Reflection of this time

  • Ignoring theory is sometimes necessary
  • It's too risky to go out of your way to meet
  • Information that should be known in advance should be conveyed, and information should be obtained.
  • After all, the seat should be at the counter

This store

 The location is excellent, almost in front of Niigata Station.A shabu-shabu and sukiyaki restaurant where you can enjoy delicious local Murakami beef.It's a chain store, but the taste is not bad.There is also a private room where you can relax and enjoy your meal.But I still want a counter seat.Since it is a shabu-shabu restaurant, the hot pot is naturally placed between the two of you, so you feel more distance than a normal table.Unfortunately, this time there was no success regardless of whether it was a table or a counter, but if you were on the borderline between success and failure, you would definitely get along better at the counter seats, so that's the only regret.However, you may not have seen many shabu-shabu restaurants with counter seats. . . .

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