Dating Club Struggle Recorded in Shiritori 7

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It's late, but happy new year.

Also thank you this year.

I started this Shiritori series inspired by an essay written by Nakajima et al.

It wasn't intended, so each other is the subject?I was writing along.

However, since it is a special relay format, I will change the style a little from this time and write it as if it were a back-and-forth letter with Mr. Mac (bitter smile).

Well, there is also a reason that it is packed with material.

I'm not sure if I can keep up with Mr. Mac, who writes quickly, but please be gentle with me.

Well, this time the theme is "refreshing".

If you look up this word in your dictionary, you will find that it has a surprisingly wide range of uses.

The first meaning is "I feel good without feeling bad", and the example sentences are "I feel refreshed" and "I feel refreshed".

Of course it's not wrong to use it, but I feel like there's a better example.

It doesn't really appear in the dictionary, but "refreshing" in dating clubs is "that".

I know that there are some male members who do not aim to be "refreshing", but I can't help but think that they are in the minority.

As you know, Joe isn't functionally superior, so I pretend that "refreshing" isn't my goal (bitter smile), but even at this age, I still have erotic fantasies every day.

Will there come a day when I'll be a little more withered and have a relaxed smile in front of the gorgeous beauty that Joe likes, and have a calm conversation without the help of alcohol?I can't imagine right now.

I have learned a lot from interacting with Mr. Mack in his column and comments, and recently answering questions in an anonymous question box.

One of them is "I feel refreshed within an hour with the woman I offered in the universe".

It was an idea that Joe didn't have at all.

However, when I think about it, in a sense, the request of a female member for the purpose of treatment?I have come to think that it is one of the correct ways to use the dating club.

Like Joe, he says "love is love" in the second word, hides the bulge in his crotch with alcohol, blows his mouth and exchanges art theory, even though he really only thinks about Eloy, (Mac I'm sometimes ridiculed by Mr.), but I don't know what I want to do when I'm drunk and dysfunctional.

Joe has a low learning ability, but did you learn from Mr. Mac?Recently, for example, with Mai-chan and Princess Nana, who are my favorites, it has become more common to say, "For the time being, it's refreshing."

You can enjoy your meal and drink more slowly after you feel refreshed, and you can't always live up to expectations, but Princess Nana is the type that switches on when she drinks alcohol, so I sometimes take on the "refreshing" challenge again.

With these changes, I feel like I've become even closer to Princess Nana, so it's too late now, but being "refreshing" is important.

The above is the story of my favorite girl, but in order to set up a "refreshing short record" with the first offer, last year, I offered a woman who looks erotic (pseudonym)

Well, Mr. Mack's "refreshing" system record was only a few minutes after we met, so I knew from the beginning that I couldn't compete, but I tried my best.

Normally, I would meet up with the erotic lady in the hotel lobby and have a light glass before dinner, but thinking about what would happen after that (wry smile), I had tea at the hotel lounge first.

Erotic Miss is a gorgeous beauty who likes Joe.

At the same time, she is a very easy-going woman to talk to.

I immediately liked Joe.

After a brief self-introduction, the first thing the erotic girl said was, "Joe-san, you're a pervert, aren't you? Let's have a lot of fun today."

Mr. Mac would have gone straight to the room immediately, but the time for the restaurant I had reserved was approaching, so I reluctantly took a taxi.

Normally, we would enjoy our drinks slowly with our food, but since we were both breathing heavily, we drank a little food and a glass of beer and hurried to our room.

It's been about an hour at this point.

When entering the room, the light is dimmed and the erotic girl slowly takes off her clothes.

What appeared was an erotic body that was trained however.

Joe hurriedly undresses and the two of them take a shower.

Caressing each other's bodies while repeating kisses.

It was like a scene from a movie.

At this point, I did this and that, but when I entered the bet, the voltage of each other increased further.

Erotic Miss is not defeated by the name, Eloy Eloy.

At first, he was completely in control, saying, "Let's make him look embarrassing!"

It is a wonderful mouth technique that mixes hard and soft.

At this rate, the offensive and defensive changes will be squid.

Then liquid squirts out from the secret part of the erotic girl, and her moaning voice echoes in the room.

No, as you know, Joe is not a technician at all, rather he lacks confidence.

Because he reacts to Joe's clumsy caresses to the fullest, he misunderstands that "I'm a technician?"

The greatest beauty of an erotic lady was that she gave gentlemen confidence and courage.

Anyway, I am grateful to the erotic lady who taught me the fun of refreshing.

We have not been able to meet for the second time due to conflicts, but we are planning to go to a rustic hot spring inn soon.

I've written a lot of bad sentences, but this time I'll put my brush down here.

I look forward to hearing from Mack about the relay.

Last but not least, please take care of yourself during the cold weather.

PS: I closed the comment section this time.
Mr. Mac may be dissatisfied, but if we communicate in the comment section, we will run out of topics to write in the important column, so I decided to do it this way.
Please understand.

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