Date record #73 What is the outcome with a serious debt girl?Hatsuko 6th time

 Hello.It's paparazzi.This time, I will report on the outcome with a woman who was having a difficult time making a living.There are quite a few activists who are struggling to make ends meet, such as debt, so please take a look at how they ended up.

the opponent this time

Your opponent's SPEC

  • Name: Hatsuko (pseudonym)
  • Class: Platinum
  • Relationship type: C
  • Occupation: Office worker
  • Age: Late 20s

History of dating

 She is in a difficult situation.I don't know her reason, but she said she had borrowed money in the past and there are still outstanding debts that she is still paying back.She is a common enough reason to start this activity.

 I've been on five dates with her so far.She is a child with a very good personality.Wouldn't she be willing to go out with him even without any allowance?I also felt that she was as kind to me as she said she was (actually, she wasn't that kind, haha), and I still think that her personalities were a good match.Her appearance and skin are undeniably curved, and although she is a little on the edge of being a Platinum, she is generally a cute girl.She also has a good figure and boasts ample E-cup breasts, which are also attractive.I have no particular complaints, but is she somehow sexy?She knows she's not perfect, she's not perfect, and she's not a perfect person either.Well, there was a slight lack of satisfaction, but I still met her as a regular member.

 The last time I met her, the first thing she mentioned was about debt.She didn't pay much attention to it, as everyone has a lot going on in her past, and her impression of him hasn't changed.However, I could sense that her treatment of me was changing little by little.

 More and more people are complaining that they are "busy," "work too much," and "need to pay back the money."When this happens, comments such as ``I want to meet you'' are no longer taken seriously and are translated into ``Give me money.''As a result, she was becoming less and less able to enjoy communicating with her on LINE.

 Furthermore, since she was a member because of her personality, it was a fatal blow that she was no longer able to enjoy interacting with him.In other words, there is no reason for me to meet up anymore.She is certainly cute and has a good figure, but for someone who lacks sex appeal, her lifeline is her ``personality,'' or the conversations she has when meeting her.Her value to me was that she was fun to talk to, and it was soothing to watch her innocently enjoy her activities, but now that that aspect has collapsed due to her complaining about how hard it is to make a living, it's not good enough. I no longer felt like I wanted to help.Then, I gradually started to distance myself from her, citing her ``busyness'' as an excuse.

 The last time we met was in early June, and up until now we had been meeting once a month, but we avoided it in July due to business trips.She thinks it would be a good idea to meet in August soon, so she decides that it is unavoidable and asks if they can meet in August.

"I'm free in August! I'd like to meet you in the first half."

The answer is.This also sounds like someone saying, "I want to turn it into cash quickly!"After all, money drives people crazy.

 We communicated on LINE quite a bit.When I went on business trips, I would send them scenery and delicious food from various places to make them happy.That hasn't changed this time either, but in the gap

“It might be a bit scary.”

“My money is tight.”

"Working too much"

“Maybe I have no choice but to do sex work.”

Characters such as are lined up.It seems like the frequency of this is increasing.

 Each time I do this, I will introduce things that could help me with my side job or my business.

“It’s not at a level that can be recovered through side work.”

 I have no desire to do so.He tried not to take things too seriously, and managed to maintain the status quo with regard to his mental state and relationship with his girlfriend, but then an incident occurred.She seemed to have made her cold worse and she was hospitalized.The day before she was scheduled to go on a date, she received a call saying that she wasn't feeling well.Honestly I was delighted in my heart when she received it.Of course, it wasn't because of her poor health.She was able to postpone the date with her girlfriend.

 That's when I realized my true feelings.He seems to know that his feelings are honest, but I don't know.When an incident like this occurs, you can often tell from the first impression.As a result, the date was postponed for a week, but I didn't expect this LINE to be the last. . . .

 "I understand the postponement. I'm not feeling well and I'm sorry for bothering you. By the way, I wonder if I can get you a little more money the next time we meet (;_;)"

 After all, the appeal to me about how hard it was to make a living had worked like a body blow to me, and now that I knew how I felt, this was the limit of my patience.

``I understand how you feel, but when you say that, it makes me a little nervous.''

This ended my relationship with her.And she had no desire to repair it.

"I understand. I won't rely on you anymore."

``I have no choice but to do sex work, but I'm determined and will do my best.''

After this message, I lost contact with her.As for her last sexual experience, she had been told so many times that she had already lost her sense of sympathy.

 However, it is true that we matched the fun times she gave us.Although he was grateful to her for this point, his relationship with her ended quickly without any regrets.

what was the date

 So, the date ended without a date.

Reflection of this time

  • After all, living in the hardship bracket is boring because you can't afford it.
  • One sign is that you are not trying to repay your debts by doing a side job or other steady work.

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