Seriously fatal to a woman who lives as a dad


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I think there are many men who say that playing with women who are dads is "part of their private lives" for men.

Certainly, if you are a father, it will be a natural sight.

That's right.

Every week, I meet with a contracted woman, and that's why I'm dating without feeling the age difference.

Everyday phone calls, making plans to go out somewhere.

I've regained my so-called youthful self, and it's fun, and it's become a part of my life before I know it.

Surely, men who have never been dads may not understand.

But I have one thing to say.

This is just my personal feeling, but it is clear that men who are the same age as fathers are younger in terms of communication ability and appearance, and I get the impression that they are regaining their youth.

Surely, among the men who have become dads, do you have at least one friend around you?Those who are also dads in the same way.

Aren't you young?You're really young.

Is this, I think, because you are walking with a young woman?I think

This has been going on for a long time, but especially young women in Tokyo are said to be on the cutting edge of everything, including fashion. (This is really old.)

If I were to communicate with women like that every week, it wouldn't be strange to become younger as a man, and I think it would be a natural sight to see.

In particular, women who work as dads are quite sensitive to such trends.

I think that by being with Papa, they are also seeing a different world.

In the past, there was no dad life.

Certainly, I heard stories about receiving pocket money from my uncle, but there shouldn't have been such a thing as "papa katsu" openly. (At least, I didn't know.)

In the past, few young women had money.

However, now there are more children who are able to live a relatively wealthy life by doing daddy activities, and more people are showing up at luxury stores that are not shops that young people can easily go to.

I think this is a good thing.

Even for a restaurant, knowing good food leads to studying manners on the spot, and it is really important to know the real taste at a young age.

That's why, as a dad, I listen to a lot of requests from women.

However, even though I have a contract with such a young woman, there are things I am careful about.

It's not serious for a woman who works as a dad.

When you reach a certain age, isn't the person you're talking to a very precious person?I really feel it these days.

There are opportunities to talk with people of the same age in the neighborhood, but talking with young people is quite valuable.

If you were living a normal life, you probably wouldn't have much to say, and even if you had the chance, you wouldn't know how to communicate with each other and would leave the place with a strange feeling. (with a rough estimate)

For me, the time to talk with a precious young woman.

I'm so lonely that I can't help but contact you.

Then, it's strange that when you talk to someone of the opposite sex for a long time, you start to become serious, even though you weren't serious.

That's really strange.

Perhaps men who are dads have experienced it many times.

In that case, it's bad to say it, but men should think about giving money such as allowances, fishing with women, and doing something.

But this action is already serious about the opponent, so it's going to happen.

To be honest, many of the women who work as dads are young and beautiful, and have good personalities.

That's why I fall in love as a man.

Really, I can understand.

However, dad life is just a business, isn't it?

In business, no matter how serious you are, the end will come.

It's going to be a standing position that you have to wish for the opponent's future.

If you forget this, you will be in big trouble.

Women are also troubled, and above all, men may be affected.

Being serious means giving a gap.

No matter how much daddy activity, if you don't keep it to the extent of play from the man's point of view, it will lead to being robbed of everything by the woman who is a daddy activity.

Of course, Papa-katsu is not a scam, so even if you call it a scam, the way you hold your feelings can change in various ways.

For example, let's say that the male side was told only good things by the papa-katsu-women.

And he swallows it without hesitation and believes in women 100%.

A few years later, I ended up breaking up with a woman in a way that was different from the future I had imagined.

It's up to you to call this fraud.

From a man's point of view, he was seriously in love with a woman, but from a woman's point of view, dad life is a business.

Then, of course, there will be a temperature difference, and it's only natural that the future will be far from what men want to envision.

Some men will say it's a scam even though they paid a lot of allowance.

However, from the perspective of men who think of women who are active as dads as "just for fun", it should be the opposite, saying, "It's bad to be serious. Because papa katsu is a woman's business."

If I were consulted about the same content, I would answer yes.

If you recognize it as adult play, it shouldn't be like that.

I think it's the same as hanging out with women in the barber shop.

When I get serious, I get stressed when things don't go my way.

However, if you treat it as play, you won't feel stressed, and if you don't like it, you can cancel the contract on the spot.

In other words, you can afford it.

What is required of dads in dad activities is exactly this “room”.

It's better to think that women are also asking daddy to make a contract.

By all means, I would like everyone to review how to play with a woman who works as a dad.

There's been a lot of talk about this topic around me lately.

It's important to maintain an adult way of playing.

And to say that it has a good effect on women as well.

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