How to get along with half-father women Vol.1


Recent my boom

Lately, I've been having a personal boom in my life as a father.

That means signing contracts with half and quarter women.

I think there are probably many men of our generation who even have a little admiration for her.

In any case, she has sex appeal that pure Japanese people don't have, she's tall, and her hair is a brand-name hair color.

For us pure Japanese people, it looks very attractive.

The same goes for style.

It feels like I'm bouncing, it's coming out where I want it to come out, and it's tightening up where I want it to be.

Lately, I think there has been an increase in foreigners' styles, even among Japanese people, but there's something a little different about it.

In our time, the very ability to go abroad was valuable.

Nowadays, it is common to travel between Japan and overseas, and I think it is common to travel with women who are working as fathers.

However, here in Japan, we never meet women who look like movie actresses who just came off TV.

However, recently, I've been hearing this in dating clubs and other places, such as returnee children who grew up overseas, or people who are originally American but came to Japan due to their parents' job transfer, and although their Japanese is not that good, they can speak it normally. And it's common for women to be active as dads.

Honestly, I'm not proud of it, but I can speak a little English, so I never imagined that at this age I would be looking for something like that in my father's life.

A woman I've recently befriended looks very American.

However, just by looking at her appearance, she can speak Japanese normally.

So why am I so into meeting half and quarter people these days?

First of all, the communication skills of pure Japanese women and women living in Japan who have foreign blood in them are completely different.

Somehow, it's not like the other person is trying to amuse us, but they are cheerful and amuse us. (It's natural anyway)

For example, let's use conversation.

In particular, I experienced this with a woman who is half Japanese and has American blood in her blood.

When talking to me, there are always pauses, such as when we are looking at the menu while eating.

Is it better to call it a silent time when there is no conversation?However, in the case of a half-Japanese child, he always talks to me about trivial things, and when I say something, he responds in a big way with hand gestures.

That's why the place becomes so bright.

An on-the-spot reaction that may have been an exaggeration.

However, from my point of view as someone who is actually involved, I am very happy.

No matter what kind of food you feed them, they are more than happy to eat, and what's more, they are adorable.

Also, his communication skills are outstanding.

Suppose I contact the other party.

Then, most of the time, I write it down on LINE etc., and then I call and say, "Kombanwa!!!"

What can I say?

I guess he's paying attention somewhere.

That's why the woman I'm talking to always starts out stiffly, saying, ``Okay, how are you doing?''

However, half and quarter children are a little different from Japanese.

When I called him, he said something like, "What were you doing? Let's meet up now," without any formality.

Is it okay to say that the mood is good?

When I called him, he was so open on the spot that he said, ``Let's meet right away.''

I've been a father for many years now, but to be honest, there are very few women who have communicated with me in this way.

Of those few women, most of them had the experience of studying abroad or had some knowledge of countries other than Japan.

After all, does spending time abroad when you are young improve your communication skills?

Maybe, just hearing this story, you might think that shy men are not good at it.

``Is it noisy?'' or ``Too much brightness is also a problem.''

This may differ from person to person, but it feels good to me.

Also, the story is very interesting.

Anyway, I have the image of being attentive to the things around me, so there are plenty of topics to talk about each time. (This is just my prediction, but if you're not attentive, you won't be able to stay cheerful all the time.)

And above all, "YES" and "NO" are clear.

This is something I think most Japanese people should emulate.

In any case, since we have clear "likes and dislikes" and "yes and no", there is no strange atmosphere after some consultation or serious conversation, and there is basically no feeling of being upset.

Therefore, there is no need to delay until the next time we meet.

It always ends with "on-the-spot conversation," which makes me feel good.

For example, when making a contract, let's say you ask the other party what they want.

And let's say this doesn't match that.

Then, it was clear to me, ``Okay, let's cancel the contract.''

That's why it's easy for men to make decisions.

Besides, there is basically no desire to do this or that after we both have made a decision.

Of course, there are many Japanese women who have never said such a thing, but there are many cases where they will negotiate for an increase in their basic allowance.

However, half and quarter women are very loyal when it comes to basic contracts.

Maybe it's a cultural difference.

There is no rock-paper-scissors later.

However, on the other hand, they don't do anything beyond the contract, so some people may think that Japanese women are good because they allow you to play rock-paper-scissors later.

I'm also someone who believes that we should be faithful to the contract, so I don't ask for anything more from the other party than what is stated in the contract, and I don't want the other party to ask for anything more from me.

Also, I like the fact that he always hugs and kisses me when I leave, which has become a natural part of my routine.

It's amazing that you can do that naturally.

In particular, all men who have become fathers should be happy.

As far as I've seen, there aren't many half and quarter people registered in dating clubs yet.

If you ever get a chance, please communicate with us and sign a contract.

It's really fun.

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