Self-Introduction ~ For first-time women...

First let me introduce myself...

My pen name is Makoto Terada! (smile)

The origin of the pseudonym is that he looks exactly like Kokoro Terada, and he has a petite appearance like a child actor!tears

Far from being petite, her height is only 153cm, which is shorter than the average height of girls...
Therefore, if you line up with most women, you will lose in height orz
Even in the summer when you want to go out with sandals, leather secret shoes are on your feet.
For that reason, I was 29 years old when I was spending my days unfaithful without being seen as a romantic target, I suddenly thought,



"I have a certain amount of income from my work salary and the assets I inherited from my grandfather. Even if it costs me money, can I go on a date with a woman like a lover, and let me"

It's straight out "Pa, Pa, Live"! ! !and.



While investigating, Universe is the largest and the number of members is

So, while researching, I arrived at the universe that seemed to be the largest, impulsively applied, and had an interview for membership.
However, I still feel uneasy.
"If I go to an interview, I'll be kidnapped by scary people and have my
I don't wear brand-name products, and if I look like an eighth grader, I'm going to be turned away from the gate... Tears."
With such anxiety, I went to the interview venue...

The interview was held in the lounge of a city hotel, and I went there with some trepidation.
"One of the club's strengths is that the profiles of female members include not only photos but also videos, so it's easier to understand the atmosphere."
After hearing that explanation, I thought.



It sure looks good in pictures!Even if you think, if you watch the video

``This guy is aesthetically insane...'' lol

Women with make-up and plastic surgery that you think,

"What, this way of speaking..."
There may be women like that...
Or rather, actually, quite a lot lol

Therefore, I thought it would be nice to have a universe where you can watch videos.


Successfully completed the interview and successfully became a member.
First of all, from the member site, look for an eye-catching lady (laughs)
Some of them are wearing sharp sweaters that reveal their body lines, and some are in swimsuits, and I'm getting more and more absorbed in the search...
"I got an outrageous"





I couldn't stop laughing as many times as I was looking for it (laughs)

In such a way, I wanted to go on a trip and go on dates in various cities instead of only meeting in a fixed place, so I gave priority to people who can meet in a wide range of places, and above all, looks (laughs) ), I decided to apply for a face-to-face date to 6 people by prioritizing each.

In particular, Mr. A (provisional), who was given the first priority, has a very graceful and transparent white skin in the interview video! !Pure and pure Yamato Nadeshiko! ! !She is such a super beautiful woman, and when I think that it will be a mufufu development with this person from now on, it won't be possible if the bottom of her nose stretches out (laughs)

The result of the application will be emailed from the club staff at a later date, so the excitement while waiting for it is MAX (≧∇≦).

And the next day, I got an email reply from an employee about the results of the first person's application!
In my heart, I was laughing out of my nose again.








"Mr. A said, 'You are 29 years old, so do you have enough money? I don't think so, so I will decline your invitation this time.'"






But, but, but, Gann lol

Are you going to refuse me for that reason?
It's not like I can actually pay money for Yusui like that lol




The email continued.
"By the way, about Mr. A, there was one bad feedback, 'It was like a money wreck. It was like a devil.'"





This is too scary! ! ! !smile
I thought it looked like Yamato Nadeshiko, but it's actually a golden dead,

Don't choose easily just by looks lol
It was one case that made me realize that.



By the way, after that, there was another reply from Mr. A,
“You may be an excellent person who succeeded at a young age, so I would like to meet you once. How do you like it?”
However, given the aforementioned feedback, I had a bad impression, so I declined the invitation.

Membership activities that started with rough seas, what will happen next time?

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