A woman who blurs

I have written about the encounters at the Universe Club in my column.I did not, but this time I will hide the information that leads to the person being found out,While deceiving some unimportant parts,I would like to make it a column.

"He's tall, good-looking, and I like his appearance.A woman who seems to have a good feeling in the video. ”

The reason for the offer is such a mundane reason.

After the date ended,I don't think I'll feel so tired that my knees will fall out on the train on my way home.I did.

Initial setting

I don't overdo it on the first date, and my goal is "a date that wasn't bad."

I don't particularly get excited and don't ask questions.

It's a success if it's just a safe conversation and it feels moderately funI'm trying to think.

So I go to the first date with an extremely neutral tension.

Laughter switch is basically off.If there is a good ball, should I pick it up?It is like this.

Even if you don't get excited,If I can appeal that I'm not a strange person, that's okay.

Her profile says she likes meat, soI arranged a private room yakiniku restaurant.

Yakiniku in a private room from the first time! ?I think there are people who think thatIt is my feeling that there are many cases where they are pleased.

・Honest course dishes are heavy.With yakiniku, you can adjust what you eat and how much you eat.
・I don't want to eat so many carbohydrates
・Eating time is short
・Peace of mind in a private room.You don't have to worry about handing over transportation expenses or talking about allowance negotiations

Oh dear,There is also the aspect that it is only preferred by women who are not good at course meals ^^;

Arrive at the shop first and wait for her.

This waiting time is the most frustrating and I'm still not used to it,I wonder if it feels bad if they see me killing time looking at my phoneI think, so I'm going to spend my time looking at the menu that I've seen many times.

In the meantime, I get a phone call from her.

start dating

she comes into the room.

She said, "Nice to meet you~♡"

I said, "Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you."

She said, "I'm kind of nervous for the first time! Ehe ♡"


Me: “Yes, I will be nervous at first.”

Thinking back on it now, this "Ehe"I had a bad feeling about it, or rather, I had a vague sense of unease.

First of all, I handed over the transportation fee quickly and the date started.

Girlfriend: “I like yakiniku~♡ How do you know?”

I said, "I wrote it in my profile (laughs)."

She said, "No! It's embarrassing!"

(Oh no?)

I said, "Hahaha.But if you really like it, you were right to choose yakiniku today. ”

Order a drink now.

Me "What do you eat? Is there anything you don't like?"

She said, "It's okay. I'll leave it to you♡"

I ordered a few single items and a gorgeous meat platter.

She said, "Wow~♡ Gorgeous~! It's delicious~! Ufufu♡"


I said, "It was good (lol)"

(It's kind of tense.)

Drinks are brought.

She said, "Kanpai! Thank you for your hard work!"

I say "Kanpai!"

The usual safe small talk while eating salads and single items.This is what I care about the most.

Basically, I expand on the other person's story,You might hate digging deep.

So instead of digging deep into the conversation vertically,First, it basically spreads horizontally.

For example, “Are you done with work today?” → “Yes.”

[Vertical question]
"That's right. What are you doing?"

[side question]
"That's right. Do you have weekends off from work?"→"Yes"→"Then you'll have a little rest."

This is the case somehow.

At first, it's just shallow, and I'm conscious of expanding it sideways.

One of these days, the meat platter will be brought.


She slaps it on her smartphone.

She said, "I'm not good at taking pictures like this..."

Me: "How about taking a diagonal composition or shooting from directly above?"

She said, "I'll try!"

She said, “Haha!!

(Huh? Knowledgeable?)

From a little while ago, I feel a sense of incongruity in some word choices.

Is this a good guy to tsukkoko?

However, I have a motto of "be safe at first",For the time being, I decided to wait and see.

I said, "It's no big deal."

I said, "It's about time. Can I bake it? (laughs)"

She said, “Haha!! I’m sorry for what I did!”

Me: "Then you can choose which meat you like first. Which one do you want to grill?"

She said, "Well, I'm troubled when you say that.."

She said, "What should I do? I'm at a loss."

I said, "You can think slowly (laughs)."

She said, "Hmm.."

(I'm really thinking..)

She said, "It's a quiz! Do you think so!?"

(What? What? What happened?)

It was so sudden that it caught me off guard and I couldn't hear it very well.

I said, "What did you say?"

She said, "This is a quiz! Which meat do you think I will choose?"

Sudden quiz! ?

I can't suppress the upset at the sudden quiz.

I said, ``Oh, it's a quiz!''

I immediately pointed at the meat on the plate and said,

I said, "Hmm... I pretended to be a big lamp! What do you think? Correct answer!?"

She took a deep breath, crossed her arms in front of her,

She said, "Bubu!! The correct answer was Ude♡"

Me: “Wow!

Even though I was upset, I immediately overreacted.

However, I wanted to take my eyes off her once and calm down,Laughing face down,I made her as close to the table as possible so that she could not see my expression.It was.

(What happened all of a sudden! What should I do now?Let's calm down first. )

I regained my composure and looked up,

I said, "Then I will grill the meat for you."

I said, "Then, I'll give you the big meat."

responded calmly.

"I did it~♡"

I ate Ude,Next, I stretched my chopsticks over the meat to grill rump, my favorite meat.did.


She said, "I'll guess next time."

(Will this development continue!?)

I have no choice but to withdraw the chopsticks stretched out on the lamp.

She said, “Hmm.

(Honestly, it doesn't matter which one, but let's make it the correct answer..)

I don't know if this has been communicated to others.I am impersonating "Monta Mino" in Quiz Millionaire,While changing the expression of the face to a smile, changing it to a sour expression, or adding a funny faceTake your time,

Me: "...Correct!"

She said, "I did~♡"

(I wonder if this will continue every time..)

· · ·

After all, I repeat this for a while.

Tired of it, I

Me: "I'm sorry. Can I take a salad break? (laughs)"

I tried to run away, but she wouldn't let me rest.

she"What kind of green is the green dressing on these vegetables?Is it a melon? ”

No, it's definitely an avocado.

It's an avocado because it tastes like an avocado.

I think it's green with some green leaves, but the main one is avocado.

The taste of avocado is familiar to everyone.

It's easy to answer "Isn't it an avocado?"does she want it?

Aren't you looking for "that"?

Probably "Are".

Why do you have to say "that" on the first date? .Honestly, I can't keep up with the tension. .

Shall I summon all my strength and try to throw it back? .


Me: "Well, if you say green dressing, it's already 'melon'right! ”

I said, “Just in case, just in case!

Bump, Bump,

I said, "Yeah, this is it! When you say green dressing, it's melon!"·melon?This isn't sweet at all..."

* Quite loudly with all your might

Me: “Isn’t this completely avocado!!”

· · ·

· · ·

She "... fufu ♡"

(That's wrong!!)

(Isn't that a nori tsukkomi!!)

(The subtle "fufu" is not this ball!what were you looking for lol)

She: “Is it the one called Norittsukkomi?”

(I'm sorry for scratching the wound)

I said, "Well, yes."

She said, "Wow! It's the first time I've heard a proper guy live!♡'

(Yamete muzzling)

She said, "Can I have you do that again?"

(Haa.. For the time being, let's pretend to be ahead so that we can connect to the next one..)

I said, "I'm an idiot! I'll never do that!Never! ”

Me: “No more!

She: “Eh~why~!


She said, "Then what kind of meat do I want to eat next?"

(Give me time to rest lol)

Me: “Yes. Earlier, the meat had a lot of marbling, so it was light red meat.Pretend that you want to save the red meat for the last...Ribsin! ”

She said, "...you're right!"

She said, "How did you know?"

(How should I answer this?)

I said, "Um.

She said, "Then I'll guess next time!"

(give me time to throw the ball back lol)

· · ·

I got tired on the way and left for a restroom break.

Wash your face and refresh yourself.

When the bokeh is thrown in this one-sidedly,It's the same as violence. .

It's stupid violence. .

I came here with the laugh switch off in the first place,I can't keep up with her throwing speed. .

This isn't a date anymore.

It's a match.

I regain my composure and return to my room.

· · ·

The battle continues.

Just pick up the ball she throws and throw it back.

The next ball comes flying while you are about to throw it back.

This is the image.

You can't predict what kind of ball will come.

I'm already devastated (laughs)

· · ·

She said, “Is this what it is?

On a large platter of meat platter, vegetables are served to the extent of apology,Among them are king oyster mushrooms.

It's eryngii.No matter how you look at it.

(It's here!!!!!)

The ball I was aiming for finally came flying.

Earlier, I also pretended that "I won't do nori tsukkomi again".

I mustered the last of my strength,

Me: “Yes. Well, this is a good yakiniku restaurant, so of course it’s matsutake mushrooms.'

I said, "I'll try to smell it."


Me: “It smells good. This is completely matsutake mushroom.


I said, "Is it time to bake? Then I'll have it."


Me: “Oh yeah, this one. The taste of autumn that fills your mouth with each bite!does not spread? ?That's funny! ?..."

I said, "Isn't this a king oyster mushroom?!"

*Squeeze your last strength and shout with all your might

Me: “Taste! Appearance! Everything!

She ``Kya~~♡XNUMXnd time Kita~~♡''

· · ·

This exchange continues,My spirit and physical strength are in tatters (laughs)

After that, I did hand over the allowance, but

She said, "Let's take a bath together~♡"

At the invitation of

Me: “I’m sorry.

I declined and asked to take a break.

On the train on the way home, I felt so tired that my knees would fall out,The feeling of frustration that I couldn't pick up the blur comes over me.

In my head, I looked back at the exchanges I had with her until a while ago, "Wouldn't it have been better to have responded like this? and a reflection meeting in my brain.

Or rather, what am I doing with my allowance in the first place? .The thought crosses my mind.

... No, it's not.

It's my fault that I couldn't pick up the blur.

Next time, switch on laughter from the beginning,Throw back any ball.

after that

A date with her is a complete battle mode with laughter switched on from the beginningI'm coming.

She said, "What do you want to eat?"

Me: "What shall we eat? Huh? I can't read what you wrote at all."

She said, "The menu is upside down."

Me: "Oh, it's the other way around. I'm sorry, I'm sorry.'

She said, "The menu is still sideways."

· · ·

She said, “Where was the restroom?”

I said, ``Washroom?

She said, "That's the exit."

Attack is the best defense.

By taking the initiative and taking it to this page,Although I managed to overcome her attacks in the early stages,Her offensive power is terrifying in the second half, always chasing the defensive battle.(laughs)

As mentioned above, I actually encountered "It is an episode with "Bokeru Woman".

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