Mr. A's admission interview ~Risk management~

1. Admission interview

Having decided to join the Universe Club, Mr. A applied through a web form.
Enter your name, email address, mobile phone number, and a convenient date and time for an interview.

Shortly after, I was contacted by email.

"Please bring identification documents and a business card."

I arrived at the designated hotel lounge 30 minutes early.It is full of spirit.

When the time comes, the mobile phone rings.The interviewee is a young man wearing a vest.

In the corner of the hotel tea room, in an inconspicuous place, I was shown an iPad and listened to an explanation of the system.For the most part, it was the content that I had prepared on the homepage.

Even in a discreet location, the women who work at the hotel know exactly what's going on.

Mr. A interrupts the conversation when the coffee is served.Too self-conscious.

I was also shown a list of female candidates, but I didn't look closely.

(Let's save that for later...)

When joining, fill out a questionnaire about your hobbies and what you expect from the club.

The interviewer takes a picture of the signed pledge together with the business card and driver's license with an iPad.

(This information will remain for the rest of my life...) When I think about it, I feel tense.

The interview and enrollment process was over in less than an hour.

2. Management of personal information

When I heard later, it seems that submitting a business card was not an absolute obligation.

(I wish I hadn't taken it out...)

Also, since the details of the men's profiles were not disclosed to the women, there was no need to get too excited about writing them.

Later, when I checked the club's anonymous question box, it seems that the pledge with the real name will be converted to PDF and the original will be destroyed.

It is said that the PDF data will be permanently stored in a certain place.Is it the president's house or a safety deposit box?

And in exchanges (settings, etc.) within the club, real names are not treated as data, and are all processed with the registered club name, email address, and phone number.

It is said that the club staff at the end (?) does not know the address and real name of the registered man.

It's a wonderful system, isn't it?If this is true, it gives me some peace of mind.

Mr. A is doing stocks etc. as a hobby.Not recently, but at the time of Abenomics, it was quite profitable.

In the past, there was an incident in which an end engineer at a securities company that Mr. A always used took out the customer list.It's a pretty big company that everyone knows.

He knows all of Mr. A's personal information.

The engineer has not received any legal action.It is the end with mailing a few apology letters.The company has not filed a complaint.

If personal information is anonymized at the end like Universe Club, such incidents cannot occur.

With this system, you can assume that your real name, address, work place, etc. will not be communicated to the woman you are dating.

After that, you have to trust the company (club).

3. Information risk management when meeting

Here are some points that Mr. A does when he meets a woman.I think there are opinions that it is overkill, but there is also a thought experiment.

・Do not use your regular cell phone
You may get a sudden phone call while you are at home, and if a woman or a female acquaintance works for a mobile phone company, it is possible to search from the number in an instant.

・Obtain an IP mobile phone number such as Brastel (cards are distributed at convenience stores. Numbers starting with 050)
In order to receive calls using this, authentication by a general carrier is required, and although there is a possibility of being tracked, it is a mobile phone company agent who usually uses it rather than an employee working at Brastel. The number of employees working at stores (such as docomo) should be overwhelmingly large.

・Furthermore, use the IP mobile phone number with a secondary mobile phone that you do not normally use.
Terminals with numbers such as 090, which are not usually used, will be shared with 050 numbers.Except when setting for the first time, keep it in a safe at work, etc., and do not turn on the power.

・Turn off the location information of the smartphone

・Regardless of individuals or corporations, do not go out with your own car
If you go to the land transport office, your identity will be broken from the number.When absolutely necessary, use a rental car.

・If you go out in your own car, turn off the drive recorder.

・Remittance to the club is done by cash transfer without using a bank account: no record is left in the passbook

・Use your club name when making reservations
You run the risk of being called by your real name.

- Don't use credit cards for store payments
You may be spied on, or you may be called by your real name.

・Do not communicate on line
After meeting once, do not talk on the phone.Use password protected e-mail for all communications.Delete as soon as you read it.

・Don't remove your wallet containing your driver's license, etc.
You can also take it with you to the bathroom.Carry cash only if possible.

・Extreme story, carry only cash and house key
Even if Tsutsumotase barges into the hotel, he won't be threatened repeatedly if he doesn't know his identity.Run away without breaking your mouth on the spot.Give me all the money I have and ask for forgiveness.I'm sure it wouldn't even take my life.

- Lock your phone with a number
Face recognition and fingerprint recognition may be tied up or unlocked while sleeping.

・Do not take pictures

・Occasionally look back to see if someone is tailing you lol

・Do not provide information that is easy to search.

By combining these devices, you can keep your information secret from the person you meet.

Due to the sophistication and segmentation of services through the use of technology, we have entered an era where it is not impossible to have an absolutely anonymous mistress.

4. Pseudo-love free passport (admission date)

After the entrance interview, I went home.

I lay down on the bed, immediately entered the email address and the password I set, and tried to access the club page.

A large number of women's photos, characteristics, relationship types, videos, etc. are listed.

Nurses, CAs, models, AV actresses, event companions, female college students, OLs, chefs, housewives...

You can make reservations for multiple people at a time and date that is convenient for you.

What is this world?

My head feels dizzy.

Women do not pay to register with clubs.Men pay a commission to the club when they join and for each referral.

This point is the same as dating apps.However, in clubs, men can select women with high attributes first by presenting a date and time that is convenient for them, and they can choose as they please.

Moreover, although the female side publishes all the photos, etc., the male side does not need to inform the female side of most of the information.

It is the exact opposite structure of a dating app.

For people who don't get to meet a lot of people/who aren't good at it, getting to know each other costs a certain amount of money, including invisible parts.

The same is true at work.When conducting a headhunt, depending on the type of job, 20 to 40% of the annual salary is stolen as a recruitment fee.Even for a person with an annual income of 500 million, they pay 100 to 200 million each time.

(is a rip off)

Compared to that, the setting fee of 2 to 10 yen is not expensive.

Considering the operating cost of the club itself, it is really conscientious.

(Cheap is the best)

Back to the story, it's not all about dating apps.On the surface, the world is often structured so that women choose men.

Men were always in a position to beg women.

It's different in the club.

At first glance, it looks like the woman is waiting to be asked, but the man has the first choice.

A man is entrusted to a woman.

It is a Copernican turn.

Mr. A quietly closed the browser.

(I can't see it all in one day...)

On this day, Mr. A obtained a “pseudo-love free passport” that allows him to go on any date with any person he likes, whenever he likes.

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