Romance Vaccine Extra Story to rewrite the past (XNUMX)

Let's go back to the continuation of the story of Hikari using an app to meet a man in town.

The day after her date with the blond man, Hikari was walking down the street again.

The season when the dogwood is colored.A street tree whose leaves are dyed beautifully, not flowers.

Hikaru thinks that he is like himself who sells colors even though he is a man.

After going a little further down the street and seeing a white foreign car parked on the side of the road, Hikari silently got into the passenger seat.

The car starts quietly.

A woman was driving.

Around forty years old?

She wears sunglasses to hide her heavy make-up.

Kou took out her smartphone in silence and checked her email.The woman glances at the light and she looks a little restless.

-Are you hungry?something to eatー

- No, that's fine.It would be annoying if someone you know sees you.straight as usual.ー

The woman continued driving for about fifteen minutes, turned a slightly deserted corner along the canal, and entered the love hotel.

After getting out of the car, they chose a room with familiarity and got on the elevator.

A woman leaned against the light.

Hikaru didn't resist, but he didn't show any signs of aggressiveness either.

- Kiss me.ー

Light kisses her mouth.

The woman greedily sucks it back.

I'm already out of breath.

- Stronger.ー

The light is strong and sucks the woman's lips.

bite a little.

- Yes.Harder.Hug me tight.ー

Entering the room, the woman took off her scarf.

Her long curly hair flowed down her back.

She is a neat beauty.

In the old days, it must have lasted a long time.

I can't wait to pull off my light pants and underwear and suck my penis.

not hardened yet.

Hikaru closes his eyes and thinks of the brown chest of the blond man he held yesterday.

The man ejaculated twice in the light anal.

Thinking of the pleasure at that time, the penis of the light erected.

The woman lovingly rubbed Hikaru's enlarged penis on her cheek and invited Hikaru to the bed.

-You can hit me.ー

I want you to pat me on the cheek.

the light knows

Slap her on the cheek in silence.

- Oh

Next, grab both wrists and hold them down on your head, and gently bite your nipples so that you don't get a tooth mark.

Then, with the other hand, he poked the inside of the vagina and pierced the bottom with his long fingers of light.

Insert the penis in a suitable place, and finally squeeze the neck and drive it to the climax.

It's the usual procedure.

Light works silently.

When I ejaculate, I close my eyes again and think of that blond man.

In a messy, cluttered room filled with the scent of a man, the man raped the light with a white-toothed grin.

I remember the pleasure I felt at that time.

- Oh, let's go, let's go.Please, you come too.ー

-I feel good too.Mr. Shibo.ー

The woman's name was Shiho.

It's the service that calls your name.

Because I am a paying customer.

The hotel room was decorated with dried hydrangea flowers.

Hydrangea also has a calyx instead of a petal that looks like a flower.

The repeating pattern of light blue that spreads out like a kaleidoscope looks like a wave pattern of the sea.

When it once bloomed in the flower garden, it must have competed with the sky for its blueness.

Hikaru's father also had an affair with his mother's sister.

Or rather, she was repeatedly raped.

His mother's sister was mentally handicapped.

When the mother found out about it, she got angry and left the father.

It happened when Hikari was in the first year of junior high school.

One morning, when Hikari woke up, her mother and little brother were gone.

Because Hikaru's appearance resembled his father, he was left behind.

Abandoned, I thought.

It was also the time when I finally learned that what my father had done to me as a child was abnormal.

He didn't like going home, so he stopped by his childhood friend Maki's house almost every day after school.

At school, he played a bright joker.

However, in my heart, I always secretly wished that the world would just disappear.

I once had a fight with a mischievous delinquent in my class.

A delinquent made fun of Hikaru, who always chatted with girls, and hit him with his fist when Hikaru was ignoring him.

I dodged it and fought back, but it got kind of troublesome, so I decided to stop dodging and let it hit me.

By the time Sensei came to stop him, Hikari's cheeks were all battered.

The delinquent must have felt uncomfortable and uneasy about his strangely awakened eyes, and continued to hit him.

After that, the delinquent stopped making eye contact with the light.

The whereabouts of Hikaru's mother was later found out.

One day, my younger brother, who is in elementary school, came to visit me.

I walked two stations from the neighboring town to meet Hikari.

Light sent his younger brother to his mother.

With an awkward look on her face, her mother reunited with Hikaru and complained of the pain of her life.

After graduating from junior high school, Hikaru decided to work and send money for his mother and brother.

However, his junior high school teacher recommended that Hikaru go on to higher education.

Because I got good grades.

Hikaru also wanted to go to school.

I want to leave my father's house and live alone in the town where my mother and brother live. rice field.

I worked at a convenience store in the morning and a part-time job at a sushi restaurant at night, working and studying until I was exhausted.

I spent three years with a small allowance.

I was looking forward to chatting with my childhood friend Maki who sometimes came to play.

Although Maki was her first experience partner, she now understood that Hikaru's sexual object was clearly male, and they were like brother and sister on good terms.

Maki confided all the details of her forbidden love affair with her chemistry teacher to Hikaru, and Hikaru also boasts to Maki of the amount she earns from her part-time job every month, sending money to her mother and brother. I talked about

Only Maki admired and acknowledged that it was amazing.

Without Maki, my heart would have been broken.

From the window, I could always see the potted flowers next door.

The types of flowers change with the seasons, but the color of the same flower changes depending on the state of mind of the viewer.

Flowers are like mirrors of the heart.

Both Maki and Hikari went to college in an urban area a little far from their hometowns.

I already wrote that both of them were recommended admissions and depended on scholarships.

Hikaru continued his part-time job as before, but the department that Hikaru chose was science-oriented and had many problems.

It wasn't like up until high school, where you could get credits just by taking classes with a good ground.

In addition, my younger brother was about to enter high school.

His mother, who hadn't done anything for him, naturally asks Hikaru to increase his allowance for his younger brother.

He felt little compassion for his mother who abandoned him, but he didn't want his younger brother to go through the same hardships as he did.

I heard about a dating club for wealthy middle-aged and older men from Maki.

Looking at her appearance, she has changed a lot from when she was in high school, and she seems to be doing well as a young lady.

I'm gay, but can gay young people not sell?

I looked it up online, but I couldn't find any gay dating clubs, even though there were gay dating apps and sites.

I am not incapable of dealing with women.

What about wealthy women?

I found this one, albeit on a smaller scale.

It seems to be called mama life.

I registered as soon as possible.

After going on dates with several women, and comparing it to Maki's story, what I learned was that mama-katsu offers far less benefits than papa-katsu.

Even less so if you are held by a man as gay.

I can't make money like Maki.

Although he worked hard through middle school, high school, and college, Hikari's heart began to break.

When will my life begin?

I've desperately crawled up from the bottom of the minus, and I've been struggling to get to the starting point of the average person, but I can't see the future.

Somehow everything has become futile.

All I know is that I need to send money to my brother.

Then you don't have to force yourself to continue college, you can do it with just a part-time job.

I've learned to meet gay friends on the app, and even though my mama life isn't as profitable as Maki, it's more efficient than a regular part-time job.

Isn't that enough?

I did my best.

No one appreciates me, and I don't feel like praising myself, but let's end it.

Around that time, I began to dream of mermaids.

If you stop looking for an exit, the world will surely be a wide ocean.

You can also swim in the air.

I learned that to be set free was to accept the chains attached to my feet.

Breath in the water becomes bubbles and slowly rises to the surface.

It's like a balloon released by a child.

Those bubbles are sadness and hope.

It's like my soul.

Mysteriously, my body is light, and I don't feel the weight of the shadows swaying on the bottom of the water.

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