Dating memoir #53 It was the 3rd time @Shinjuku Ikuko that got rid of the moyamoya

 Hello.Paparazzi.Even though I had a lot of fun last time in Yokohama, it's true that we didn't really get to know each other.I will report that I was able to eliminate such a moyamoya.

the opponent this time

Your opponent's SPEC

  • Name: Ikuko (pseudonym)
  • Class: Gold
  • Relationship type: C
  • Occupation: Office worker
  • Age: Early 20s

History of dating

 A few days after the last time in Yokohama, it is true that I was left with a vague feeling that I didn't feel refreshed.It was certainly the most fun second party I've ever had.To be honest, even if my heart is satisfied, my body is not satisfied. . .It's a C type, so of course things don't go well from the day.However, it is bad to have unreasonable expectations and proceed on the premise that it can be done with wishful thinking, but I think it can't be helped.I spent my days in such a gloomy mood, but then I remembered Ikuko, who had been frequently exchanging LINE messages recently.

 I've only met her twice so far, but her LINE exchanges are quite frequent, and there are intense rally exchanges on a daily basis.It was a lot of fun and I was able to heal my tired heart from her work.So I happened to have free time, so I invited him out of nowhere.

 "Ikuko-chan, I'm sorry, but are you free tonight? My plans just happened to change and I think I'll have time, but if it's okay with you, would you like to eat?"

 It depends on the other person, but Ikuko and I have a relationship through LINE exchanges, so it's not rude to ask her out of the blue.On the contrary, she was quite pleased.

 Thank you.

 That's right.I don't think it's going to go well on the day of the day.Just when I thought that, a follow-up LINE came

 "But there probably won't be a second party, so at the latest it will end around 20:XNUMX.

 What!Quite positive, isn't it!And when I check my schedule, the next day is the day I go to Tokyo.I think that it is okay to stay overnight,

 “Where are you having your drinking party? Shall we get a room nearby and wait for you?”

 "The drinking party is probably around Shibuya, but I'd be happy if I could meet you in Shinjuku."

Try to find a room in Shinjuku immediately.Isn't it completely empty then?Book now.

 “Then, aim to meet in Shinjuku around 21:XNUMX. The location is Nishi-Shinjuku.”

 "Okay. I'm looking forward to it."

Like this, today's date was decided within 30 minutes of coming up with it.

what was the date

 I was supposed to finish at 20:21 and meet around 20:21, but I wanted to finish my work in a quiet place, so I moved to Shinjuku early in the evening and started work at a hotel.After working hard for a while, I looked at the clock and it was almost 21:XNUMX.It's time for the drinking party to end.Work is also the last spurt.Then it was XNUMX:XNUMX.LINE hasn't come yet.Gradually get impatient.After all, LINE came around XNUMX:XNUMX.

 "I'm sorry I'm late. I'll be at Shinjuku Station at 22pm."

 That's what I'm talking about.This is just a general trend, and I can't say for sure about other people, but to be honest, women tend to be optimistic about their time estimates, and they're not very reliable.What I'm trying to say is that if a girl doesn't contact you at the appointed time for an appointment, it's best not to be overly happy and sad.It's difficult not to be overjoyed in a relationship between a man and a woman, but it's for your own good not to be overwhelmed with joy and sorrow.

 After 22:XNUMX, much later than planned, Ikuko finally contacted me to say that I had arrived at Shinjuku Station.It's the time when the drowsiness has already passed and sleepiness prevails, but I took the time to get a room and came to Tokyo for the night.It doesn't matter if you don't reach your goal.I was moving only with an indescribable sense of mission.

 We somehow met at Shinjuku Station.Again, I couldn't find the place easily, so I got into the room after 22:3.However, there is a relationship of trust cultivated with LINE.The conversation was so lively that it was hard to believe it was the third time, and it seemed that the drowsiness from earlier had been blown away somewhere.

 We had a lively conversation for about an hour.Wait for the right moment, and if you become silent, just follow the flow.Apparently, Ikuko wanted to see me quite a bit, and I felt that her sensitivity to action had increased compared to the previous two times.It must have been good that there was a moderate amount of alcohol at the drinking party.While watching the night view of the city that she and her are dying over and over again, her Shinjuku date, which suddenly came true, passed.

Reflection of this time

  • Women's schedule is not very reliable.It's a loss to be happy and sad
  • hotel dates are good

This store

 A well-known hotel chain.The disadvantage is that it is a little far from Shinjuku station, but it is quiet at night because it is located in the business district of Nishi-Shinjuku.However, there aren't many shops nearby in the first place, and at night there's really only a convenience store, so it's difficult to find a shop ad-lib around here.

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