Don Juan, a certain major dating club, and Mr. Saito♪(fiction)

I look back on how I met her.

That was an event that was held in Ebisu in the past by the industry's largest dating club, LSE.

 She was tall, short, and had a beautiful body line.




After a while, it turned out that she was a woman who had been introduced by another dating club.


I didn't make an offer because I'm not really interested in women with basic short haircuts,

When I actually met her, she had an aura that was overwhelmingly different from other women.

And I also remember well that I was wearing some negative aura.

I wonder how she grew up...

Either way, no matter who looked at her, she was a black woman with no complaints.


 I immediately established a relationship with that woman and deepened my relationship.

Anyway, she was a hard worker, and she worked hard to build her body.

In order to support her success, I signed a contract with the best hotel in Tokyo and arranged for her to freely enter and exit the beauty salon.

 Her beauty is getting more and more polished, and she becomes a regular at beauty pageants.

While consulting on which pageant I should participate in (because I can't duplicate it), I was able to go up to the national finalist in one of the three major pageants.

Of course, there are various reasons why I abandoned the beauty of Asian hair and went for a short cut, but I will leave it out here.


 On the other hand, speaking of a certain Don Juan's wife, I remember that she was ranked second from the top at a certain dating club, which is the largest in the industry.Of course, I feel that there was a clear difference in rank between the two, even if it was just the buttocks.Mr. Kotoge, a talent, seemed to have expressed something like "If she was the highest rank, it would be a dating club of that level...", so she will correct her remarks in the sense of honor.

Mr. Don Juan... I've said this many times, but his problem is leaking information about women he met at dating clubs.From that information, it seemed that I was the first, and Mr. Don Juan was the first.I have no acquaintance, but there are only "duplicate women" in the dating club.

And finally, there was a murder case where the dating club was recognized nationwide.


It is true that Mr. Don Juan met his girlfriend at a beauty pageant while he was dating his wife, and I think it is also true that he forced her to divorce him.

An overwhelming beauty beyond compare.

For a wife who thought that if she endured a little and died at the end of her lifespan, the inheritance would come rolling in... For her, it wouldn't be worth it if she got divorced and went to a beauty pageant.I'm just guessing that this is how this incident happened. (I may be wrong)

That's why I think it's a little different to say, "If I had just put up with it a little more, the inheritance would have just rolled in."


If you make a mistake in how to use your papa katsu, you will be involved in such an incident.

 Few members know the faces of the two women.or are not aware of it.

 Unlike apps that have a lot of lies and processing, from my perspective as someone who joined a dating club to avoid trouble, it was a terrible incident. I see it as a false example.


Dad life is changing now.

The women I'm dating now are more and more self-employed and presidents.I feel that there is a polarization between women who have become very strong and those who have entered the dad life late and have a little delusion in their senses.


There are many images of papa activities, and there is no accurate data on what is actually going on between a man and a woman.It looks a little bigger, it looks smaller, and the confusing information is fleshed out.


That's why I think this kind of dating club is interesting.


I would like to learn more about human psychology.



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