Date record #80 Double header 1st match @ Ginza Mosquito Itko XNUMXst time

 Hello.It's paparazzi.Double headers have become popular recently.I don't feel like it's too much, but my goal is to make an offer to relationship type B, and just be patient with nothing for the first time.Last time, I failed due to a sudden cancellation. . . .In any case, it is true that activities are becoming busier.It is completely becoming the center of life.In such a situation, this time I will report on my first date with a type B girl.

the opponent this time

Your opponent's SPEC

  • Name: Mosquito Itiko (pseudonym)
  • Class: Platinum (later changed to Gold)
  • Relationship type: B
  • Occupation: Office worker
  • Age: Early 20s

first impression

  • Appearance: Almost as per the website.No, it's exactly as the website says.Just cute.
  • Personality: Bright and cheerful.The talk is also light.I have a good impression.

History of dating

 The pattern of making offers has almost become established.Either it's love at first sight, or you like it and let it sleep.Girls who have recently registered are basically falling in love at first sight, and other than that, it's starting to feel like they want to sleep with each other slowly.In particular, since there is no type B from the beginning, physical strength or energy is not involved, and the allowance is only transportation expenses, so it is somewhat easy.Perhaps because of his age, he has gradually found himself unable to get the results he expected when playing consecutive games.Because of this, he was relatively easy to make offers to Type B.

 This time too, it was love at first sight.She wasn't particularly beautiful, but there was something about her that drew me to her.This may also be a word about feeling, but it's not just the face that matters, but these aspects as well.So I chose her based on her personality, but I wonder what the outcome will be.I wonder what will happen?That feeling of excitement, or rather tension, is quite enjoyable.Meeting people for the first time is refreshing and exciting.The location this time was in the Ginza area at her request.

 Choosing a store for Type B for the first time is really easy.Because it doesn't need atmosphere.What's more, you can honestly save money if you eat lunch for about two hours, and the impact on your work will be limited if it's about two hours away from lunch.Therefore, preparations such as reservations proceeded smoothly.

 On LINE in advance

"I'll make a reservation at a good restaurant in your desired area. Please look forward to it!"

“I’m really looking forward to the day. Thank you for your support☺️”

It looks like it's a good grip.

what was the date

 I arrived early so I had to wait a little while.That's fine, as long as you come properly, there's no problem at all.And he came

 Her appearance is exactly as it appears on the website.Just cute.Even though her offer is based on personality, it is only natural that she only makes offers to pretty girls.It's been a huge success so far.I wonder what kind of personality she puts more emphasis on?

 As the conversation progressed, I realized that I had made the right choice.I felt close to her because she was from near where I was born.And just like the website says, she has a bright personality and is fun to talk to.I mentally pumped my fists thinking that I had made a mistake.We talked about a variety of things, from self-introductions to why and how we started this activity.Everything felt so bouncy, and I'm proud that it was a perfect progression for the first time.

 There are counter seats inside the store, or rather, I only go to stores that have counter seats. . .lol

 Since they are sitting next to each other on the counter, it is also possible to perform light body touches.Or rather, it seems like Kamijou is the one who grabs him here as well, as he makes a firm body touch from the other side.The allowance was within the acceptable range, so there was no need for negotiation and the process was completed without any problems.I'm really looking forward to the next time, or rather it was a good first date that will lead to the next time.

By the end of the meal

 There's nothing special to do after eating.Originally, I should have called it an after-party and went for a quick cup of tea, but I have other activities to do after this.I headed from Ginza to the next battleground, Shinjuku, thinking that I would do well.

Reflection of this time

  • After all, the counter!
  • I'm happy when the personality framework is also correct.

This store

 I recommend this store!There is also a counter in the Japanese-style interior.The taste isn't bad either.It's reasonably priced for lunch.The location is easy to get to from the station, so it's not inconvenient.Even when eating out, Japanese food is relatively healthy, so it's safe for your body.It can be said that this is a store that satisfies various elements.

The only drawback is that due to the characteristics of the Ginza area, there are no love hotels after that.Also, this time it won't be a handicap because it's a B type.Since it was during the day, there was nothing erotic about it, but if it was at night, you would be able to see the night view, which would create a nice atmosphere.If you want to develop from here, your options will be to get a room in the Ginza area or take a taxi to Akasaka.Therefore, it is really perfect for meeting with type B people.

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