Love Vaccine Episode XNUMX Wine date

Mac dated November, who commented on the column.

Now you've met all three women in the comments section.

Everyone is a person as it is in the text of the comment, and there is no sense of incongruity at all.

In terms of appearance, this one is really honest and flattering, but all three are beautiful.

It was unexpected.

Perhaps, the interaction in the comment section has created a sense of intimacy, and it may have become a favorite.

But that doesn't matter.

Only the scenery I see from myself is the truth for me.

If there was a "medicine that makes women look beautiful," Mack would probably take it every day along with Zardia (an erectile drug).

Well, here is the actual record of the date.

Mac looked for November at the Shinkansen exit.

I know her face because I've seen her in albums.

I spotted a slender Western-looking woman standing a short distance away.

Must be November.

There are still about XNUMX minutes until the meeting time, so I guess I'm waiting without calling.

Call from Mac.

November tries to smile, but he can't hide his uneasiness.

You must be very nervous.

You have to relax first.

While walking towards Wynn-san's car, who is waiting outside, we liven up the conversation brightly.

From there, the previous column"Chapter XNUMX, Delusion"This is the scenario as written.

We moved to the park on the Magic Mirror (Modoki), sat side by side on the sofa in the luggage room, and listened to Mr. November's life experiences so far, and responded with "I see" and "That must have been difficult."

It's raining lightly and there aren't many people.

What I didn't expect was that it was getting dark and I couldn't see clearly the wine, cheese, and badger stew I had prepared.

“It looks like a dark pot,” says November.

We talked for about an hour and a half.

Unlike a restaurant, there is no one around, so you can talk as much as you want.

You can listen to Jasmine's canary voice saved on your smartphone, or pull her shoulders and gently caress her over her clothes.

Once you've calmed down enough, transfer to your hotel.

And before that, with the momentum of a casual conversation, I decided to look into the Happening Bar.

The story will be long, so I will write it briefly, but I inserted it into November for the first time at Hapbar.

Her school uniform was a blazer, and she had never worn a sailor suit, so I forced her to wear it, and attached restraints to her.

With the restraints attached, if the man slips between the restraints and the woman and inserts it, the woman's wrists are tied behind the man's back and she can't escape.

It becomes the appearance of being forced to hug.

Furthermore, when the legs are spread apart, the bar that connects the ankles pushes the man's buttocks, so every time the woman leans back or tries to move her legs, the penis is pushed deep into the vagina.

Ms. November is the type of person who feels comfortable and falls down, so she is suitable for restraint etch.

I also strangled my neck.

Come to think of it, I haven't heard your impressions of strangling... how was it?

The head is mirrored.

The mirror image reflected there was beautiful, so I took a commemorative photo with my smartphone.

When I took a break, I sent the photo to Notre Dame, Jasmine, and Lemon all at once with November's permission.

I had already announced that I was going on a date tonight, so everyone immediately read it.

As is expected.

From Notre Dame came a stamp of encouragement saying "do your best".

Thank you brother.

Now, move from Hapbar to Loveho.

Finally, the theme of this time is the wine bath.

By the day before, two other girls tried it out and figured out how to enjoy Mack's style.

point XNUMX
Sweet red wine is good.

If it's dry, you'll want to eat meat when you lick it.

Well, you might like this one.

Also, when you think of a wine bath, you probably think of pouring wine into hot water, but in fact, Mr. Mac tried it, but this is just a medicated bath.

Sounds good for your health, but not for that purpose.

After trying various things, I settled on standing up in a bathtub filled with hot water, pouring wine on each other from the chest down, and then licking each other.

At this time, if the wine is cold, the stimulation is too strong.

So when you fill the bathtub with hot water, it's a good idea to submerge the whole bottle of wine.
This is point XNUMX.

By the way, I tried to put a girl in a piledriver and pour wine into her vagina, but I can't recommend it because alcohol is absorbed through the mucous membranes and makes her drunk faster.

Wine poured into the vagina does not come out easily even if you suck it, so there is also the worry that it will come out later and stain the sheets.

Also have some cream cheese ready.

However, since it is a solid substance, it should not be used in large amounts and clog the drainpipe, so use only a small amount.

Apply this to each other's nipples and genitals.

Then, they pour red wine again and lick each other.

The taste of female genitalia goes well with cheese.

Originally, it has a similar taste.

It is exquisite when the flavor of red wine is added here.

It's kind of like a cooking recipe.

It may be possible to divide the autumn wine party into a first party and a second party, and make the second party a "back wine party".

Until then, let's explore other recipes.

Well, November-san, after that it's normal sex.

Even though it's normal, the collar, handcuffs and eye mask brought by Mac are firmly attached.

After plowing and seeding (ejaculation), it's late at night, so take a rest.

Then, November-san snuggles up to Mac-san.

Rub your cheeks together and keep your body in close contact.

A calm and contented look.

It's a person who wants to be in close contact with me after it's over.

Following Canary Jasmine and Peek Lemon, November was Snuggle November.

It's over.

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