An annual income of XNUMX million Arafo office workers How non-popular men survive dating clubs

My activities at the Universe Club have settled down to some extent, so based on my own experience so far,

・ Annual income of XNUMX million
・ Around XNUMX generation
I would like to make a column about how to enjoy the dating club for.

Is it difficult to join a dating club with an annual income of XNUMX million?

No, there are so many ways to have fun!

From the middle of the story, there are some good stories, but I hope you can forgive me there.

If you are not yet a member, I would appreciate it if you could join the Universe Club after reading this column.

If you are an existing member, I would appreciate it if you could refer to some future activities.

■ My specs

First of all, before entering the column, I will introduce my specs.

○Late XNUMXs
○ Tall
△ Married
✕ Non-handsome
✕ unpopular
✕Thin hair
✕Hairy body
✕ Annual income is XNUMX million

[Registration motive]
・Sudden shortage of sex friends
・ Interest in the dating club itself

It is like this.

yes.I am proud to write in question boxes and columns,

"Super-do-bottom member"
What is it?

Not a manager, but a hard worker at the very bottom.I would like to thank you for allowing me to write this column in the first place.

Well, first of all, I will briefly introduce the registration procedure for those who have not yet joined.

■ Enrollment costs and procedures

For details on admission fees, etc., please see "System and Fees" on the Universe Club website.

Enrollment fees are set for four classes from standard to black.
After joining, it is a mechanism that you can offer to women below your own joining class.

However, even if you join as standard, you can see all female members from standard to black on the member website.
And if you pay the difference in the enrollment fee, you can always upgrade to the class (from standard to platinum) on the way.

You're doing well (laughs).

It's a good idea to join from standard as a trial and consider upgrading after seeing a woman, but I think it's safe to join from platinum at first.

Once you've calmed down, you'll naturally begin to wonder if it's okay to be a Gold member.

First of all, apply for joining the club by e-mail and proceed to the interview.
This is a very tense scene.

However, the staff at Universe Club are kind, courteous, and gentle, so you can feel at ease right away.

We will check your ID at the interview, decide on a club name, and give you simple profile information.
And you will receive an explanation of precautions after joining.

You can check this note in "Important notes and requests" on the member's website that you can log in after joining, but it is better to keep it in mind.

Especially on a date just after joining, it is safe to reconfirm the precautions in advance before going on a date.

■ Flow after admission

If you pass the interview, you will be able to log in to the member website.
Let's enter the member page immediately and see the member women.

For women who are interested, check "Favorites" for the time being.
If you do not make it possible to reconfirm, it will be difficult to find it later.
So many female members are registered.

And first of all, let's apply for the first offer.
The setting fee varies depending on the women's class.In addition, there are several payment methods such as bank remittance each time and point payment after purchasing points in advance.
You can choose any method that is convenient for you.

So far, I have explained the simple admission process.

And that's the point of this column.

■Is an annual income of XNUMX million yen okay?

To conclude,
"Barely OK"

However, I think that some initial cost is necessary.

The reason is that "I will offer a lot after joining" ^^;
Is it an initial impulse?

For example, let's say you offered XNUMX platinum women.
The following costs will be charged per person.

Setting fee XNUMX
Transportation expenses XNUMX to XNUMX
Meal fee XNUMX~
If you proceed to an adult relationship from the first day, plus an allowance of about XNUMX to XNUMX yen and a hotel fee will be charged separately.

If you are a platinum woman and the allowance is XNUMX, it will cost at least XNUMX per offer.
If this is XNUMX people, that alone is XNUMX million.

For the second and subsequent dates, there is no setting fee, but the date fee (meal and hotel) and allowance will be incurred.

For example, XNUMX out of XNUMX people will continue with an allowance of XNUMX.And let's say that six months have passed since you dated two people twice a month.
Even just that alone is a cheap estimate of XNUMX million or more.
It's a calculation that takes a total of about XNUMX million in half a year.

I joined, but the money doesn't last.
Then, since there is no original or child, we recommend that those with an annual income of XNUMX million should first join with a certain amount of spare funds.

From here, I will explain the specific methods, but first, I will explain the
"Female members who don't want expensive benefits"
is not the way to go.

If you are lucky enough to meet a compatible woman like that, it would be great, but at first, I think that you will definitely pay attention to popular women.

First of all,
"Popular female members who are looking for a reasonable allowance"
And I will explain how a non-popular man with an annual income of XNUMX million can continue to be in a relationship for a long time.

However, if you can practice this, you should be able to apply it to any woman and be able to have a long-term relationship.

■ What is the way to survive in a dating club with an annual income of XNUMX million?

From here on, my subjectivity is strong, so I think there are differences of opinion.

Of course, women have veto rights in dating clubs, but basically the stance is that male members choose female members.

But what if you make $XNUMX a year?
To conclude,
If you don't work hard to be chosen by women, you won't be able to continue your activities with satisfaction (crying).

If you have money, you can do activities freely with financial strength to some extent.However, I am limited in what I can afford. Even if you fight in the field of "financial strength", you are no match for other male members.

In the end, it will end in sorrow after being treated roughly by women (laughs)

Now, I will introduce where I am aiming and what I am paying attention to.

■What position do I aim for?

It's sad,

"Not the main → the sub of the sub"
"It's not financial power → good cost performance"

I'm sorry for talking without a dream (laughs)

However, I think that the best thing is to be very successful, whether it is work or anything.
However, I think that it has the same meaning as deciding the "target goal".

・I don't do anything strange
・I will try to respond with good manners.
・It doesn't matter if my priority is low
・The schedule is basically for women

Based on this mindset,

“I can’t expect allowances or presents from this person, but you don’t have to worry about it and they will accommodate your convenience, so I guess the cost performance isn’t bad.”

I'm seriously going to aim here.

If you make a mistake and compete with "financial strength", you will be devastated in various ways.Unreasonableness always comes.
On the other hand, if you don't have "financial power", you won't be able to pass your own desires.
However, I think there is something interesting about it.

Next, I would like to introduce what I learned at the Universe Club and the way of thinking that I cherish.

■ Basic approach to being chosen by women

So what should I do to get women to choose me as a "non-popular" person?

"Showing something superior to others"
For example, the story is interesting, the sex is good, etc...

I think this is one way.

But more than that
"Thoroughly eliminate negative points"

In the dating club, I feel that this way of thinking is overwhelmingly more important.

・ The story is not that interesting, but it is easy to talk
・I'm not good at sex, but I don't do bad things
・I'm not handsome, but I have a sense of cleanliness

Is it like this?

In addition, Mr. Goro Tameike, an AV director, says, "Mote can be divided into five stages."

・not hated
・is liked
・I am popular
・I'm in love

is the five stages.

And it seems that you need to think about what stage you are in.

It is impossible to be “loved” at the first meeting, so the first thing to aim for is
"Not hated"

From the beginning, you try to be liked and popular, so you fail.
First of all, you should aim for "not hated".

The first step for unpopular men to become popular.
Actually, it is not "effort to be popular",

"Efforts not to be disliked"

In order not to be disliked, it is necessary to do basic things such as "do not be filthy", "do not brag", and "greet properly".
If you can do that, at least you won't be hated.

That's what I'm aiming for first.

Excuse me for quoting from the AV industry.

So what exactly do you need to do to eliminate the negative points so that you won't be disliked?

■ Appearance to eliminate negative points


It would be better to wear clean, safe and simple clothes, and clothes that match the TPO.
I think it's better to look fashionable, but in order to look fashionable, the following "body shape" will inevitably affect.


After joining the club, I have more opportunities to see myself naked, so I naturally became concerned about my body shape.
Arafo is the age when fat gradually accumulates around the abdomen.I was the same.

So, I started weight training in parallel with my diet.

As a trick for me, don't try too hard on diet restrictions and muscle training.
It's more important to continue without being able to do it.XNUMX sit-ups every day.This alone is effective.When you feel the effect, you will be able to work harder.

I've only lost a few kilos from my max weight, but I can see a little abs.

The important thing is to build strength, improve your basal metabolism, and make your appearance refreshing.

Please note that this is not about "lose weight".If you focus on weight loss, you will lose your muscles.

XNUMX.body odor and skin care

I will refrain from details here because there are individual differences.

I have a middle-aged oily odor that comes before the aging odor, which mainly smells at the top of the head.and acne-prone skin on the face.blemishes on the face.dryness of the body;I was worried about

As a result of researching various methods, consulting with a dermatologist, and trying various cosmetics, I found effective shampoos, acne preventives, blemish remover creams, body creams, etc., and now I have succeeded in suppressing acne to some extent. doing.

If you keep doing trial and error, it will work out to some extent.If you have any questions about what they are using, please let us know in the comments section. care

"My teeth are dirty" "I'm worried about bad breath"
This is a big minus point.

It's no exaggeration to say that it depends on your "teeth" whether you can proceed to adult dating or whether you can get a kiss.

Correcting the alignment of your teeth is a big deal, but if you want to be more popular, you should fix it.

Teeth pigmentation is whitened with whitening.There are two methods: in-office whitening and home whitening.
Each has its own characteristics, so please check them out.
By the way, I go to the dentist for "office whitening".

Bad breath is a difficult part for me to understand.
Now there is also a bad breath outpatient, so it would be best to consult.
I avoid specific product names, but I improved a lot with a fairly expensive toothpaste.

XNUMX.waste hair removal

I once had an experience of being warned by a woman, so I started removing unwanted hair.Now I'm so embarrassed that I can't get naked if I don't deal with it (laughs)
Pubic hair is minimal.For men who want to attack their nipples, it is safer to treat the nipples as well.

For details, please refer to the past column "Waste hair removal started".

XNUMX.Measures against thinning hair

This is hereditary, so there's nothing you can do about it, but a former bald person strongly recommended it, saying, "If you're in the current state of Flagmaker, if you take it now, it won't be too late!" I'm starting to drink

My family would be surprised if it grows all at once, so I don't drink it that often, but I feel that it has a "maintenance" effect.
A quick search on the internet will give you the name of the drug.

that's all.

That's right. .

It's hard for non-popular men to make an effort not to be disliked (laughs).

■ Conversation skills to eliminate negative points

I can't explain it well because there are many sensory parts,

・Don't listen to what other people don't like
・Do not pry
・I don't ask anything that bothers me

This is the basics.

And basically, they are in tune with each other.
For example,

Me: “I really understand that!

Woman: "Yes!"

A woman like this"yes!"I will hit back the ball that says.

here“I don’t think so.If you say that, the woman's shutter will close smoothly and she will not say anything.

Even if you have something on your mind, let's refrain from saying goodbye here.Even if I have something to say, I never say it myself until the other person asks me for advice.

And I think conversations are more about timing than content.

The basic rule is to put things away in the closet, wait for the best timing to bring up the topic, and then open the closet.

Then, most of them are "closets that can't be opened (a topic that I prepared but can't bring up)" (laughs)

Next, praise the other person by telling them what makes them happy.

・High or low self-esteem
・Are you popular or not?
・Is it internal or external?
・Which point do you like?

Keeping this in mind, think of compliments that suit women.

However, it is safe to refrain from repeatedly calling out "You have a cute face" or "You have a good style" because it is subtle.It can make you feel bad.

Compliments actually lead to stepping on “landmines”.Choose your words carefully.

If you can't say a compliment well, I recommend "thank you".

"Thank you for being fashionable"
"Thank you for meeting me."

If it is a word of gratitude, it is safe without stepping on a "landmine".

Furthermore, if you can sympathize with complaints, the distance will be much closer.
The day I took complaints seriously and gave advice and sermons that I didn't ask for.Well, you'll be annoyed.

And absolutely refrain from "talking about yourself" or "bragging".It just makes you look "small" instead of "big".

And the thing I am most careful about is "Don't lie to women".

For example, if you ask a lot of questions even though you just met, the woman will have no choice but to lie.
It's not like I'm lying because I like women.

I hate men who ask deceptive questions.

In other words, the first conversation is strictly prohibited.

I am conscious that the conversation will develop sideways in the beginning.Never dig vertically.

Specifically, it looks like this.

✕ Vertical question

"Are you going home from work today?"

"that's right."
"What is your profession?"

○ Horizontal question

"Are you going home from work today?"
"that's right."
"Thank you for your hard work (^^) Do you have weekends off?"
"that's right."
"Then I'll take a break in a little while (^^)"

At first, I dare to stick to topics where I don't have to lie.If we get along sooner or later, I will talk to you from the other side.

If you lie"I'm sorry. What I said at the beginning was actually a lie..."Don't dig too deep in the beginning, as you may end up apologizing.

Actually, I want to ask a lot of things (laughs).

Just be patient here.

■ About the timing of the offer

And what I'm quite concerned about is the timing of the offer to the female members.

Is it better to be a woman who has just joined, or a woman who has a certain amount of membership history?
Probably many male members will recommend "female members who have just joined".

I am quite the opposite.
We recommend "female members with a certain amount of membership history".


By the way, if you're a female member of "Do-Strike," I occasionally make an offer to a new member.

However, I'm basically competing with "good cost performance".
In that case, it is necessary to have another male member to compare cospa.
Because I'm aiming for that gap.

In addition, it is a sad reality that it is difficult for me to support female members with my financial strength.

offer to new members,
"Frag Maker decided! Thank you very much!"
I'm in trouble even if I say it.

"No, no, please search for others."(Laughs)

Let's say the total allowance a woman wants is XNUMX.
If there are XNUMX main dads and each pays XNUMX, XNUMX and the rest is XNUMX.
I will aim for this "XNUMX".
I leave expensive allowances and gifts to other dads.

And we aim for the existence value of "papa-active girls' chopstick rest" and "easy and cost-effective men".

・・・I tried writing it again and found out,

This is a very sexy content (laughs)

■ What is the “best dating woman” with an annual income of XNUMX million?

If you can do this, I think you will be able to acquire "safe gentleman correspondence" in areas other than financial strength.
This will surely increase the number of women who can continue.
However, one day, you will suddenly realize that something is missing.

"Oh, my priority is low"

In the first place, it's a contradiction even though I'm aiming for it (laughs)

Then proceed to the next step.

By now, you should have gained some experience, both good and bad.
And, above all, I think I was able to calmly analyze the most important thing, "my height."

Next, let's use that skill to find the "best dating woman for me".

After all, "a popular female member who is looking for a reasonable allowance" is not "the best dating woman" with an annual income of XNUMX million (laughs).

So what's the story so far?
You may think that, but if you don't know "your height" first, when the "best dating woman" appears in the future, your "feelings of gratitude" will inevitably fade.

And if you don't improve yourself by polishing "gentlemanly response" and "humility", the level of "the best dating woman for you" will go down. (I'm writing for men, so sorry to all women)

Here at last

・ Female members who do not want such a high allowance
・ A woman with good compatibility

I'm going to look for it, but the standard is "my height" including money.

So what do you look for?

You won't know until you actually make an offer, referring to the staff comments on the women's introduction page.
Unfortunately there are no shortcuts.
Besides, I don't think there are many women who are "the best in everything".

Now let's change our perspective.

In the first place, instead of "looking for" a good woman, "make it convenient for you" when you meet a woman.
It's a rude expression for women, but should I say "raise" ^^;

"Personality" is difficult for some people.
It can be difficult to get people who don't get along.However, I think that it is possible to make a person who has a good personality match to a certain extent even better.

Compliment the other person's personality even if it's a little worrisome.
If you keep saying it, your personality will naturally get better.Or, for me, he will only show the "good side of his personality".

The “rewards” aspect needs improvement.
We will help you get your business back in the first place.For example, introduce a job or a customer.
However, if that is difficult due to your relationship with a woman or your occupation (office work, etc.), you can give yourself a "temporary allowance" that does not require compensation for your bonus, or give your corns as much as you can. .

"Appearance" is really difficult. Because you may step on a "mine".
However, if you keep praising her, saying things like, "You're a wonderful woman," "You're prettier than anyone else," and "You're more beautiful than anyone else," she may start to improve her appearance and become prettier for some reason.
It's a TV project or something, but a woman who lived a life where she was constantly praised by Italians became insanely beautiful after a few months.

The point of "cultivating" is not simply to ask women to improve, nor to ask for results.
Without showing such behavior at all, "What can I do for women?"

If you unilaterally say, "Do more like this, do more like that," they won't like it, so I'll make sure to make sure there are no mistakes.

■ What is "monthly contract" that can be done with an annual income of XNUMX million?

I think there are many male members who are monthly.

In the past, I have also had the experience of doing a monthly contract on the XNUMXth of the month.
With a fixed monthly allowance, decide on a certain amount of dating content.I think that's the standard monthly thinking.

But what about the female perspective?

Of course, there are times when you don't want to have sex, and there are times when you meet or accept an adult's relationship out of a sense of responsibility and obligation.

Then, although I can't express it well, I sometimes feel that the more times I respond out of a sense of duty, the more difficult it becomes to see what a woman's "true intentions" are.

Besides, it's honestly tough for an annual income of XNUMX million units from XNUMX months a month.
So, I'm thinking of a "monthly contract" that is possible even with an annual income of XNUMX million.

For that reason, it is necessary to change the idea of ​​"monthly pole".

In other words, dating content is not set by male initiative.Women are completely in control.

“Women are free to decide what they are dating (whether or not they are dating adults) and how often they meet.”
Take the plunge and change your thinking.

"Monthly contract" with an amount less than the market price, naturally the initiative is on the female side.
However, it also has the advantage of being able to adjust the cost performance according to the monthly amount for women.

In this case, don't think that the content of the relationship is not worth the monthly amount.
The reason for this lies in me, not in women.

The point is, instead of evaluating yourself by comparing yourself to other dads, is it a sense of challenging the allowance amount you give yourself?

If the content of the relationship is female-led, the male side naturally turns to the "chosen side".
If I want to increase the number of times I meet, I will do my best to reduce the burden on the woman and adjust the schedule.
You can grow as a person by improving yourself.
This will have a positive impact on your private life and work.

Also, even when it comes to adult relationships, it's up to the woman to decide, so what if she says, "Let's do it today?"
Well, after all, this is also a word that comes from a certain sense of duty, but there will be some changes in how you take it.

"Eh, is that okay? YATTA! I'm so happy!"


And with this method, you can set the monthly amount even if it is a small amount.
It is a "monthly contract" that is possible even for salaried workers who live on a fixed monthly salary and have limited expenses.

If the other party is a “female member who does not want such a high allowance” and is a compatible person, there is a possibility that you can accept it.

However, even if you say this to a popular woman who emphasizes allowances, will she be laughed at?"Is it eight months a month? Then we meet twice, one of which is an adult."Be careful because it will be (laughs)

In this case, you have to work hard and be patient.It can hurt sometimes.
There are many things that don't go together as expected.
Unless you enjoy it, we cannot recommend this "monthly rate below the market price", so please refrain from using it easily.

Experience can hurt you physically and mentally.
But that will make me stronger physically and mentally (laughs).

■ Summary

I just made it a column as I thought it was subjective, but how was it?
Finally, I will summarize the main points for surviving the dating club with an annual income of XNUMX million.

① Aim for another position (sub dad, etc.) instead of the main dad
(XNUMX) Pay attention to your appearance and conversation, and make an effort not to be disliked.
③ Offer to “female members with a certain amount of membership history” who can understand the goodness of cost performance
④ It is not "other dads" that compete, but "allowance amount" that you pay
⑤ After gaining a certain amount of experience, look for the "best dating woman"

that's all.

If you can do this, you will be able to enjoy the dating club for a long time while keeping your expenses down and not bothering women.

However, please be aware that this is not the way to satisfy your own desires.

I have too many dates with women I'm dating, and in addition to not being able to do my private life and work outside the club, I want to keep my expenses down.Since I want to spend more time on my work and private life outside the club, I have temporarily saved my activities at the dating club.

I am not in a position to say that I am proud because I am only continuing my activities in detail. I feel that there is also a way to spread to more people as a place to study social studies.

I myself have been able to study a very good social study in my activities so far.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read the above.

If you are not yet a member, please join us.
For those who are already members, I pray that both men and women will have good encounters in the future.

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