Renai Vaccine Episode XNUMX Movie theater in the naked coat, part XNUMX

There are XNUMX patterns for my daughter who will accompany me in exposure and photography.
One is the genuine exposure habit.A female college student I met before said that she enjoyed taking a naked walk in the park near her house secretly in the early morning since she was a high school student.
Not under the direction of anyone, but completely alone and of his own volition.
There are young women like that.
When I asked the girl, "What do you do with your clothes? Do you carry them around in your handbag?" I'm excited," he said.
I see, that's what it is.Understanding.
The second is Miya-chan, who I introduced last time, but she is the type who enjoys being seen and noticed.
It's probably similar to the pleasure that an idol feels when standing on a stage.
Men staring at my nakedness with beastly eyes, I guess there's a part of me that's addictive.
Fine line with fear.It may be similar to the feeling of wanting to ride a screaming machine again.
The difference from genuine exposure enthusiasts is that they don't get excited unless there is someone to see them.That's why I don't do things like wandering around alone in the park early in the morning.
The third type is the type who is happy because the man she likes makes her excited and goes out with her for exposure play.
This is the case with Haru-chan in this episode.
Haru-chan really listens to anything I say.
In Universe Gold C, there were several offers, but there is no continuation dad other than me.I don't even have a boyfriend right now.
That's why he's attached to me, and because he's a civil servant who's usually serious, it's probably because he wants to get away with his plain work.
Anyway, whatever I order, they will do it.
As for what to do... For example, take him around naked in a hoodie for a day, and when he sees a chance, he will raise his front and shoot a video at a department store or cafe.
The difference between Haru-chan's type and Ichiban-nii is that if the man doesn't like it, I won't be happy either.
To summarize, the first type is the type that can be enjoyed with delusion even if no one is watching, the second type is the type that can be enjoyed with an unspecified number of spectators, and the third type is the type that can be enjoyed if a specific man is pleased.
I had a date with Haru-chan before my next date with Miya-chan, so I decided to take her to the adult movie theater.
late on a weekday night.
Last time it was noon, so there were a lot of dull old men.
That's what I was aiming for, but it hits the mark.
There were about ten people in the hall.I don't have a grandfather.A couple of couples are flirting in the seats.
As I was told last time, I decided to sit in the front row exclusive seat first.Strange people don't come here.
Behind me diagonally, a man in his XNUMXs with a necktie and glasses who looks like an office worker and a young woman with short hair are whispering to each other.
I urged Haru-chan to open the front of the coat.
I forgot to mention that Haru-chan is wearing a naked coat.Naked under her coat.She doesn't even wear underwear.
While paying attention to the angle of the surveillance camera, I took out the iphone14pro and tried to shoot a video of Haru-chan's nakedness first, as proof that it was taken at an adult movie theater.
Unfortunately, even with the 14pro's capabilities, shooting in the dark in a movie theater seems difficult.
I need some ingenuity.
Since we've come all this way, there's a rest area with vending machines and chairs on the second floor, so let's go there.
I told Haru-chan and decided to move.
I was surprised when I got up from my seat, but before I knew it, a white-haired, necktie-looking man in his XNUMXs was sitting right behind me.
Looks like a peeping uncle.
Like a ninja, you're coming after me without any sign of it.
Haru-chan and I ignored him and moved to the rest corner on the second floor.
Mack: "Unfortunately, it was dark and I couldn't take a picture."
Haru-chan: “That’s right.
When I was sitting on the bench and talking like that, a couple came up the stairs.
It looks like the two people who were sitting diagonally behind me just now.
A man with glasses spoke to me.
man hello
hello mac
Man: “This girl took an interest in you two and wanted to talk to you, so I brought her here.
Mr. Mac: "Yes, please. Can you sit here?"
A man sat next to Mr. Mac, and his child sat next to Haru.
Surprisingly, these two did not come as a couple, but just met in the hall.
Man: “As you can probably guess, this girl is actually a man, dressed as a woman. She seemed to be in trouble because someone else was about to take off her pants, so I helped her out, and after that we talked about various things. I was listening."
Ha, was that so?
Crossdresser: “Nice to meet you. You are a real woman, aren’t you?”
Mr. Mack: “Yes, we, or rather me, are extroverted perverts, and this girl is happy with me, so it’s that kind of relationship.”
Man: “I’ve been wondering about this for a while, but under that coat…”
Thank you for listening.
Mr. Mack: “Yes, I was going to have you take off your coat in the museum, but it was too dark and it didn’t show up well.
Haru-chan: “Eh, here? Lol.”
At that time, another man came up the stairs.
Male XNUMX: Good evening
He greeted me with a smile.She was a peeping uncle who was stuck in the back seat.
Mac: "Good evening, you're the one behind me, aren't you?"
Man XNUMX: “Yeah, that’s right.
Mr. Mac: "It's just right. I'm about to shoot this girl in a naked coat, but I won't be able to see everyone's faces, so could you play the role of the audience? Haru-chan is the one who's going to be the audience." I will be standing in front of the tree and taking off my coat, so everyone will sit on the bench and watch, and I will film the scene from behind so that everyone's faces are not visible. I will never upload it to , because it is just a personal hobby.”
Man XNUMX: “It’s okay.
Man XNUMX: "There's a surveillance camera over there, so I'm using a screen with my back turned so that the girl doesn't get caught."
Mr. Mac: Thank you for your cooperation. Haru-chan, take off your coat in front of the tree. Turn it behind your head to show your armpits, and push your crotch forward so that you can see the crack over there.
So, first of all, I succeeded in shooting Haru-chan's naked coat in the rest room.
The performance is from now on.I want to make Miya-chan walk naked in the hall and shoot a video.stay tuned.

I'm a little worried about writing this, but if you're someone who doesn't like exposing and taking pictures, can't you just read this article as if I'm a really bad guy?
I'm writing to the effect that dating clubs are the perfect meeting place to satisfy a particular propensity, as long as the woman agrees and matches are OK, so please don't misunderstand that.I will never enjoy using the power of money to overwhelm a girl who doesn't like it.It's against my policy.

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