Are dinner dates a waste of time?

The other day, I had the opportunity to meet a 20-year-old woman outside of Universe.

It was a precious time, so I was looking forward to it, but...

I made a column because I experienced the same feeling as the men who are registered in the dating club.

bad attitude

Arrived later than the scheduled time, no apology, arrogant attitude.

To be honest, my first impression was the worst.

Completely deny this comment.
Conversation is not fun and a waste of time.
It was honestly the worst time.

At the time of the interview, I dealt with many women like this, but when it comes to situations like this outside the company, I can't be strong-minded, so I was careful while talking.

Daddy life?everyone is doing

My friends around me say that they are working as dads.

I don't know why, but he says he doesn't do it.There is one.

Ask more about your friends

"I'm not asking for a dinner date!"

"Everyone says they don't care about food, they want to go to the hotel right away!"

"It's normal for women these days!"

I was cut off.
"If the allowance is the same, the shorter the time, the better. Meals are a waste of time."


eh? ? ?

Is that so? ? ?

"That's normal"

What is normal?

Am I the only one who thinks this is out of the ordinary? ? ?

Even if you say so, it doesn't mean that your thinking is normal.
Are your friends the only ones who judge everything?

What a small world you are.
poor. . .

Maybe I was like that when I was 20.
I have a narrow view and think that what I know is all there is,
He is easily swayed by the opinions of those around him, and believes in them absolutely.
That's what it is.

Even if

Would you like to meet such a woman?

do you want to date?

take your time?

I wouldn't recommend it! !

spend your time meaningfully

Men who are registered in dating clubs
You will probably feel a gap in these areas.

A woman with a bad evaluation in feedback after a date
It may be that you have the same thoughts as this woman, or have similar feelings, and have a narrow perspective.

I am not aware that I am being rude.
I have a strange pride that I am what I am.

To be honest, I am a nasty woman.

Even so, if the looks are reasonable, it's even more so.

After a date with a man
"It was a waste of time."
Sometimes it is said.

I felt the same way.

If you work, you can get money, and if you make an effort, it will be a plus.

Time is equal to everyone, how to spend the decided time...

I want to spend as meaningfully as possible.

But these dates are honestly a waste of time.

Then why not date?

What should I do?

Please ask for more staff!

Dating clubs provide a place for people to meet.

Don't rely on the system, talk on the phone instead of email, and have a meeting

If you meet and talk and understand each other, it will be easier to recommend women, you may be able to introduce your favorite women with pinpoint accuracy, and you may be able to prevent mismatching.

We can do things that computers cannot.

If you are a Black member, you can nominate a concierge, and you can meet and have a meeting.

It seems that many people are not using the service effectively.

Take advantage of our concierge service to save time!

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