Love Vaccine Episode XNUMX Delusion

Mac has a date with November in a few days.

Brunette long hair.

gray eyes.

She's half beautiful.

It is said that "boys of the same generation did not even look at me", but I think that is also true.

Faced with such mysterious eyes, an ordinary young man would lose his voice.

However, contrary to their appearance, half-women have a more Japanese heart than pure Japanese.

Sensitive and shy, but wants to get along and play with girls of the same generation.

I want to kyapikyapi normally.

That's why I crave a man who can satisfy my loneliness and treat me as a "normal Japanese woman".

It's Mac's delusion.

The reason why I'm delusional is that it's a simulation in preparation for a date.

Both with Jasmine and with Lemon, Mac had fantasies.

If I was younger, I think I would have gotten rid of two or three of those delusions as a side dish, but as expected, I'm old.

I don't have that much energy, but I do my homework.

If you compare it in business, it is the construction of a strategy or scheme.

First, let's meet November at the Shinkansen exit.

Mr. Wynn, my friend, will give me a car, so I will ask him to wait and Mr. Mac will go by himself.

Unlike Jasmine and Lemon, there is a reason for Mac to go alone.

A shy half woman is always nervous, worried about whether she will be accepted by her partner.

I am not sure.

So, if Mr. Mac goes alone and shows a smile the moment we meet, he should be relieved.

Three seconds of eye contact will get you through.

It's not difficult.

When the other person looks at you, smile without looking away, that's all.

Mac is confident in his eye contact.

Although he is by no means handsome, he takes pride in his features that make it easy to be trusted.

I repeat, it's by no means masculine.

November, please don't get your hopes up.

I think that it is far from the image of "column writer Mac".

Moe in the gap (sweat).

Next, let Mr. Wynn ride in his car.

It is the back seat where I sat with Jasmine.

I asked Jasmine to help me set the Guinness record for the shortest time from first meeting to insertion, but with November, I think I'll start by putting my arm around his shoulder and getting physical contact.

There is a reason for this.

A woman like Jasmine who has been harassed since she was young is easy to catch fire.

I feel like November is the type of person who can't really relax unless he takes his time.

Hard to catch fire.

By the way, when I was with Lemon-san, I felt that she loved to have fun, so I took Real Jasmine-san with me because she wanted to be funny.

I'm thinking about a lot of things in Mr. Mac's way.

Well, after that, as a delusion at the moment, I'm thinking of breaking up with Mr. Wynn and switching to the Magic Mirror (modoki).

However, like Lemon, the purpose is not to play in the downtown area.

I'm thinking of parking it in a quiet park and cuddling up on the sofa in the luggage compartment to talk, just like lovers get along on a bench.

He talked about various things, from memories of his school days when he had a complex about his half-body appearance, to the story of him who taught me how to climax for the first time. Good luck, I hit the mallet.

If you continue this for about an hour while stroking your long hair, your heart will get closer.

November is relieved to feel "accepted".

It becomes easier to catch fire.

When you're eating at a restaurant, you can only talk about innocuous topics, and you can't get close to each other due to the physical distance.

You might get nervous.

I just thought of it while writing, but it would be nice to have some wine and cheese in the luggage compartment.

yeah, let's do that

I'm in the mood for a picnic.

On a different note, badger meat arrived yesterday.

Mr. Mac read an article that badger meat is delicious, and clicked on the impulse purchase saying that he had not eaten this yet.

I didn't check carefully before buying, so I received a frozen product with limbs attached.

It is being thawed and dismantled at a nearby restaurant.

Get this cooked and all you need is baguette and cheese for a gourmet and delightful dinner.

Since Mac drives the Magic Mirror (modoki), he can't drink wine, but he hears that red wine has the effect of motivating women.

Let's age November like wine and cheese.

If it's done well, there should be some sign that the woman will hug you from herself.

This aging can be done in the magic mirror (modoki).

While looking at the scenery of the park outside, but no one's eyes care.

After that, go back to the parking lot, get out of the car, and walk to the love hotel in the neighborhood.

It's not a distance to pick up a taxi.

It takes about 10 minutes on foot.

It's nice to hold hands and feel like a lover.

Holding hands and walking to a love hotel is like a high school couple.

Looks fun♪

Both of them are single and have nothing to hold back.

The play after entering the hotel is undecided.

This is also a delusion, but I feel that the longer the teasing until then, the more intense the sex will be.

Just take a collar and a rope with you.

I've never done it before, but would it be fun to pour red wine into the bathtub and take a wine bath?

By the way, Joe has uploaded a new article, but the comment section is closed.


My comment section is open, so I'm waiting for you.

It's like South Korea's social etiquette before the G20, but this is the real intention.

Please leave some footprints.

It's not like I'm trying to involve Joe in an orgy party (sweat).

Please let me continue to have a good relationship with you as fellow column writers who don't know each other's real faces.

Nice to meet you m(_ _)m

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