Ask a current hostess "How to win over a hostess"

Lately, I've been getting a lot of messages from men through Twitter DMs asking about their concerns, but sometimes I get messages from men mixed in with women asking for love advice.

"Hello. There's a girl I'm nominating at the cabaret club I go to. How can I get her to fall in love with me?"

In this way, we often receive concerns from men who go to cabaret clubs.If you actually look it up on the internet, you may come across an article written by a man called ``How to Become a Hostess.'' ...But most of them aren't real.

“I want special treatment.”

“I want to meet you in private.”

“I want a relationship that goes beyond money.”

If you're a man who often goes to cabaret clubs, I'm sure you've thought about this at least once.This time, we asked a current hostess to explain ``how to get rid of a hostess'' for men who have such concerns.


An effective approach for men who are neither rich nor handsome to woo hostesses.

When we posed the question to active hostesses, ``What kind of customers would you like to woo?'', we received predictable answers such as ``good-looking men'' and ``rich people.''

For all the depressed men who think, ``I'm not rich or good-looking...'', don't give up just yet.All you have to do is make the other person fall in love with you even if you don't agree.We will introduce a shortcut method.

Don't go to the store alone

Hostesses are constantly being wooed by customers.Therefore, when she sees a single customer who comes by appointment, she thinks, ``I think he'll try to woo her someday'' or ``If that happens, it'll be troublesome.''

For a hostess, wooing a designated customer is a difficult task.Most cabaret girls think that it would be troublesome if they turned down their girlfriends and won't let them come to the store, and that it would become a hassle later on to try to seduce them by having sex with them.However, when it comes to customers who come to the store with her girlfriend's friends or multiple people, it becomes easier to let go of her guardedness.

Get to know your true self

Hostesses generally don't trust their customers.Because she has seen many lying customers in her life.She is a married man who pretends to be rich or single to woo her...etc.

However, going to the store with friends gives you a chance to be yourself.You won't be able to tell a bad lie in front of your friends.Therefore, in terms of ``getting to know your true self'', the cost is quite high compared to other customers.

By getting to know your true self, it will be easier to build a relationship of trust with the hostess, which will lead to a romantic relationship.


What are some NG things you should not do when trying to woo a hostess?

Next, I would like to introduce some NG actions that you should avoid.

Look down at the hostess

This is something that all women, not just hostesses, should not do. Questions that invade the hostess's private life, such as "Why are you doing this job?" are also prohibited.Other than that, it's also not okay to talk dirty to someone even if they haven't turned on you, or to engage in sexual harassment.They do this because they look down on the other person.Also, statements such as "Aren't you going to get married?" and maternity harassment are considered rude.

Keep contacting me even though I don't go to the store

Needless to say, that would be a no-no.If you contact us without meaning to come to the store, you will be blacklisted at that point.Cabaret girls usually sleep during the day, or some of them work during the day.The basic rule is not to contact the other person at a time that would be a nuisance to them.I only contact you when I go to the store.There is no need to do anything else other than replying when the hostess contacts you.


What are some actions that don't make much sense even if you approach them?

Go to the store during the event

Birthdays, Christmas, Valentine's Day... Cabaret clubs have event days like these, and hostesses are subject to quotas for nominations and quotas for companions.We are very grateful for the customers who come to our store at such times, but we need to be careful because good customers are nothing more or less than that.However, it is a pleasure for the hostess to celebrate her birthday.Even if it's not on the day of the event, it would be best to go and celebrate on a day close to the event.

Repeat carrot and stick

I saw this on X (formerly Twitter)'s ``How to get rid of a hostess'', and there is a technique where you start by insulting the hostess at the bar, and then go back to the hostess at a later date and use the carrot and the stick.From the hostess's point of view, this will only make you look like a disgusting customer, so you should definitely avoid doing this.The poster confidently wrote that you can go to a hotel using this method, but first of all, you won't go to a hotel with a customer you don't like, and it's unlikely that someone's rating will go up once it goes down.Please avoid using this painful method.


Unless you are a popular hostess, there is a chance that anyone can get it.

I have introduced how to woo a hostess.To be honest, I think it would be difficult to defeat the number one hostess or the most popular hostess.No matter how much you think about how to woo Takamine no Hana, it's a waste of time.In that case, it would be wiser to aim for a hostess who is sure to win you over.

And if you're going to woo someone, the first thing you need to do is make them trust you.This is the most important thing in love.The key is to watch your opponent's timing and defeat them.If you are thinking of wooing a hostess, please use this as a reference.

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